Sunday, July 15, 2018

Homeless people are causing mayhem

From Sunnyside Post:

A homeless man has been arrested and charged with murder in connection with a fatal stabbing in front of Duane Reade on Roosevelt Avenue early Tuesday, police said.

The police arrested Antonio Cabrera, 45, on Friday for the fatal stabbing of Velibor Flores, also homeless, at 12:31 a.m. on July 10 by 60-02 Roosevelt Ave.

From PIX11:

Nail polish remover was thrown on a woman who was then set on fire during an argument at a homeless shelter in Queens, police sources said Friday.

The victim, 51, lives at the Verve Hotel, a women’s homeless shelter on 29th Street in Long Island City, according to police.

That’s where sources said the woman argued with another woman who threw nail polish remover on the victim’s face.

The attacker is accused of igniting the flammable liquid and fleeing.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if these homeless crimes are being captured by NYPD CompStat.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why developers still want to build in this city.

Anonymous said...

NYC is becoming ghettostan under Dumblasio, just look at the crimes that have taken place recently like the shooting in downtown Brooklyn, Dumblasio is a criminal's best friend

Anonymous said...

Blame dumping mentally ill homeless onto the streets. It was worse years ago.
Dum Blasio's record isn't as bad as Dinkins.

JQ LLC said...

There was also a homeless guy that smacked three women in the East Village with a bike lock

I guess it's too late now, but the city needs more hospitals, because there are more mentally ill people wandering around the streets.

But it's not just the homeless, a lot of people are acting out, kids and recidivist criminals are getting more nihilistic and violent and with a lot of broke people in the city a lot more muggings will occur. There is a bastard running free right now who punched three men in the face and robbed them in South Richmond Hill.

As for the NYPD, it seems that they are not making a lot of effort to tamp down this behavior in order to keep crime stats at record lows. Which is what the equally mentally ill developers want so the fabricated speculative real estate market stays solvent and grossly overvalued.

But you got to expect all this rampant criminal behavior when your city has a lying criminal mayor.

Tony Notaro said...

The joys of diversity...

Anonymous said...

Developers keep wanting to build here because of all the corruption and putting one over on any city agency is EZ $$$.

Anonymous said...

NYC is fast becoming the home of the indigent bum, the criminal illegal alien, and the welfare parasite. Any single blade of green grass is an endangered species, with the rapacious disgusting developers paving over not only every earthly surface but as much of the sky as possible with teeming illegals or hip-dopes who insist on living here. "Personal space" is over in NYC, as you elbow your way down city streets or sit bumper to bumper in your car on your way to perform the simplest neighborhood task. A 15 minute ride to the grocery store is now a 35 minute ordeal. Road repairs are needed everywhere, yet the few street repair crews I ever see are endlessly working on the projects for a year or more, devastating traffic flow.

It really is NY Shitty now, with the perfect leader for such a pile of excrement: DumblASSio. He should change his name (yet again!) to Terry Malloy (Marlon Brando's character in "On the Waterfront"); his endless refrain, "I coulda bin a conTENDah!" is heard nationwide as he vainly tries to get some name recognition. Haha, they threw him out of the border area when he tried to stick his nose in that business that was none of his business while letting what IS his business back here languish.

Look who he appointed schools chancellor: haven't heard a word outta that guy's mouth yet which has anything to do with learning or teaching, only "DIVERSITY". Look how much of our money is wasted on his unelected, unqualified for anything wifey, with her large staff costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars? Look at our taxpayer money being used by this bum for his legal defense against multiple accusations. Anyone call the cops lately for anything? Be prepared for a l-o-n-g wait. Just yesterday, a poor man was run over and killed because he tried to approach a police car for help after waiting 2 1/2 hrs. after his multiple 911 calls, and was hit by a passing vehicle. And the city courts ruled NYC was NOT at fault! OMG!

He is a LOSER, bringing the city finally to its knees.

Anonymous said...

You are getting it all wrong people - this is what the Democratic Party wants:

1. Crime drives out hard working quality of life people who are straight and have values of hard work and thrift - in short, Republicans.

2. Crime provides jobs for a vast bureaucracy of agencies - in short, Democrats.

3. People that are being 'eased' into society as they have 'issues' will hardly vote for MAGA, but for the left which 'understands' and can 'accommodate' their special needs. Yup, you guessed it - Democrats.

4. And that is how it will stay until American rises up and takes their country back from these leaches. Representative assemblies, courts, et al. are already changing - its only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

That Verve shelter has been a nightmare for the community and those who 'live' there.

Anonymous said...

Detroit 2.0. White flight will ensure that NYC turns into a shithole.

Anonymous said...

NYC won't easily become Detroit. Detroit's decline was accelerated by the loss of jobs related to industry collapsing, whether steel or car manufacturing.

NYC has the financial sector which keeps tax income flowing and insulates any downturn.

The entertainment industry keeps Time Square, the theatre district, the museums, etc. keep tourist dollars coming in.

When did anyone go to Detroit for entertainment or culture? Even before its decline?

If those ever leave NYC we will drop like a rock into the shithole Detroit has become.

Anonymous said...

Detroit 2.0. White flight will ensure that NYC turns into a shithole.

Look, you guys really do not understand. Just because something is crap in Queens you cannot assume that it is like that in the rest of the city. While all of you have been in thrall of y your local elected talent (and stuck in 1980 or so) the rest of the city has moved on.
Sure there is crime and development issues in the rest of the city, and sure we are all stuck with that looney mayor, but they are miles ahead of you:


and what do we have in Queens:


and this:

Minutes of the Queens Civic Congress (QCC) Meeting, Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018

Guest Speaker: State Senator Tony Avella

The meeting began at 7:30 PM.
A motion was made by Rich Hellenbrecht and seconded by Tyler Cassell to approve the minutes from the Jan. 18, 2018 QCC meeting. Approved unanimously.
Kevin Forrestal introduced the guest speaker for the evening, State Senator Tony Avella. The Senator brought along a list of bills that he is working on in the State Senate. Each person present received a summary of all of the bills under consideration. The Senator urged the group to get involved with legislation that they and their civic associations support and to write letters to him advocating passage of the bills that are supported. These letters will be used to show other State legislators that there is community support for the legislation being proposed. The Senator also stated that a letter should cover one bill at a time, since the letters are filed under each proposed piece of legislation. Individuals and civic groups have the power to influence whether a bill passes or not.
Some bills require home rule approval. This means that in order for the State bill to go into effect, the New York City Council would need to pass what is called a “home rule message”.
The bills highlighted on the Senator’s list included Senate Bills:

(6,000 letters deleted as the blog cannot take a 11,000 character post)

During and after Senator Avella’s presentation, many questions and comments came up for discussion.

The meeting adjourned at 8:44 PM.
Henry Euler

If you have managed to make it this far it is very clear that Queens is one place ... and everyone else in NYC is in a different place. The have problems. Queens has crises.

Here, we have confusion, fog, and no hope. There they have fight.

Anonymous said...

If you're on here thinking that the Republicans are the answer, you don't get it. Democrats are taking corporate money while paying lip service to issues for the downtrodden. Republicans take corporate money while paying lip service to a bygone era that they have no intention of actually restoring. What we have is a case of "heads I win, tails you lose" Both of the major parties are corrupt to the bone. We see the crappiness of the Democrats up because we live in NYC, but if you really think the Republican areas are utopias, try moving to Kansas, Kentucky or Oklahoma. Good luck getting your kid educated when all the teachers are on strike; enjoy the higher tax bill that you'll get because the Republican tax cut was actually only a tax cut for the really rich, and not the working class.

We need a new party that actually cares about the people and is not going to be subject to corporate lobbying. Neither of the current parties is going to do anything to help anybody who isn't already rich.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until Ozone ParK gets their share with the crazy shelter.

Anonymous said...

The Woodside Murderer is an illegal alien day laborer- they wait by the park on 65th Street by the R train entrance to be picked up by contractors for work. When they’re not hired they roam the neighborhood drunk as they can be. They urinate in driveways & Bath in
private homes outdoor water faucets for garden hoses - I‘m sure you want to come home to a violent angry drunk in your backyard!
They are a public health hazard- it’s beyond me why they‘re not picked up & deported before they can reproduce or commit other crimes like killing one of their own.
It would be interesting to see how the Emerald Isle Immigration Center is to blame for the influx of dangerous illegal alien drunks in Woodside. That organization is doing all they can to deprive American citizens of their rights while pushing agendas that only illegal aliens should get government benefits & jobs. Why look how much they did for Joe Crowley

Anonymous said...

Queens Civic thinks hosting politicians and throwing words at something solves all problems.

You get a totally different vibe when you talk to community leaders in the other boroughs - and the neat thing is that that get real support across the board.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I saw a homeless guy with a sign at a shopping center in Rego Park. He was a young white kid about 20 with long hair,I asked him where he was from and he said Georgia. I asked him why he came to NY and his answer was Benefits.Within one week he got Medicaid and Food Stamps and is on a waiting list for housing which he said could take six months.He said he couldn't get benefits in Georgia.This is probablt the story with many,we need a residency requirement for benefits.

Anonymous said...

If you are attacked you are able to defend yourself. I think the normal among us still have that right.

Anonymous said...

White flight DID NOT turn NYC into a Detroit even in the 1970s. Nassau county is now a Detroit with MS13 running around. That's where all the white flight went in the 1970s. New York is a world class port city with ups and downs. It came back! Detroit is or was a car manufacturing town. Like a played out mining down it died!

Anonymous said...

That's the Cuomo plan, both Mario and Andrew. Make us feel guilty about tax cuts.

Anonymous said...

Decades ago, before WWII, the mentally ill were sent to mental hospitals where they were safe and society was protected from their pathological behavior. But like everything else left wing radicals obliterated a sensible response to a difficult problem. They closed the hospitals and unleashed the mentally ill to lives of filth and degradation. Now a massive industry of construction thugs and poverty pimping churches and NGOs harvest many tens of billions in fees and profits for themselves through the affordable housing racket. Politicians their families and friends get filthy rich switching roles between spots at non-profits, construction firms and the government bureaucracies that regulate and distribute the funding flows. The public be damned.

Anonymous said...

The suspect is an illegal alien day laborer. There are many more just like him roaming the streets of Woodside. Since it has been turned into a 3 world garbage heap, truly, there is so much litter and garbage in Woodside. Where did civic pride go?

It will happen again.

Anonymous said...

Kinda surprised (but not so much) at all the vitriol here, since in both cases it was also homeless people who were the victims. 'Cause, you know, rock 'em sock 'em robots, and all that. Or maybe you guys just can't read for all the turtle-like froth bubbling out of your mouths. Fresh set of wipers, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

>It would be interesting to see how the Emerald Isle Immigration Center is to blame for the influx of dangerous illegal alien drunks in Woodside. That organization is doing all they can to deprive American citizens of their rights while pushing agendas that only illegal aliens should get government benefits & jobs. Why look how much they did for Joe Crowley

Nice to see anti-Irish racism alive and well in 2018. "They're all drunks who are stealing our jobs and corrupting our politics!" It's 1880 all over again.

Anonymous said...

Did someone mention civic pride. You'd have to explain that in 275 different languages. Queens: Diverse, Vibrant, shithole.

Anonymous said...

"Queens: Diverse, Vibrant, shithole."

Hi, Donnie!