Sunday, July 22, 2018

Bars almost always get away with being loud

From NBC:

New Yorkers fed up with noisy nightlife have the odds stacked against them when filing complaints about loud bars and clubs. The I Teams Chris Glorioso reports.

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)


JQ LLC said...

It's painfully obvious, the city's noise inspectors are intentionally blowing off complaints by willfully ignoring the bass decibel cap. It's like they created a loophole in the existing laws.

Apparently the creation and inauguration of the night mayor has not been effective against repeat offenders, and it's not a surprise that the woman appointed had thousands of complaints against her noxious noisy club herself and is not doing anything despite being paid 200 grand to do anything in her superfluous and profligate position

So what does this goddamn city do? Well they decided last week to appoint 12 more people from the nightlife and entertainment industry, which includes old school rapper Kurtis Blow, to give the night mayor a hand at doing nothing to tamp down on the majority of obnoxiously loud establishments for a useless panel to supposedly help the citizenry get their complaints promptly settled. This stupid and pointless assembly, which I have dubbed "the night parliament" is basically like the panel that was supposed to determine which statues were appropriate to stay up or not

The nightlife industry is part of the gentrification industrial complex, as that one woman in an actual affordable apartment who was too afraid to identify herself shows. and they are pulling the strings of the idiots who are behind this farce, Councilman Espinal and Mayor de Faustio. They want to turn this city into Mardi Gras all year round and assure that anyone paying below the fabricated rental market rates is driven out of the building and out of town

Anonymous said...

"Bar (Bell) Boulevard" , Bayside, a prime example!
Drunks are usually loud. Upscale or lowbrow...bars, taverns, pins, have NEVER been an oasis of calm!

Anonymous said...

Oh Boo Hoo dont. When you take a cheap apartment above a bar or next to the M train noise is part of the deal.
Noise and NYC go hand in hand. These people bitching need move to the country or go to the sporting or music store for $2 foam earplugs. (yes the cheap bags of foam plugs work the best)
Perhaps the clubs should be required to supply ear-plugs to neighbors if they are going to blast this shit EDM thump noise.

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't come from the bars/night clubs along the commercial strips, it comes from the parks (particularly FMCP) where people park cars and vans with powerful sound systems. Even where I live on Long Island, people drive around with sound systems that produce bass that rattles the windows. The only consolation that I take is that these inconsiderate idiots will be functionally deaf by their thirties and will spend the rest of their lives wearing hearing aids and saying "Huh?" a lot.

Anonymous #2, ear plus do little to reduce strong bass frequencies - They travel through the ground and buildings as vibrations and up through your body.

fiscus1 said...

They focus on the high frequencies "because they're more like to capture violations that way"? What bullshit. It's the bass that cuts through our walls and floors and it's the treble that's going to be blocked by those surfaces. Why the hell don't they admit they they are only going through the motions and that the inspector's pockets are filled with graft?

I also don't understand why bars and restaurants feel the need to have the music booming. Loud music makes it impossible to enjoy a meal, drink or conversation.

Anonymous said...

Gotta go to Corona.
All the bars and live music (even live bands now) under the 7 train and nobody gives shit. You can even rent a tent and party cheap avoiding Manhattan & Brooklyn prices without worry of DWI
Didn't New York in the 60s and 70s have all these clubs (even strip clubs) in Manhattan making noise, LOUDER NOISE so why is noise suddenly a big problem now ?

Shit, even the old jets and trains were 4 times louder then anything today and nobody complained. These yahoo's, party poopers and crybaby's need to go home!!
By the way 80 dB of Bass is not loud, its NOTHING--A noisy child, city bus idling is 85dB, car horn 120+ Why dont we ban kids cars & buses also.

This commie bullshit and hostility at private enterprise is getting out of hand ! Its not even this bad in Russia!!

Anonymous said...

"Noise and NYC go hand in hand."

And this is the kind of attitude that will ensure that NYC is always a cesspool. Noise and NYC, trash and NYC, homeless and NYC, etc. NYC could be better if people aspired to have better and then voted for people who would actually enforce the laws that are already on the books. In this case, the bars are violating noise laws that already exist! Why isn't the City enforcing the laws?? And why are people OK with a lack of enforcement??

Anonymous said...

The Quality of life in NYC has gone down the drain !

georgetheatheist said...

Whatever happened to the strolling violinist and accordian player?

"Play it once, Sam, for old times' sake..."

georgetheatheist said...

BTW Those 180 DEP tickets issued over the last 5 years. Can we get a listing of the establishments? Any repeat offenders?

Anonymous said...

Look before you rent or buy!
Mouthing off here cannot rescue you from a bad decision.

Anonymous said...

"And this is the kind of attitude that will ensure that NYC is always a cesspool. Noise and NYC"
That's why its called the city that never sleeps dummy, get anything you want any time you want etc.
If you people want to go to bed 8PM on a Saturday night then stay in Ohio !!
I'm sick and tired you cow fucker transplants coming to my city and telling me how I got to live, what time I need go to bed and every dam thing else !!

To the other guy. Bars and restaurants have the music booming to draw people in and it is NOT to loud most the time. This because its people with your bitching big that enacted new laws that prevents them from placing advertising boards on the sidewalk.
Enforcement knows they been handed a hardship to they give them every break possible. Again if your that sensitive a person or want to go to bed 8PM don't move to New York ot at least take an apartment 20 or more floors high.

Anonymous said...

The point here is that this is an excellent way of chasing away long term residents, you know those residents that a great for a community because they care and watch your back, but the landlords hate them because they do not move and expect services, and the politicians hate them because they stand in the way of developer/campaign donors and complain a lot.

But you need is clueless kids with a high turnover, that patronize the money laundering bars and clubs.

It may make for a sh!t community, but hell, the only thing that matters is the Machine and the Party and residents who take endless pictures of food.

Anonymous said...

I can hear the "Thump" in Whitestone all the way from FMCP !

Anonymous said...

>Didn't New York in the 60s and 70s have all these clubs (even strip clubs) in Manhattan making noise, LOUDER NOISE so why is noise suddenly a big problem now ?

Because the people who enjoyed those clubs in the 60s and 70s are now old and grumpy, and in typical Boomer fashion, don't want kids these days to have the same fun they had.

Ned said...

Huh what, old and grumpy, and in typical Boomer fashion?
I do the same things I did in the 70s, I still party, drink, dance and pick up women. --Young women. I love to shoot fireworks and raise all sorts of hell.
Some people need to be reminded they are still alive time to time and they dont have to give up on life just because the hit 50 or 60+
The day I stop or even retire from working is the day I go 6 feet down.

What did DeBlazio dump in the tap water in New York to turn people into such wimps, sissy's and clowns who cant even vote right and gotta call the cops every-time a Chink on motor bike drives down some ally with his noodles?
Come on GIVE ME A BREAK !!
If these old cranks cant hack it MOVE to Florida with the rest of the New Yorks old cranks in some HOA where the only thing you can do without permission is wipe your ass inside your HOA Nazi approved bathroom, with your HOA approve toilet paper with in the 9PM curfew!!
Cant have a CB antenna, cant have chickens, cant have a flame pit BBQ, swings, boat & trailer, stereo speakers, this that, this that never ending etc.

Is that the crock of authoritative martial government bullshit people want to turn New York into?
As in take away everything people enjoy and love New York for?

GIVE ME A BREAK..I honestly think some of these people are crazy!

Anonymous said...

"Because the people who enjoyed those clubs in the 60s and 70s are now old and grumpy"
I would not call it fun "dude" those days are gone and never coming back.

Anonymous said...

I had to change five apartments because noise coming from apartments from across the street! I called NYPD 80 times, complaints, etc. You can look where you rent but you cannot control who's moving in the next apartment, building. Fact is that people behave miserably, and most of them are deadly ignorant That's in the subways, cars in the street, and in the voting polls. Isn't a paradox for a city and a state full of lazy socialists who obsessively repeat "we care about the others", "we love NY"? The only stupid moronic reply one can hear is "move out if you don't like". Why don't you move out in some third world city where you can dance naked in the streets? Or in some communist country where you can sit and watch the sun and slowly die dirt poor.. Fucking losers

Joe said...

Dont need new laws, just enforce those already on the books and give the cops the proper meters that can "hear" sub Bass frequency's and hold peak readings.
Whenever New York enacts a new law it always includes a couple Trojan tools to encroach on a dozen or so other things and rights.
Having a bunch of crooks, marxists and socialists drafting legislation is never a good for the people.

Back in the 60's & 70's we didn't have neodymium magnet speakers with ferro fluid cooled coils that can handle 1000 watts per cone at 20Hz with near 90% efficiency and now we do.
Include the 2000 Watt MOSFET inverter amplifiers in trunks of cars.
The cops just need new meters and training on how to use them.

In Freeport the cops even have hall effect sensor meters to check vibrating walls in homes and its starts at $800 ticket. 3 of those tickets and they pull the liqueur license.
I play at Ottos during the summer
All the Freeport mile bars have microphones, meters and strobe lights on the cash registers that are set to trigger a strobe light about 8dB below the ordnance limit. If the band or DJ ignores the contractual agreement and the strobe goes off 3X they are sent packing. As in pack up and get the fuck out no pay !!

NOT new laws, but a requirement for better monitoring equipment and training for both the cops and clubs over all.

Anonymous said...

Move out in some third world city where you can dance naked in the streets?

Why ? You can apparently already do that! --Include naked singing, acrobatics, trapeze from the lampposts, sun baithing in New York. Ever walk through Times Square on a hot summer night or god forbid worse get gridlocked near some parade of floating chariots on gay day ?
Holy shit is an understatement!!

Anonymous said...

Time to put up the Bat signal !

Anonymous said...

And I'd bet they had Ocasio t-shirts. College kids with textbooks who don't look at all like immigrants have been sporting Ocasio t-shirts at Whitestone bus stops.

Anonymous said...

>I would not call it fun "dude" those days are gone and never coming back.

What would you call it? It looks like living the life.

@Ned: Right on!

georgetheatheist said...

Silence is golden.

Anonymous said...

NOT new laws, but a requirement for better monitoring equipment and training for both the cops and clubs over all.

Training is not the issue - its the corrupt pols that are on the take and who tell the cops to cool it.

Go after them and so much of what is posted here will disappear.