Sunday, July 1, 2018

East New York to be a basement conversion "guinea pig"

From CBS 2:

“We’ll use East New York as the guinea pig of how this program can work and whether or not it will work,” said Councilman Rafael Espinal, who sponsored the pilot program. “If we’re able to create a successful program, then the hope is that we'll expand it citywide.”

The councilman said in East New York, 75 percent of basement apartments are being rented illegally, which he said is dangerous. So the pilot program will offer homeowners low-interest loans to renovate apartments to make sure they are safe.

Espinal told Kramer he worked with the FDNY and Department of Buildings to develop standards, making sure the apartments have sprinklers, adequate exits, windows and ventilation.

“There’s concerns about, for example, the fact that we have boilers and furnaces in the basement. The bill will allow for homeowners to wall-off those furnaces,” he said.

I'm sure East New York enjoys being referred to as a "guinea pig". Seriously, what elected official talks like this about a neighborhood, and to a reporter no less? And what 2-family homeowner is going to take out a loan to install sprinklers when they can just continue renting out their basements illegally for tax-free $$$ the way 75% of their neighbors do?

Did we land in Oz?


Anonymous said...

Our elected officials are dumb and lazy. Useless members of society.

JQ LLC said...

What elected official describes a town, especially one he represents as a guinea pig? A fucking dumbass hipshit named Rafael Espinal. I guess he conjured up this program because he knows the city's East New York rezoning plan is going to drive these homeowners out and any new apartment buildings that will be built will absolutely not be affordable for the long-time residents who don't make enough to qualify for them there.

And talk about an ominous sign. Check out the Corcoran Real Estate one dangling in the background. Who would have ever thought that a high-end broker would be selling properties in East New York? Interesting that Raffi would draw Marcia Kramer over there

Crappy's right of course, every homeowner is already doing it and certainly will not participate or open the door to a hack like Espinal selling out his constituents and poor people desperate for a roof over their head in this goddamn city.

Guinea pig, I hope the citizens of ENY will remember this. Someone better primary this creep and fast. If Ocasio-Cortez can do it, anyone can. (Don't give me that, she's a socialist liberal crap, no one in City Council endorsed her, they went with their former boss Crowley, even de Faustio)

Anonymous said...

A new form of neighborhood busting.
This time SANCTIONED by a shady pol. Maybe Trump is right."Drain the swamp. Build a wall". Who knows who's right nowadays.egat youn DID NOT mention , you huckster politician, is that Rast Mew York had been zoned for high rise development. What's your kickback gonna be from REBNY?

Anonymous said...

He's not telling the whole truth.
Most of those building are pre-war that don't even need COs for those apartments so the city want to get them all on the books. This is called a Trojan horse program and here is how it works:

To get those low-interest loans to renovate apartments or even in some cases free money to convert and bring up to code you must sign a contract to with the city to make your building section 8. In the deal you MUST rent to anybody, any family the city brings to your doorstep. And 2: you must give the city access to any part of your once "PRIVATE" building at any time.

Its forever, even if you want to sell your building the new buyer MUST honor the section 8 to close. As the neighborhood sinks and schools flood more people will sell. The new buyers need guaranteed monthly income on the building so they take they take the city's offer.
Result: Whole neighbored is "diverse" and block busted into another Jamaica in 5-10 years.

This is exactly what they did in Denmark, first it was a "pilot program" then it became a law. A law where if social council feels your home is to big for your needs or not "diverse enough" the government steps in to "help" you fix it. -And that's at gunpoint of taxes, fines, confiscation and jail.

In Denmark near all the elderly people lost there homes and now live in 3 room apartments. New York is on track to do the same shit here!
This program its no Guinea pig, its a TROJAN horse that Scandinavian country's used to diversify neighborhoods, socialize private homes and dictate who and what lives where!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't they have to change the certificates of occupancy to do this? It's expensive.

Anonymous said...

"Don't they have to change the certificates of occupancy to do this? It's expensive"
The city takes care of that for you if you join the Homes and Community Renewal (HCR 8) program. ---You get free "get out of jail" and "lay off" cards

A COA change is not needed when you join the Community Renewal (HCR) program. You receive a "get of of jail free" card called a "Letter of No Objection" from the Department of Buildings. This is what the smart-ass Chinese took advantage of in Flushing and Bayside.

New rules, I shit you not !!!
The city is doing everything possible to make people get on board with this Community Renewal (HCR) program (section 8) It seems city allowed illegal conversion's deliberately so it could entice people with massive forgiveness to join.
New rules I shit you not, read line 3 !!!

JQ LLC said...

Say what you will about Denmark, but their government is not holding anyone at gunpoint.

The thing about those scandanavian countries is that their programs work and are run by professionals without the perpetual tweeding that's been going on in this city for the past 150 years.

But your right that this is a trojan horse. As well as the proverbial guinea pig that Ralph (as in puke) has condemned his constituency to.

Once again, check out the Corcoran sign dangling in the background, not a shovel as even been dug in the ground of de Faustio's mandatory rezoning plan and a realtor that's more known for selling palaces in the Hamptons is already circling like vultures there.

Tony Notaro said...

Think about all the illegals and other assorted third worlders you can shove in those apartments.

Anonymous said...

It’s a crime ridden shithole and always will be.

Anonymous said...

Dibl-ASS-io wants the immigrant vote once again. He can't run for a 3rd term but his numbers aren't that good anymore and his legacy is being broken everyday the more we learn about the NYCHA scandal. Bad idea that will lead to more dangerous conditions and fires.

Anonymous said...

""Quote: JQ LLC said...Say what you will about Denmark, but their government is not holding anyone at gunpoint. The thing about those Scandinavian countries is that their programs work and are run by professionals"
Oh gimmie a break JQ LLC.
You mean professional socialists, and taxes & surcharges are the guns.
The liberals and progressives claim that Scandinavian socialism is "Socialism done right" and that's bullshit!!
Look at Obamacre with all the free "free zero-copay socialist essentials" you must have but cant use unless you need fertility, pediatric (have kid) or need a shrink, sex change, drug rehab (and your $7500/$7500 DED atop you monthly premium if you actually code a diagnoses or get hurt. Look at your current phone bill and internet bill for an example or if you live on Long Island, the insane school taxes.
Now think of those taxes X1000 or X10,000 with ZERO exemptions if you choose to keep your home private atop some 65% universal income tax.

One reason in most Scandinavian countries when your old and not rich your government doctor prescribes pills or sends a doctor and with IV needles to kill yourself along with a social worker to council your family. Then gives your personal items to you family and takes your home --That's what they call "funding recovery" and universal healthcare management for the elderly.

Denmark programs work and are run by professionals MY ASS !!
Like Obamcare it only works for drug addicts, homeless and young poor people with children, everybody who works hard, owns a home or is over 50 gets thrown under the bus worse then what we have in NYC.

Gary W said...

Speaking of Denmark they are going to force their immigrants to assimilate. If Trump did this they call him Hitler. Oh wait they do

JQ LLC said...

Trump's immigration doctrine is forcing separated kids to assimilate.

I don't call him Hitler, I call him Trump. This guy is not your hero or savior people and his stupid mouth is going to cost us/U.S. soon enough.

As if Stuttering John easily fooling him impersonating a corrupt senator isn't enough of a conviction

Anonymous said...


LOL, hahahahah

Denmark's population is 5.7 million and largely homogenous, until the recent immigration/invasion.

The population of the USA is 323 Million and deals with a million immigrants a year, most of them unskilled, uneducated and barely speaking English.

We're supposed to take their advise on how to run a nation?

Furthermore, they have a Monarchy.
Which means you have to believe in kissing the arse of somebody who deems themselves higher than everyone else based on some medieval texts involving unicorns, dragons and dwarfs.

Get real. Europe has no answers for the United States.

Happy Independence Day/week!

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

JQ LLC you may need medication, do you have Obamacare?

Denmark is a cesspool, they all been brainwashed or something. Much like that 60s movie were all the woman are trained to be happy and if one steps out of line she is banished and sent back to the lab for re-programming
The Stepford Wives?

Hell, in Denmark they banish AND FROWN ON you for marrying your own race, talking about guns or earning more $$ then your neighbor next door.
Its a shit country that doBlasio views as a Marxist utopia.
One has to be nuts to want the US Constitution flushed and all that shit implemented here.

Anonymous said...

Stuttering John, Howard Stern and Trump all know each other. The communications encryption on military jets including AF-1 is so strong you really cant recognize who your talking to

JQ LLC said...

"Stuttering John, Howard Stern and Trump all know each other. The communications encryption on military jets including AF-1 is so strong you really cant recognize who your talking to"

Wait a second, if it's so strong shouldn't it be effective to detect imposters, especially foreign spies posing as American officials.

If that's the case then why the hell did they put John through? Especially after he used one of the stupidest fake names ever to pull a crank call in a terrible British accent (he used the name Sean Moore, the first and last names of the two Bond actors and his accent sounded Australian) And has Melendez pointed out, how did he not recognize his voice or did not know what Bob Menendez sounded like? What if it was some creep from North Korea instead of some prankster famous for pissing off Ted Williams and Morton Downey Jr. with questions the King Of Mars, the Jokeman and the King of All Media wrote for him?

This isn't some Trump/Stern collusion (lookie here at that irony). The Stern show has played some of the best crank calls ever recorded getting through to major networks for decades, mostly by the shows fans. Notably Captain Janks and the guy who fooled Peter Jennings at the end of OJ's police pursuit. This history apparently has rubbed off on Stuttering John. The distinction though is that John's call was so amateurish and he still was able fool Trump's aides and his idiot greedy young ward Jared Kushner. And that shithead Figurehead Trump himself.

wake up white people...

Anonymous said...

Once again, I am amazed at how comments veer way off track from the subject at hand.
Can someone please explain why no one differentiates between a CELLAR and a BASEMENT?
Also, converting from single-family use to 2+ family use does require a new CofO - there must be proper fire separations between the units, among other things (just as the FDNY!)