Monday, July 30, 2018

Whitestone sidewalk & car damage resolved

From CBS 2:

It was a beyond welcoming sight in front of the Maddalena-Vigliotti home in Whitestone, Queens — city crews finally repairing the damaged sidewalk.

“If it wasn’t for you and your covering this story, nothing would’ve gotten done,” Queens resident Anna Maddalena told CBS2’s Andrea Grymes.

Two weeks ago, CBS2 reported multiple locations across Queens, where city-owned trees uprooted during storms back in March. The city had cleared the trees, but months later still hadn’t fixed the sidewalks.

This week, after CBS2’s reports, repairs are finally being made.

For this family, the sidewalk was not the only thing destroyed when the tree came down. They’re still looking for answers from the city about one of their cars.

The 2008 red Mazda had been parked on the street in front of the house, but when the tree collapsed, the car was totaled under the weight of the limbs.

Maddalena says they had collision insurance but not comprehensive coverage, which would’ve covered the damage.

So she filed a claim with the city comptroller’s office in May. She got a letter back saying if the office is unable to resolve the claim, “any lawsuit against the city must be started within one year and 90 from the date of occurrence.”

Maddalena says she then called numerous times, trying to figure out what she’s supposed to do with the car, as it sits in the driveway.

So on Friday, CBS2 reached out to the comptroller’s office and they quickly responded.

Maddalena says she got a call from the division chief, who apologized several times and promised someone would come out and assess the car by Monday. After that, they can finally get rid of it.


Anonymous said...

It's Monday! Keep us posted. I'm betting NYC's lawyers have them covered six ways to Sunday. If I'm correct, it was a rotten old street tree that landed in your midst. The tree huggers love 'em, so the town won't touch 'em. Don't want to upset a tree hugger!

Anonymous said...

At most she will get the low blue book value. And thats if shes lucky.
I know only one person who lucked out collecting damages from a tree.
Very sticky situation:
Unless you serve owner on legal notice with a letter, and can prove it was imminent danger the insurance company will call it an act of god and your shit out of luck. And if you gave notice and parked under it they say "your fault" because you knew the tree was bad.
Its very sticky and gray with trees damaging things

Anonymous said...

This is why people take down trees near their property. Trees are great but not when you or your family's safety is at risk. The city should get smart and plant smaller trees that risk less danger.

Anonymous said...

If the city properly trimmed the trees to take the sail out of them it save a lot of money and the trees would be safe for a good 5-10 years.
What it take a crew of 3 and a bucket truck a half hour VS a paying all the labor for a sidewalk, complete removal and stump grind.
This is pure stupidity and negligence on the city's behalf.
In deBlasio favorite city's Amsterdam & Holland they have the same London plane trees 200, 300 years old and more because they pollard prune them every 8 years.
I trimmed 2 risky branches myself on a Sundays --f_ck calling the city.
The union pricks just want the contracts to cut them up and do a complete expensive removal

Pollard prune

Anonymous said...

There's an oak tree in front of 145-45 fifth avenue in Whitestone that's probably 80 years old and a hundred feet high. It takes up almost all of the sidewalk and part of the street. Neighbors on that block have complained to NYC for years that the tree needs to be taken down before it falls down and takes out not only a parked car but a couple of houses. It's a clear public safety hazard/ But Queens' intrepid leaders listen not. Where are you CB7 Gene Kelty, Councilman Vallone, State Senator Avella, State Rep. Bronstein. Where are your heads. I know!