Thursday, July 26, 2018

Another too tall tower for LIC

From LIC Post:

Yet another tower could be heading to Long Island City, with reports of a 70-story skyscraper in the works for the Queens Plaza neighborhood.

The massive development has been pegged at 42-50 24th St., according to City Realty, just one block away from the Queensboro Plaza station, meaning the tower would join several 60 to 70 story towers under development in the area.

While there have been no building permits filed for the site yet, records dating back from 2015 show that the property, a taxi dispatch garage spanning 34,000 square feet, was purchased for $69 million by Property Markets Group and Dynamic-Hakim.

Renderings posted by one of the developers show plans for a one-million square foot project, with both commercial and residential components. The site, still under development, will be a “luxury tower”, according to developers.

The property is within an M1-5/R9 zoning district, which allows for high-density, tall towers.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome for Queens residents who's employers move in there and save them some commute time. No reason why most work in this city can only be done in a few square miles in Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

They're trying to make that whole area into another downtown Brooklyn. Personally, I am sick of all the slick looking glass construction; they all start to look the same and the area is bland as can be.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect place for a building - two sides it has a bridge ramp sheltering the sidewalk and on the third the elevated train. Did I say anything about 'nesting' pigeons?

Squat grim warehouses on narrow streets soon to be replaced by tall grim barracks on narrow streets.

Anonymous said...

Look at what the tweeders did in Greece. The worst victims were in tall buildings, poorly designed. The streets were built irrationally, preventing escape. The authorities failed to notify people in time.

Anonymous said...

The cost of illegal building - see Greece

Sunnyside Al said...

Be grateful you’re only getting 23-stories only because Rego Park is too far away for the Manhattanites to nest. The closer proximity neighborhoods of Long Island City, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Astoria, Sunnyside, etc. aren’t so lucky.

Anonymous said...

You got to blame this squarely on Costa and Jimmy. Everytime i seem them with a bunch of clueless Queens residents beaming because they show up to give them something (dah, you should EXPECT a park and stop gushing that these guys are doing SOMETHING. You will soon forget that the park cost a kings ransom and will not be maintained - ensuring that the same headline will be repeated within a decade)

It seems that the system used to select people like this disregards brains or ethics and focuses on razzle dazzle and show.

I find it so amazing that what is obvious to readers here is lost on Queens politicians, Queens community boards, Queens media, and Queens civics. For Christsakes, don't you ever get tired of gushing over freakin' food tastings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Manhattan east...,that's LIC. Blame it on your crooked pols AND dumb Queens voters who put them in office.

Anonymous said...

Eric Garcetti of LA and Bill DeBlasio of NY should run for President and Vice President in 2020 against Trump and Pence. They both run the most unequal cities in America despite being "Progressive". All the millennial dummies would vote for those two since they are going to be the biggest voting bloc, just let the rest of America become overdeveloped and gentrified like NYC and Los Angeles.