Saturday, July 21, 2018

Cathy Nolan calls for moratorium on building throughout her district

From LIC Post:

Assemblymember Catherine Nolan is demanding that the city put a stop on new building construction in Long Island City following recent news of a developer securing a half-billion-dollar loan to build what will stand as Queens’ largest tower to date.

The proposed 67-story condo-project at 23-14 44th Dr., in the works since 2016 and with construction beginning last year, came into the spotlight yet again just last week, when the Wall Street Journal reported that the developer had secured a $502 million construction loan for the massive $700 million project.

With the loan, Chris Jiashu Xu, the developer, will be able to build out the 780 foot, 802-unit “Court Square City View Tower” by 2022, the WSJ reported, with LIC’s Modern Spaces in charge of marketing.

But Nolan, who released a statement on the project this afternoon, said the tower is “another illustration of the inadequacy of the current zoning in Long Island City.”

“I have written numerous letters opposing such large towers and asked for changes in zoning,” Nolan said.

She claims that City Planning’s LIC Core Study, a neighborhood study that could lead to a rezoning, has been “put on hold,” while as of right towers continue to spring up in the community.

The Department of City Planning, however, said the city is working on the core study.

From QNS:

Two elected officials representing Queens have joined Community Board 5 and concerned local residents in the fight against a controversial new housing development in Ridgewood.

Assembly Members Catherine Nolan and Mike Miller took their complaints straight to the top on July 13 when they sent a letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio to draw his attention to 1664 Woodbine St., where construction is about to begin. Listed among the nearly 3,000 Ridgewood structures on the National and State Registers of Historic Places, the building is set for a vertical expansion that could “speed up the potential for additional high-rise developments” in the neighborhood, the letter stated.

More importantly to the lawmakers’ constituents, however, is the feeling that such developments are “destroying the integrity and character of the block,” according to the letter.


Anonymous said...

Yeah..,,right. They're really gonna listen to her. Just a vote garnering ploy for her.
Does she take money from developers? Look her up online.

Anonymous said...

Methinks the party hacks are running scared after the Crowley takedown. Real estate money didn't save Joe from the revolting peasants so now his minions are engaged in Cover Your Ass mode.

Anonymous said...

Another do nothing moron.

Did the builders check bounce?

This building is in the works for 2 years and they now think they should be against it?

This is just phony lip service for when people complain about the construction. She can say she was against it.

Too little. Too late.

Anonymous said...

We need more politicians to step up against this rampant overdevelopment in the city.

There should be a complete stop on all new construction here until all the infrastructure and traffic problems are delt with and fixed.

Captain Al said...

With the explosion of high rise residential towers and the associated increase in population, are there any plans to add essential services such as Fire,Sanitation and Police?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen that sob story about Joe "daddy" Mattone on TV? Longtime overdevelopers and tight with borough hall.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Let’s make it citywide.

Anonymous said...

These morons wonder why the transit system doesn’t work,and want more people living here. Transportation Alternatives wants all cars off the road. Get used to riding on top of the subway and busses,you know,like in shithole countries.

Anonymous said...

Real estate money will have a replacement for "Virginny" Joe PDQ! You can make book on that thanks to dumb Queens voters!

Anonymous said...

We need more politicians to step up against this rampant overdevelopment in the city.

We need MORE(!) politicians to step up against this rampant overdevelopment in the city.


TommyR said...

A paper fan held out against a hurricane accomplishes just as much, at this point.