Friday, July 6, 2018

Close call in Bay Ridge

From CBS 2:

It happened without warning on 4th avenue near 95th street in Bay Ridge Monday afternoon. The two women were reportedly standing on the sidewalk waiting for the bus when the giant structure came down, burying one of victims and knocking down the other.

The Department of Buildings issued violations to the owner for failure to maintain the building. During their inspection, they also found an un-permitted demolition project inside and issued a stop work order.

“You can see the wood in the wood looks very old,” Bay Ridge resident Barbara Milo said while looking at the fallen awning left outside the damaged business.

The victim, who was thrown into the wall, is out of the hospital but has a concussion. The woman pinned under the debris is still in the hospital.


JQ LLC said...

The assholes responsible for that awning should be charged with battery or if that woman who was crushed underneath doesn't survive, manslaughter.

This goddamn motherfucking city. Run by a criminal doofus who uses a 3 million dollar anti-terror NYPD plane to jet from Canada to the Bronx for a memorial.

Joe Moretti said...

AND as usual protocol, not much will happen and this kind of shit will just fucking continue in this cesspool city that waste billions on wasted bullshit, while the important issues do not get addressed.

JQ LLC said...

I forgot to mention this. Is that reporter stupid? "debris" fell on her, it was the entire awning! A mass structure! Jesus tap dancing christ!

Anonymous said...

keep voting socialist, a socialist mayor, socialist representatives and we will get exactly where former communist countries were before 1989 -everything collapsing

JQ LLC said...

re: socialist socialist socialist

to quote James Brown: please, please, please. Socialism has nothing to do with this. Criminal cronyism, incompetence and indifference is what led to this. I bet that awning hasn't been touched in a decade, which would mean that a capitalist businessman was running the city and the DOB at the time.

This corrupt mayor and this majority hack dem city council are not socialists, they are just as greedy and opportunistic as any republican would be. Look at the few republicans who are on city council, notably Ulrich, that guy is a boob with no plums.