Saturday, July 28, 2018

Now we're getting e-bikes

From PIX11:

On July 28, riders in some areas will be able to test E-bikes with motors that help them ride.

This is part of the expanded bikeshare program. During the month of July, the Rockaways and Coney Island will see bikes that can be rented without a docking station.

Later in the month, Staten Island's North Shore and the Fordham Section of the Bronx will also be a part of the program.

During this test time, the city says it will be evaluating "companies’ compliance with pilot requirements around data accessibility and user privacy."

JUMP Bikes, which was born in New York City, will bring the first e-bikes to Staten Island and the Bronx.

Lime Bike and Citi Bike are also participating in these test areas.


JQ LLC said...

This is a goddamn infomercial or some lame ass shark tank invention segment posing as news. Mocker is a disgrace. (And this is the type of non-reporting you will get when newspaper staffs continue to get slaughtered)

And it is a motorcycle, you stupid chump. It's powered by a motor. A bicycle does not have a motor. And they are illegal according to the NYPD, when they want to enforce the law. Food app delivery guys are getting their motored bicycles confiscated and getting massively fined every day for using them. Take that silicon valley style phraseology shit to industry city and shove it back up your ass.

These are going to be left all over the place too, the neighborhoods that are getting them don't have a sufficient amount of racks, even for actual bicycles. Especially with the other 2 brands out there.

As for the product, this is what's being manufactured in this city?

And it's a motorcycle. A supremely lame one at that. That dweeb knows it, it's why he was stammering trying to explain it, and that's with Mocker not even pressing him.

(I wonder if this guy saw my comments on this and other sites about this bike and the bullshit behind it?)

Anonymous said...

The silent killers! You can't hear them
coming! Anything but improving the transit system. China is slowly giving up bikes. We're introducing them. Somebody's making money off of this!

Crusseau said...

Why should we get them? The police already ignore all the laws regarding the illegal food delivery scooters. Don’t say they confiscated because they don’t. They’re all over Astoria and Forest Hills. One way streets they don’t care. So why should the cops care about an E bike? Wait till I start getting into accidents because they have no insurance. The speed limit in New York City is 25 miles an hour. these things can do 25 miles an hour. But then hit somebody on the sidewalk with one of these. Who are they going to sue, the city for allowing them ?

Anonymous said...

"And it is a motorcycle, you stupid chump. It's powered by a motor. A bicycle does not have a motor." Absolutely. You can legally own a horse as long as you have a stable, in NYC, but commercial horses are regulated. Commercial bikes should be regulated. And motor mikes are motorcycles. Are we going to say Elon Musk's subsidized monstrosities don't need DMV, either?

Anonymous said...

We just got these on Staten Island... big problem: people block the sidewalks with these bikes. I've told mty son, who uses a wheelchair, to ask his friends to thrown them in the street.

JQ LLC said...

@Chris and Anon from Staten Island.

These motorcycles are now legal. It was announced in the Bronx when those ugly ass bikes were being promoted during a public press conference/product launch with that asshole boro president son of that bigger asshole cowboy councilman.

That may be why the cops stopped confiscating them in Astoria and Forest Hills, because they were stopping everyone in Manhattan only 4 months ago.

Kismet, right?