Saturday, July 28, 2018

"The People's Beach" has gone to the hipsters

If you want to see what happened to the Riis Park Bathhouse, head on over to Impunity City. But be forewarned: this crap is not for the faint of heart. G.E.N.T.R.I.F.I.C.A.T.I.O.N.


JQ LLC said...

Thanks again crappy and to all who will click it.

Apologies though for the video, I really wish I had a better phone, but you can see how big that pond is. The next hurricane is going to wipe it out for sure.

Frankly, I think the only people in that camp are the people who are behind the bazaar. But I'm just spitballing. And it actually looks more like a NVIXM recruiting settlement more than a scientology one.

I am really really going to miss that beach. But I think the next hurricane is going to wipe it out before the bozo bazaar gloms the entire boardwalk and grilling area.

Tony Notaro said...

Better than T.H.I.R.D.W.O.R.L.D.E.R.S.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for gentrification...NYC would remain a cesspool.

Zoë said...

$195 on the weekdays and $245 on the weekend, are they crazy ?
Its nothing but dead jellys, seaweed, sand and chiggers sitting on blade's of grass, brush against it and you will wake up to a very nasty surprise the next day. I got bit so bad on the ankles and another place I had to go to the doctor.

Corona is up and coming and a much better deal.
One could have a wicked time, for $30 you get the same tent (and with wifi may I add) the guy is former army base in Puerto Rico and runs a tight ship, he cooks keeps the place secure and gives you morning coffee. Shower with the garden hose setup is no big deal.
Get a lemon ice and watch the Italian men play Bacce Spaghetti Park, see the Unisphere. The park is really nice and safe at night because lot's of people are in it. One thing: Isn't the Unisphere supposed to have fountains and a light show ?

Lots of restaurants, LaFousta is one of my favs. Also lots bars that are super friendly and made excellent cheap cocktails. I can't imagine why anyone would want to pay all this $$ to sit on a beach with nothing near it and a long LONG walk to anything.

Question is who are these campers trying to kill or harm?
These people should stop complaining because it appears only rich working class people shelling out the money to do this. Better then a camp of slobs or homeless !

Anonymous said...

> see the Unisphere. The park is really nice and safe at night because lot's of people are in it.

Not any more. The cops have started kicking people out while they're just chilling and enjoying the night, (and you can be sure the criminals don't leave) meaning less eyeballs around to stop a crime when the cops are gone an hour later.

Zoë said...

That's no good. I like it at dusk when the sky is red and all the lights are coming on.
My favorite is listening to the old Italian men in spaghetti park tell story's about the good old days. Sometimes I bring my guitar, I have a street performer permit. After the home made wine these go off in Italian with things that would make the politically correct go bananas. Including some very funny stuff about politician's and the mayor. Oh they clearly don't like diBlazio.

JQ LLC said...

"Its nothing but dead jellys, seaweed, sand and chiggers sitting on blade's of grass, brush against it and you will wake up to a very nasty surprise the next day. I got bit so bad on the ankles and another place I had to go to the doctor."

There is none of that stuff at the area I covered. That beach is actually well kept, well during the morning anyway, it's a massive mess at the end of the day, the park doesn't provide enough garbage cans to handle the new amount of beachgoers and all those stupid expensive concessions.

"Shower with the garden hose setup is no big deal."

That is just gross. Although that was some sales pitch in the rest of that comment, it would have fit quite nicely in that notorious Queens world's borough issue of Lonely Planet 4 years ago.

The unisphere hasn't been lit and the fountain has not operated for a long, long time.

That was quite a pitch for that lodging set up though. It wouldn't have been out of place

Zoë said...

Why is rinsing off, showing or kids at a johnny pump running through sprinklers outdoors gross. Are you a diva, just crazy or a little of both?
Is the the tap water out of your indoor bathroom any different?
With that logic I suppose you need a gold toilet seat to take a crap also!

A quick outdoor shower saves water and feels great, You wear water sneakers or flip flops so no danger of germs, environmental friendly biodegradable soap. You need to chill out and relax JQ-LLC, maybe talk to somebody.
Have you ever even seen an outdoor shower, with a solar tank fed from a garden hose? Its nicer then that filthy public crap half of Rockaway's bums & surfers use on your beach hands down!

Anonymous said...

>Oh they clearly don't like diBlazio.

No one in Queens does.

>The unisphere hasn't been lit and the fountain has not operated for a long, long time.

It's been lit and the fountains have been operating this summer. It's very nice until the cops kick everyone out for no good reason.

JQ LLC said...

Last anon:

I haven't been there in the summer in a long time, but I do recall the water being on and I was mistaken about the lights, the sphere is always illuminated. I was confused by Zoe's claim that it had a light show.

Zoe: I only mentioned getting washed with a hose, I don't know how you conflated those other things, especially the johnny pump. Kids are playing and getting refreshed from the spray, they are not under it with a soap and washcloth.

And it's not my beach, it's the people's, even the people that choose to spend frivolously or beyond their means or are just there taking instagram pics. Even though this bazaar and camp's success is being guaranteed and sanction by the city at the expense of the small businesses by the locked down beaches and of train commuters screwed out of their Mott ave tranist destination. And the city's "pilot" bike share program is the civic funding kismet icing on the cake to ameliorate those long walks you pointed out.

As for that image. So people are taking showers in a yard with footwear on??? Are they frigging naked in the yard??? That is mental! Thanks for the confirmation. You can tout all that environmentally conscious stuff all you want, it's still gross. Lux slumming is still slumming.

As for your perplexed observation on why people would go all the way to Riis to spend $$, well, people will lavishly live in a condo near a superfund site if they were told is what hip or up and coming, as the New Yorker eloquently pointed out in a classic cover 3 years ago.,c_limit/CoverStory-8-30-15.jpg

Corona is only up and coming because people are getting price out of places that were also up and coming. In fact, that picture may inspire the homeless to come down also and set up a nice camp of cardboard and fashion a hose shower of their own nearby. BE CAUTIOUS!

Flushing Meadows safe at night???

Anonymous said...

Showering naked in reef runners, pink boa boots this Miss Zoë sounds very interesting !
But shes actually right. Yes the Unisphere did have spinning wheels of colored gels in front the spotlights one or two US Opens ago. Also back in 1964, you can see them and different colors on old postcards.

Zoë said...

Those were perhaps hallucinogenic hyperboles from JQ LLCs dirty mind!!

JQ LLC said...

I never said you did. Last anon suggested that, sardonically I assume.

I respect women, miss. Your attempt to malign me as a pervert is baseless. Don't #metoo me.

Thanks for reading my post too. Mostly thanks to Queens Crap. My post has gone viral with over 400 hits. Amazing how gentrification is such a trigger word. All those in power, financially and politically, better recognize. People are sick of your bullshit potemkin gimmicks and systematic upheavals of the citizenry and cultures.

Anonymous said...

So Zoey doesn't shower, run's around naked in her flip flops and sleeps in a tent?
Good lord!!
Now I'm really concerned. Is broke ass people in 99 cent store flops living in yards naked the next wave of gentrification? I am no longer voting democrat, fuck this!!