Sunday, July 29, 2018

Cooper Avenue shelter, take 2

From the Queens Chronicle:

Seven months ago, the Department of Homeless Services told the Chronicle that the longstanding but dormant plan to build a homeless shelter at 78-16 Cooper Ave. in Glendale was dead.

But there's been a dramatic change of plans, according to the office of Councilman Bob Holden (D-Middle Village).

The lawmaker announced Friday that an unnamed social services provider is in negotiations with the DHS to house up to 200 homeless men at the location — a defunct, four-story factory.

"My office had received several reports from area residents over the last few days about activity at the former manufacturing building in Glendale," Holden said. "After sending numerous inquiries to various DHS officials over a 24-hour period, and speaking with Commissioner Steve Banks, these reports have validity and I am extremely concerned."

No deal has been finalized, Holden added, noting that he had provided a "more viable location" for a shelter in the district but "the DHS never responded."

Oh boy. And they were sounding so friendly a few weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Anybody who believes snakes can be friendly or honest is 100% sheep or needs a mental examination. The mayor WILL make absolutely sure that former factory becomes a shelter. He needs to destroy that neighborhood because most the homes are private and small.

Anonymous said...

They’ll need to add at 25 cops to the 104, that ain’t happening. The atlas mall and the Mtropoltan ave commercial strip are just a few minutes from here. This will kill the neighborhood. Perhaps that’s what this is all about.......

Anonymous said...

Bob Holden is finding out that it takes more than 1 election to drain the swamp.

Anonymous said...

The councilman should know that paybacks are a bitch.
Banks and de Blasio cannot be trusted. Pieces of progressive feces.

JQ LLC said...

That Voice article is depressing to read. It shows how arrogant and elitist the city council is. They behave more worse and obnoxious than any popular clique in any high school. This is why de Faustio's, despite all the corruption and incompetence, position is secure for the remainder of his term.

JQ LLC said...

Fauxgressive feces.

Anonymous said...

hey bob enjoy your vacation you are a joke of course the blog wont post this

Anonymous said...

"kill the neighborhood. Perhaps that’s what this is all about"
Of course this is what its all about.
The mayor feels the neighborhood is "to nice" and "to white" and not "diverse" enough. He also feels its is not taking in a fare share in the rest of the city's misery and has a vendetta about the people booting Crowley. A lapdog with a low IQ who constantly double crossed and lied to the people, always getting fooled, behind closed doors and open to accomplish whatever mayors wanted without resistance.
Do you see the friggan picture it now?

Why are all the sheeple realizing this now after rewarding those out to slaughter them with re-election? I'm still pissed with Holden breaking bread with the bastard, including a private tour around. Snow day or not !!

This Marxist bastard (deBlasio) not only has mental issues but hates white family's, hates private ownership of anything and can not be trusted under any circumstances, including the old saying trying to keep enemy's closer.

Anonymous said...

That Village Voice article Crappy linked to at the end of the post is very good - you should all read it. At the end of the day, you have to remember the City Council is a representative body that can only act on a majority vote, and they can't stop as-of-right land uses. There are some avenues, through the speakership and the committee chairs, that can stop or severely delay/alter certain bills, but neither Crowley nor Holden would have the executive power to unilaterally stop whoever is mayor from putting a shelter or any number of other municipal sites in a district. You Maspeth people want to stop the explosion of NYC homelessness? Ask Brian Barnwell how his bill to overturn the Right to Shelter law is doing.

Anonymous said...

they've upgraded their method from block busting to now eying entire neighborhoods.
stay frosty.

Cav said...

Completely predictable because it's the same ploy our rulers use on us all the time.

Under the swamp/deep state/managerial state, call it what you will, you may have a vote (well, sort of as your choices are between full steam ahead big gov't progressive liberal and moderate big gov't progressive liberal)but you in fact have no power. You can see this here for yourselves.
As far as our political and bureaucratic masters are concerned, we are all a bunch of dumb meat puppets. Programmable through social engineering or state coercion and completely interchangeable with any other from anyplace else on earth.

And for added fun, look up Agenda 21. Yeah, your city, state and federal governments are all enthusiastic supporters of this, and see for yourselves if they are really implementing it.

Anonymous said...
"Bob Holden is finding out that it takes more than 1 election to drain the swamp."

I don't know anything about Bob Holden as to be able to say he wants to drain the swamp or he will go along to get along or whatever else. But I do know it is nearly impossible for one person elected to effect any change in a system from within when that system has been set up over the course of more than a century to prevent changes not authorized by the ruling class from happening. The current system runs as it was designed to run and usually stops potential agents of change from getting on the ballot or elected.
Everything that happens is a feature, not a bug.

It'll take many more than one elected genuinely committed to building down or breaking down the current swamp and over the course of generations and even then it will be a tough fight.
Do enough of you have the balls to buck the system and back such people?
Or will you just continue to squeal with delight at more radical prog demagogues/wannabe swamp critters like Ocasio Cortez as if you were a bunch of over-heated teenyboppers at a boy band concert.

So our betters have decreed the shelter is going in, they don't care what you think or want and so what the fuck are you going to do about it? Vote moar liberals, go full retard socialist and expect different results?

Don Cavaioli

Anonymous said...

neither Crowley nor Holden would have the executive power to unilaterally stop whoever is mayor from putting a shelter

Oh Nonsense that's politician and lawyer talk! and the people expecting people like Crowley or Holden shouldn't expect them to have power under such a regime.
When fighting what crawls out of the sewer the sewer and all the dirtyness is where you need to be!! NOT PROCEDURE because laws and rights currently mean nothing in deBlasio vision for a new NYC he likely would rename "New Amsterdam" if given the chance.

If enough people show up to remind these bastards who they work for and raise all sorts of REAL hell it WILL stop it because then a shitload of other things come into play including National Guard and the govonor.
These people simply refuse to fight hard and violent enough, including getting arrested. -Pussys !!!
A permit to protest (so they know when your coming) and chanting with cardboard signs is not effective with Marxists & Facists. That doesn't do anything, these people who don't like it need to get more crafty.
Question is how hard and how many are willing to fight?

Prime examples: The Chinamen square protests, 2005 Cronulla beach riots in Australia, Ferguson Missouri, Crown Height protests over Yankle Rosenburg. All prime examples of when people had enough and are really willing to fight.
Hell yes, gain national attention and send the bastards running to re-think maybe its not such a good idea.

Joe said...

Using the intent of the Right to Shelter law to create a “paramilitary operation” to harm people is NOT the intent of that law!! --Emm more like illegal and malicious intent for starters.
The mayor and City Council is inviting the nations homeless to NYC so they can use them to destroy people and neighborhoods they don't like.
I believe that's the issue and what the people and politicians with so called law degree's need to hit on and expose on a national level.

Raise hell with lots of muscle, animation legal civil disobedience to expose this as another Kristallnacht to every news camera in the country. BECAUSE THATS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS. The news media love material like that, I know!!
Then use laws on the books and possible parliamentary procedure to at least postpone or suspend consideration of any pending motions by the dirty city council.
Massive loud disruptive gatherings could be a ground for in injunction because it then involves public safety, property, policing and other issues.
Again this is about **Nazism** and not about Right to Shelter and other boilerplates of bullshit!

If fought loud and hard enough the future Supreme Court would likely agree to hear such a case. By then so many people will be aware, fed up and angry these progressives they would likely be thrown out on their ass like the Crowleys and others now at risk.
Would deBlasio and his minions want such publicly, political suicide if they know the people aren't backing down willing to expose and fight Nazism? Include some paramilitary operation landing in the back yard of any homeowner, business owner in any neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If you are able to leave, you should do it now. Shelters are a mess and when it comes with that many men the neighborhood will be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

This is how "progressives" get back at the middle class and those that vote Republican.
Remember it wasn't too long ago that this city was run by Republicans, so I'm not sure why everyone is giving up without a fight.

This is basically, DeAssio's version of open borders in Europe:
Invite a million uneducated men without marketable skills into a high functioning society and expect that everything will just be business as usual.
Doesn't work. What ends up happening is that these individuals debase the area they move into since they have noting to lose.

These "shelters" for men are just DeAssio's version of The People's Re-Education Committee for the middle class.

Expect loitering, malingering and plenty of panhandling.

Say goodbye to the local library because that becomes the de facto Man Cave for the local shelter where these people go to sit, relax and play on the internet while adding a distinct Eau De Toilet atmosphere that would tickle the nose of a warthog.

...but hey, you voted Democrat, so pat yourself on the back and consider this a job well done in destroying the character and individuality of New York City neighborhoods built over generations.

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

No one expects Holden to single-handedly stop this trashing of a hard working, community minded middle class community. What we do expect is that he will lead the new resistance against the out of their fuckin' minds Democratic Socialists masquerading as progressives. Someone needs to rise as the voice in the wilderness who can speak to the masses about common sense. Hopefully Holden has this in him to rise to the challenge. The New York City road to self destruction needs to end soon or it will be to late (if it isn't already).

Anonymous said...

I believe it's time for "angry Bob" to live up to his moniker. He and the rest of NYC are mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. The time has come to put an end to the nonsense that has been governing NY and put the grown-ups in charge.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the money. The homeless industrial complex is backing this shit stain of a mayor and his ambitions for a political future. As always, follow the money!

Anonymous said...

Destroyed is an understatement, the word is annihilated. As in and wiped off the map and phonebook. Property values will instantly fall and continue to do so. People will sell cheap, do anything to get their children and themselves out.

Even a number of 100 places men literally on every block, shitting in doorways, picking garbage, stealing car battery's, metal for scrap, hooting at women dressed up going to school and work.. Complete chaos !!!
You know that number of 200 will grow to 400 in no time.
Wow deBlasio is getting district 24 back good by using this nuke option as an example for others when if they dont play ball and get on board.
RIP Middle village and Glendale

Anonymous said...

200 men may be a strategy to scare everybody to the bargaining table to avoid an embarrassing mess for the mayor.
Then like magic they agree to homeless "family units" then say FU and fill it with 200 men anyway.
I hope Holden doesn't fall for it because like said Snakes can only behave like snakes.

Anonymous said...

This is just a first. Banks will make sure that the 30th council district will get more and more of the homeless and there is no one to stop him.
Let's hope Holden can rally the local residents and businesses as he did in Maspeth.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who really thinks this plan was a no go 7 months ago, I have a bridge to sell you. Work is already in place. Just add this to the Dizzy Lizzie Legacy!!!

Anonymous said...

Its about time Trump forms offices throughout NYC to take citizen complaints, as with this shelter, over the fascist Machine efforts to destroy communities for their agenda. We know that the Democratic fascist bully boys will then start to whip crowds into a frenzy, with pickets, yellow journalism and worse.

But its about time that howling mobs of leftist Fascist Thugs with their PC and 'Queens Values' and Pussy Hats make some good photo ops for the rest of the country to digest before mid-term elections.

Missing Foundation said...

They talk about adolescent bullying, and its true that is a rough patch for many of us. But they don't talk much of the stupid petty bullying shit that goes on in 2nd grade.

The politicians in the Voice article remind me of that.

Every time I see a politician about ready to give a speech I think of some kid given a part in a play and daddy and mommy and gramps are in the audience. Sweet when you are 7, absolutely sorry assed pathetic when you are 57.

Bob, the best thing to do is to ignore them and just move ahead as if they do not exist. THEY are the ones that are worrying because confident adults do not act like that.

Anonymous said...

According to the turning the tides plan - these shelters should be in places where the inhabitants can be close to their jobs and families. I would bet any amount of money these men are not in walking distance to either of those things in this neighborhood.

You can say this is more of NIMBY but why should this be placed in glendale, someone please tell me that. Do we have a homeless problem - no - do we have high crime - no. This is not the place for this.

Glendale is not bringing in big real estate dollars, in my opinion this is why it's being placed here. Glendale is a small community of private houses and homeowners and the same for middle village. The zoning restrictions to build must kill the real estate investors. If they can't get real estate dollars out of us, why do they care about the quality of life.

I'd like to know exactly where these men are coming from - bronx / manhattan / gentrified LIC?? Where the big bucks in real estate development are coming in.

At this rate the city should just go back to section 8 housing. This way you can spread out where placement is and a landlord gains the benefit not a greedy 3rd party live Samaritan village pretending they want to help.

The city should put a freeze on all new development to only be for 100% complete affordable housing - that isn't 2,000 for a 1 bedroom. None of these new affordable house units are affordable for anyone.

And people - if you can't afford to live in NY start job hunting out of state, yes i don't know everyones situation but if you can't live off what your earning in NY there has to be other options than waiting for the taxpayers to support you.

Everything is becoming a participation trophy award... what happened to darwin's only the strong survive. Stop looking for a handout, hardworking people are evil if they aren't willing to give it. I don't know when it became other people's responsibility to take care of everyone and their bad for wanting nice things, including their neighborhoods. If the shelter laws didn't exist these people would all be out of here during the next winter.

Anonymous said...

This massive shelter is the first bomb being dropped. Lifting zoning restrictions to plow and build 6+ family boxes will then come next.
Cant homeowners get together a pool around $1000 per home to rent or buy that building from the landlord?

Anonymous said...

Cant homeowners get together a pool around $1000 per home to rent or buy that building from the landlord?

- I had the same thought but if the DHS will pay him 42 million for a 5 year deal - I'm sure he'll be getting more for a 200 men - why would he sell. He can do the deal and keep his property.

Anonymous said...

Funny I Thought Russia was the problem...Instead it is these Marxist Left wingers that are destroying the country.

Anonymous said...

"I'd like to know exactly where these men are coming from - bronx / manhattan / gentrified LIC"
LOL---You think most these homeless are our own ?

No! Very few are from New York City.
Most are homeless from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala here seeking asylum and other shit hole US citys like Detroit, Kingston, Cleveland etc. Then add your assorted released from halfway houses, hospitals (in that order)
The woman and children go to other shelters, many run by catholic charity's, priests and nuns.

Question: Many have no familys and are from mental hospitals (most your mens only shelters) so how can such a massive operation guarantee the neighborhood and 104 PCT get these people will take there medication and where they will be ?

Anonymous said...

"Cant homeowners get together a pool around $1000 per home to rent or buy that building from the landlord?"... Don't think the landlord wants to do either, too much $ to be made from the City. This cash cow will get milked for years.

Anonymous said...

Where do the homeless come from?

It starts with the parents at a young age.
They have children when they can't afford them and with men who have no intention of raising their offspring.
They skip town or get in trouble with the law and now you have an uneducated mother
with a small baby to raise.

The mother is ill prepared to deal with either the work place which increasingly requires some level of computer skills and a college degree.

In many cases the kids end up at the grandparents' home but if there's no grandparent in the picture, as is often the case, the city steps in as big daddy on the backs of the working class and the property taxes we pay.

Remember in our new culture, you can't say any of this because it will be seen as impinging on someone's right to have children at the expense of society.
So the cycle of poverty continues.

What they should be instilling in public schools from kindergarten to 8th grade are the following three ways to actually make it in America and avoiding poverty:
1. Graduate from High School
2. Don't have children you can't afford, and out of wedlock.
3. Don't get addicted to some sort of drug (legal or illegal).

Do these simple things and you've increased your chances of having a good life, not on the dole. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to have a comfortable living as long as you follow these few simple rules, show up at work and put in the time.
Unfortunately, too many today are pre-occupied being the next great "reality show star" doing whatever "feels good" because you can't judge people any longer according to the Democrats.

Want to save the city? stop deluding yourself that voting Democrat will get you anything but more illegals, more homeless shelters and more taxes.

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

The cash cows & sheep are the MV - Glendale residents and homeowners.
So in this deal those cows & sheep get milked and porked at the same time for years?

BooHoo Know what ?
Folks have been warning them about bad voting habits and how this fascist mayor was out to blockbust and wipe them out for years.
They didn't listen, always "oh stop that will never happen" "he can do that"

Well now they gotta
#1 move
#2 bend over
#3 fight like nothing ever seen in New York city history

Anonymous said...

Get your joe biden shot gun, mace, small knife. Exrta outdoor lights and a good locks and an alarm.

Anonymous said...

Do crossbows, vintage antique firearms, shotguns require a premises permits?
I know the CCW permit is near impossible unless your a cop, real estate person, pawn shop owner or NY politician so how does one apply for a premises permit ?
There is also the lousy watered down NY Castle doctrine laws about how much are you required to retreat, and where to retreat before you can use such defense.

This is all so royally messed up how the NYC mayor and Governor treats law abiding working class small homeowners who are not rich minding there own business like enemy number ones.

Anonymous said...

If they get a foot in the door with 200 beds on the first floor what happens with the next 3 floors, A: Eventually 800-1000!!

Ned said...

Sounds like you folks are in for some deep deep trouble.
To learn about the NYC residence permit and the assorted New York bullshit go here:

Then if you think you can meet the requirements get a case worker, join a club. Its best to get a NYS Hunting License, this because a field hunting is a further authorization amendment to the premise license.
You may have to join a shooting club or 2: know some cops to get 3 good references from current license holders. In New York the NYPD License Division will pull that last bit surprise on you to deny processing your request.
The commies running New York will pull everything possible to keep you from your 2nd amendments right.
If you ever been busted for a crime, DUI or been treated on the books for anxiety or depression including a prescription on file they will find it, keep your $400 background check fee and say go fuck yourself.


Anonymous said...

"Do crossbows, vintage antique firearms, shotguns require a premises permits?"... Better to have a weapon and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Anonymous said...

The "Don't Tread On Me" ideology is forming.

Perhaps the boy mayor should take a lesson from the Revolutionary War.

Anonymous said...

"Don't Tread On Me" ideology.
The symbol is a snake arcing up about to bite
Benjamin Franklin once suggested that the Americas send rattlesnakes to Britain's politician's in response to their non stop screwing, corruption including sending of criminals to the colonies. This shelter is the same situation !!!

Anonymous said...

> been treated on the books for anxiety or depression including a prescription on file

What does that have to do with gun ownership? Would they prefer untreated people?

Anonymous said...

Q: Would they prefer untreated people to have guns.
A: In New York YES --but if you BEEN treated for anxiety or depression or been given a perception for Zanax for airplane travel or a dealing with death and funeral arrangement etc you get placed on the blacklist for anxiety or depression.
--Cops included under certain circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Glendale Coalition?

Anonymous said...

"Where is the Glendale Coalition?"... Just starting to regroup.

Anonymous said...

Your getting it
Queens sucks
Your all fools