Friday, July 20, 2018

Bowne Park is a disaster

Hello Crapunzel,

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt the need to contact you. Recently in the blog you’ve mentioned North Flushing, sidewalks and street digging, and since I am a resident of the Bowne Park area of NF I figured you might have an interest in this.

The Department of Parks and Councilman Paul Vallone in their infinite wisdom have determined that Bowne Park should be ignored. We have made several requests for more trash cans on the 159th street side of the park, by the playground, where ice cream vendors ply their trade and parents allow their issue to drop litter, to no avail. Attached are photos of their solution, black plastic bags hung over fences.

We’ve also complained to Vallone about the pond. For OVER TWO weeks the fountains have been shut off leading to an algae bloom that is not only unhealthy for the fish and turtles in the pond but to the olfactory senses of the local residents. See attached photos.

Repeated calls to Vallone’s office have not alleviated this problem. Contacting the Parks department at the Overlook is a total waste of time, they do not care about one of their park “Jewels”.

Also, take a gander of the bocce court that the department added a couple of years ago for about $500, one uses it.

Thanks for your attention.


Philipe the pissed


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Anonymous said...

If you want to get a reach Vallone, don't call his council office, call the summer house or lobbying firm

Anonymous said...

#FuckingShame. I'm not surprised.

JQ LLC said...

That last photo says it all. The only garbage can in the park and it's a deserted rusty island for a castaway frog.

And the Parks dept, and certainly concert promoter Katz, is more concerned and obsessed with renovating that useless worlds fair pavilion than remediating a toxic health hazard like that algae bloom lake.

The only hope for Bowne Park is if North Flushing suddenly comes on the NY times lifestyle section's radar and convinces their hipshit readers that it's the next hot neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you expect?
He only uses his office to help his lobbyist clients. VALLONE REBNY AND FUCK YOU...,his real law firm .... Fetid stronzo!

Anonymous said...

Paulie grew up in Astoria, where his dad and brother were both City Council Representatives. Go take a look. He just wants to feel at home. He's a Democrat! You elected him!

Anonymous said...


That polite "church lady" approach in Broadway and Bowne Park doesn't work anymore.

Sink your fangs into the entitled Vallone.

Make that langioso work for his money.

La Famiglia Di Vallone are political mobsters. Been plying their trade since Judge Charles Vallone.

DUMP all incumbents. Flush the north Flushing toilet of the foul Vallone and the Dem machine soldieri!

Anonymous said...

Go to Bowne Park on a hot afternoon and you will find the squaw feeding turtles and geese to her brood while she politically correctly washes her hair in the band new stainless sink in th e mens room.

TommyR said...

Ugly and gross and sad. Whose brilliant idea was the half-a-mill bocce court? Who plays bocce anymore!?