Sunday, July 1, 2018

Glendale RV extravaganza!

From CBS 2:

A busy street in Queens has been a little more crowded lately – not with cars, but with recreational vehicles.

Glendale residents say the RVs have been parked there for a while, creating an eyesore in the community.

A worker for the moving company, Brian and His Van, that owns the vehicles said not to worry, they will be moved out of there in the next few weeks. He said three of the RVs are used for travel and construction, and one is being transformed for the community.

Carrington said it will soon be called the Multimedia Dream Machine, a mobile art and music studio for local students.

So, is this "establishment":

a) a moving company
b) for travel and construction
c) an art and music studio


Anonymous said...

Its a desert topping and a floor wax!

JQ LLC said...

Who gives a shit what this hipshit hustler's excuses are, go rent space to do your business ventures and construction in, isn't this a commercial industrial area? This guy is actually doing a work in progress on the street. Only under this corrupt mayor. (Hey, isn't this in hipshit-pandering Espinal's district?)

Music and art studio for students? That's a fucking laugh. What schools is this guy associated with? You wanna bet the city contracted this asshole for some lame music program. But who cares, tow this motherfucker already.

Speaking of lame music program who is ahead in the Queens Library battle of the bands?

JQ LLC said...

There was something written on a fantastic comment by an anonymous on the last post about congressional candidate Ocasio-Cortez that perfectly sums up that selfish squatter asshole (god forbid a group of drifter homeless families attempted the same stunt on that curb):

"Of particular note are some of the younger members of the community board, some with at first blush maybe doing cultural or progressive things, but at closer inspection, are but neighborhood amenities designed to attract development (waterfront, art groups, theater groups)"

It makes me wonder who this jerk knows on the community board or even in office that gives him the hubris to park 3 R.V's and leave a daily mess behind. And it's clear that he's not alone, his fellow "movers" and "workers" must have ran like rats when Reena showed up.

Anonymous said...

Who's palm was getting greased on this one. Who's your daddy Glendale?

Anonymous said...

Brian and His Van are a vehicle leasing company:

"Doing business on a Glendale Street"? -- or is it a "parking lot"?

Anonymous said...

Our completely residential street is situated near a college, which makes parking very difficult under the best of circumstances. Since the large influx of Chinese into the immediate neighborhood, we are now seeing shuttle buses, ambulettes, and extra-long vans, all with signage painted on their sides for various transportation businesses, such as shuttles for adult day care centers. Some of them have livery license plates, one had a bus plate and one had a passenger plate. They are not only an eyesore but each takes up TWO parking spaces on a street where parking is already very scarce. They are popping up all over the neighborhood, not just on my immediate street.

Why aren't these obviously commercial vehicles required to have commercial plates since they are used for business? The adult day care shuttles even have "Not for hire" painted on them, so how do they qualify for livery plates? Vehicles with commercial plates are not allowed to park overnight on residential streets from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m., and that would help. As it is, now I have to park up to 2 blocks away, often carrying heavy groceries, instead of being able to park closer to my home, thanks to some stinking Chinese shuttle taking up 2 parking spaces.

I have contacted my councilman, who requested photos, which I sent to him. He says he is getting a lot of complaints about such vans and shuttles. They are yet another decline in the quality of life around here.

Anonymous said...

My advice? Can your City Councilperson the next election.

Anonymous said...

I went through similar "Crap" like this in North Flushing. It just keeps getting worst each year. It's a tidal wave of "Queens Crap" and nothing you can do about it except wait your turn to cash out and retire to a better place. It's over the Fat lady has sung !

Anonymous said...

There are people living in conversion vans,campers and motor homes all over the city. They generally parkt in quiet areas like park dr east,van cortland pk south .where no one will complain. How do they get rid of grey and black water waste?

Anonymous said...

I’m living in an RV.
Not by my choice but thanks to Qbamacare where I now owe a $15,000 copay for getting sick and needing Gall bladder surgery. To prevent bankruptcy and being homeless I go from street to street, lot to lot and park to park and have to live like a troll.
I had to sublet my apartment with sinks, FIOS and toilets that flush and gibe the and give a landlord a 15% cut to do so. About the RV: Specifically, it’s a Class A MOTORCOACH, which is the type of self contained RV with an bathroom, backwater tank, engine the cock pit driving space is part of the living space. Some days I must I must set my alarm for 6AM am, crawl to the wheel in the my skivvies an swap sides of the street as people leave for work, and crawl back into bed.

Its not that bad. I am at least I'm catching up on my bills, Im not going on the taxpayer dole with medicaid and welfare and the AIRbnB guests are not permanent. I plan on moving back in October
Give some of us a break we are not evil but in most cases casualty's of diBlasio and Obama policys !!

Anonymous said...

Running the plates it appears Brian and them are Romanichal Traveler Gypsys from Sarasota Florida working the area for summer. Smooth talking bullshit artists who live and work from them.
Shit talk about commercial abuse and stealing.
Where is the 104 pct captain ?

Anonymous said...

Hello "anonymous" guys !

Any of you still interested in this subject?

The supposed media multi machine rv is still parked there, also one rv, parked further back, the movers' company truck was parked inside the parking lot itself.

I do agree with you, thank you ,
anonymous -es !

"Smooth talking bullshit artists who live and work from them. "
Smooth talkers alright ! Deceivers and manipulators !
"Shit talk about commercial abuse and stealing." You got that right also ! Based on his background , he could also be a danger or a hazard to the public's safety, so the public does have a right to be concerned.

"Why aren't these obviously commercial vehicles required to have commercial plates since they are used for business? "
I totally agree !

I agree, The quality of life around there is not what it used to be.

Unknown said...

What a crock of ...., these RVs are always there, not just a few weeks but years.

They also did not address the fact the "Brian and His Vans" has several other vans, pickup trucks and trucks parked all over that neighborhood.

They do move them but they're just being slick because all they do is move them from one spot to the next within the neighborhood.

I've counted at minimum 12 different vehicles.