Sunday, April 16, 2017

Edgemere's vision for its future

From Curbed:

As sea levels continue to rise, difficult choices are facing Edgemere and many other communities around New York City, and the outcomes of the strategies used here will only become more relevant in the years to come.

The Resilient Edgemere plan presents a variety of short- and long-term projects for the neighborhood, comprising zoning changes, new residential development, and transportation improvements. Some of the highlights include a $14 million investment into creating an elevated berm along the neighborhood’s unprotected coastline, a $68 million investment into NYCHA’s Beach 41st Street Houses, and the elevation of 41 attached homes above flood risk levels.

The most striking physical changes proposed in the plan are a new rocky shoreline that could replace the existing salt marsh habitat along the coast of Jamaica Bay, and the numerous illustrations showing that the northernmost part of Edgemere’s residential community, on Beach 43rd Street above Norton Avenue, would be replaced by open space and a new park. “As a proposal of de-densifying the area above Norton Avenue, the short-term tool there would be to change the zoning so that new construction of housing would not be possible,” explains Morris. “Over the long term, this area would transition from a housing area to a less-housed area. What that means is maintaining the balance of the population of the community and moving it to a safer space.”


JQ LLC said...

Hmmm. What we seem to have here is environmental gentrification. Exploiting the extreme effects of climate change and sunny hopeful proposals like park building to disenfranchise residents of their long time homes.

Sounds like a long, very long term plan to build a high end resort area for future development.

How the hell are you going to deny Build it back funding after it was distributed to more precarious areas like in Broad Channel

I recall when Sandy rocked the coasts here, even Battery Park City wasn't safe.

And what about the hip moneyed properties and towers down under the Manhattan Bridge.

The short memories on these officials at HPD seem to forget that even Breezy Point and Belle Harbor are in jeopardy of being underwater in the same out of prospective time as the poorer and perpetually neglected enclave of Edgemere.

Anonymous said...

How completely stupid. Coastal marshes are a natural storm buffer, absorbing much of the force of storms. Additionally, they are a priceless marine nursery for many species of fish and invertebrates. This is a stupid and destructive idea. I guess they want to eliminate anything natural around coasts so people can live there until they are wiped out by the next big storm. Pave over paradise and put up a parking lot, as Joni Mitchell said so many years ago.

Anonymous said...

>The most striking physical changes proposed in the plan are a new rocky shoreline that could replace the existing salt marsh habitat along the coast of Jamaica Bay,

Environmental destruction like that is part of the reason the seas are rising in the first place!

Anonymous said...

But what will they do about the gangs living in subsidized housing & NYCHA projects? What about all the convicted felons who aren't supposed to be living in all those NYCHA projects but there they are destroying lives and communities. These are not really people you want as neighbors.

I would be more than happy if all of the halfway houses, three quarter houses, scatter site housing, subsidized housing, Section 8 voucher holders were all taken off the Rockaway Peninsula and say put in Park Slope. That's not about to happen. Instead those who looted after Hurricane Sandy, stole anything that they could, robbed their neighbors sleeping in the dark, are being relocated west so they can continue to destroy.

They can put all the dummy cruiser bikes on Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 116th Street but it's still a slummy ghetto.

JQ LLC said...

Re: Joni Mitchell

Sick ironic rephrasing:

Pave paradise and put up a park.

This is like that stupid park that some neoliberal billionaire and some fashion designer wanted to build on the pier by Greenwich Village in Manhattan that righteously got shot down a few weeks ago.

All of these people appointed by De Faustio are mentally ill and are as obstinately stupid and ignorant as the yahoos appointed by Trump to run the EPA and Interior.

Hey Ms Morris

(sarc) said...

Jesus is risen,
The Lord is risen indeed!
and has appeared to Simon! (Lk24:34)

However much to Algore's chagrin in the past years neither the oceans nor temperatures have risen nor complied with the grim prophesies of the almost president.

More junk science to push a political narrative. Are you so egotistical to thing you can control or manipulate the planet. How vain!

Or perhaps it was President Barack Hussein Obama II's messianic abilities, as he stated in his speech to supporters on the last night of voting in the primary campaign back in 2009:

"I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that... this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war."

Fixing the war? - not so much. Drone strikes, VERY MUCH, assassination of countless American citizens with drones? WITHOUT DUE PROCESS? YES! YES! YES!

The sea level rise slowed significantly after his election, miraculously!

There has also been a Global warming hiatus, even with the manipulations by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

What an inconvenient truth...

Anonymous said...

All fulla shit, they wanna develop to collect the federal dollars & taxes.
These egomaniacs also enjoy creating legacy's and tributes to themselves.

Anonymous said...

"As sea levels continue to rise" Sea levels have been rising for the last 10,000 years since the last ice age. But in the past 100+ years they have been only rising at a rate of about 2 mm/year (check tide gauge data from the battery). And no the rate of increase is not going up. So to protect against a 50 year year rising tide, all that needs to be done is put up a 5 inch sea wall.

Anonymous said...

Where will people work a paying job, oh and that shit train what is it 1.2 hours to Manhattan ? or worse some dirty Queens bus with illegals and 1/2 the 3rd world coughing tuberculosis, lice and god knows what else all over you.

This is a shill for sec 8 and homeless projects because buyers need to be crazy or helicopter pilots to live in such a outskirt forsaken place.
This may be some kind of prank !!