Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Whitestone Bridge is leaking big time



Back in the beginning of April we sent an email to MTABT and DOT regarding a serious flooding issue on the side of the Whitestone Bridge. Ever since they completed construction, the flooding has become much worse.
The DOT referred it to DEP. The MTABT stated that there was no issue and that ONE home along the route has drainage holes (AT LEAST 12 INCHES ABOVE THE GROUND) may be the cause.
So We sent pictures of the water marks and dirt marks from the runoff. NO RESPONSE.
Then this morning with a little rain we took more photos and video of the water runoff and the amount that now falls onto the road. In our opinion this has extremely exasperated the severe flooding issue.
The Whitestone Bridge is a proud representation of our community. To have the managers not take responsibility is an insult to the community. NOT TO MENTION THE LACK OF MAINTENANCE OF THEIR GRASSY AREA AS OF LATE. We take pride in our community and expect our neighbor the MTABT to do the same.
And of course let us not forget the mosquitoes and West Nile issues this brings.
Thank you.

Alfredo Centola
Founding Member


JQ LLC said...

West nile aside, and if climatologists are right, the extreme effects of climate change and El Nino is going to give the city a more humid, hotter summer, another pressing issue is that the Whitestone bridge is in disturbing state of disrepair and neglect.

The MTABT is showing the same cognitive dissonance as they do of their antiquated transit system. Where is Mario's son, the big boy bridge builder, when you need him?

Better get the Donald to get his infrastructure fund started immediately. And goad him to stop playing golf every weekend at his resort, which he's supposed to be divested from (really now, doesn't his appearance at Mar-a-lago every weekend make it a little good for business there?)

Apologies for any latent anti-trump trolling

Anonymous said...

They can't even repair the potholes that have been mysteriously popping up around the toll plaza area, this after a multi million dollar project to reconstruct the plaza. Idiots!

Anonymous said...

Whitestone Bridge is falling down, Falling down, falling down, My fair Lady.
Build it up with wood and clay, Wood and clay, wood and clay, My fair Lady.
Wood and clay will wash away, Wash away, wash away, My fair Lady.
Set a man to watch all nigh, Watch all night, watch all night, My fair Lady.
Suppose the man should start to piss, start to piss, My fair Lady.
Give him a pipe to smoke all night, Keystone Mayor is all fright, Mayor is all fright, My fair Lady.

Anonymous said...

Potholes are everywhere ! The new road paving techniques are not as good as past paving.
It looks like roads are paved to fail so more profit is made for future road contracts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Al !

Anonymous said...

Al is a beast. He needs to run for office already!

Anonymous said...

Ray webb promised us at Malba civic meetings and CB7 that "THE BRIDGE WOULD TAKE CARE OF ALL ITS WATER"

Now the new manager RENEE SHEPARD blames the residents!!!

Thanks Al.
Al for city council.

Anonymous said...

The new roadbed is already cracked, the runoff isn't making into the drains.
The real issue her is whats going on inside the structure we cant see (or some contractor doesn't WANT anybody to see)!!

Its a drainage failure alright. The fail could be 800 feet away in the suspended part of the roadway
Now if an expansion joint or roadway rebar and steel re-enforcement eventually fails due to rust & corrosion guess what happens ?

Anonymous said...

It appears those electrical conduits (possibly 2 or 3 phase 220/440 volt AC) are likely getting filled (or under) water at times also. And that type of hardware is clearly not intended for that.
Those are likely for the lights, beacons and assorted traffic & NEMA data relating bridge. How inspectors (if they actually looked) don't see this as an emergency repair is mind boggling.
Its pure 100% mass negligence because a good 1/2 million people use that bridge a day. Its also a high structure smack in the middle of a heavy air traffic should the beacons fail.
This is just crazy !!

Anonymous said...

Now if an expansion joint or roadway rebar and steel re-enforcement eventually fails due to rust & corrosion guess what happens ?


Anonymous said...

and if climatologists are right,

Yeah, they are right allright. They want your fucking money pal! Is globasl climate change, quick pay up and you can pollute all you want. But pay first!

Anonymous said...

Was told years ago by an MTA engineer, given the choice between the Throgs Neck and Whitestone-- take the Throgs Neck.

Anonymous said...

Whitestone Bridge was the Twin of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge that collapsed in 1940.

Anonymous said...

"Twin of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge"

LOL The "improvements" may have made worse at this point.
that wa sjust a bullshit story to fit more traffic weight on it.

The trusses added after the Tacoma Narrows have been removed to cut the decking weight by 6,000 tons to allow more lanes of traffic by the same idiots always telling everybody nothings wrong.
A bolted on strip of fiberglass spoiler all along roadway span allegedly now stabilizes the roadway in wind.
Fiberglass shreds and cracks in this climate and god knows what cheapest bidder did the work. This is new and improved ?