Saturday, April 15, 2017

1/4 year over with no results

From Impunity City:

Where does the time go? It sure flies when you’re being stagnant, right MTA? Right Governor Cuomo? It’s April 9th as this is written and the station, 10 days after the first quarter of the year. While it has shown some improvement and new structure, is still one bottleneck forming staircase and inoperable elevator poor excuse for a station.

The stairs were supposed to be ready on April 1st. Can’t say enough about the uncanny scheduling as this has made fools of thousands of commuters. Although with the horrendous way the worst transit system in the f*cking universe operates, sometimes at times these little big annoying things seem intentional.

Anyway, there was some encouraging things to see the other day in these first new days of spring as I actually saw life forms donning proper apparel and protective head wear, 3 of them, actually putting the pieces together on the looooooonnnnnggggg anticipated completion of the south stairway.


JQ LLC said...

Thanks again, Crappy'

I have to inform readers here, that after 2+ years, the south staircase will be operational probably next week since they are shutting down the station over the holiday.

I will post the result along with a gallery of photos of the pigeon toilet art exhibit by the turnstiles, the only thing the MTA consistently maintained for the last year.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who runs any government agency here in NYC is useless.

Anonymous said...

Can't they give the contract to the private sector? It will be fixed in no time!

How about Trump Inc.?

Anonymous said...

Alas, why would anyone actually think that the Mafia thugs who govern the city and state care anything about subway staircase renovation and refurbishment, when they've shown how they don't even care about all human life and living things overall?

New York has become a dystopian devolution of total societal collapse!

JQ LLC said...

It's Monday, and the staircase is still inoperable. But at least they did clean most of the pigeon shit off. It's too bad that since the pigeons found a nice place to nest in the past year that new shit re-appears immediately.

Thanks to all who visited my post.