Thursday, April 27, 2017

Quit yer squawkin'!

From DNA Info:

A recently installed alarm which seeks to deter birds from gathering at the Rego Center Mall has confused and annoyed some shoppers as well, locals said.

The alarm, which emits loud sounds of chirping birds, was installed several weeks ago at an atrium near the escalator by Bed, Bath & Beyond to deter pigeons and other birds flocking to the area, mall employees said.

The atrium, featuring several planters and benches, is where customers can rest or wait for their family members shopping around the mall.

But scores of birds also chose the spot to build their nests there, often forcing shoppers to sit among thick layers of pigeon droppings.

And while the deterrents seem to effectively scare the birds off, some shoppers said the sounds emitted by the alarm are “annoying.”

Sound alarms are one of several methods used to deter birds throughout the city. Other deterrents include ultrasonic devices that make sounds that are unbearable to pigeons, but can’t be heard by people, a method sometimes used by the MTA.


(sarc) said...

Can we get some of those alarms in the City Council?

Perhaps we could scare the members away!

The less that they meet, the better off we are...

JQ LLC said...

This sounds like what I have been documenting at the Lefferts Blvd. station.

I have heard wierd hawk sounds in Union Square and West 72 and broadway. It sounds like a recording. I don't even think it works.

Anonymous said...

We need a law to stop feeding pigeons.

Anonymous said...

Let some real hawks loose in there to feed on the flying rats.

Anonymous said...

>Our customers don't like birds
>So we'll install bird chirping sounds, now they'll be happy


Anonymous said...

Bird brains.

Anonymous said...

This has been done in other places and the street wise pigeons can't be fooled for very long.There are a couple hawks that I've seen in that area and they will keep the population down but also public feeding should be discouraged.

Gary W said...

Maybe they can play these chirping noise to keep the homeless from congregating.