Sunday, April 23, 2017

Illegal truck parking frustration continues in South Ozone Park

"Hello. This trailer has been sitting here for two weeks, I have done numerous complaints and it seems nothing is being done to address this hazard, maybe when somebody gets into a serious accident because they can not see oncoming traffic something will finally get done , this trailer is located on south conduit ave and 127th street in south ozone park.. this trailer is owned by a place called runway towing located up the block, I will send a separate email about that..." - anonymous


JQ LLC said...

Keep on obstructin' assholes.

I think the viewers out here in Crappyland know what the SOL on that request form stands for.

These truckers are getting tipped off and the 106th looks complicit.

But in Queens, nothing gets done until someone dies. I predict someone is going to be leisurely riding a bike in that area and will get clobbered by a speeding vehicle merging right after passing the truck.

Joe Moretti said...

This is so common place in SE Queens that it becomes so frustrating and makes many not even bother to file complaints since so little is ever done about it. NOW, if this took place in Forest Hills, immediate action would take place.

Here in Jamaica, this shit goes on all the time as well with the illegal overnight parking of commercial trucks all over. And the crazy parking of huge waste tractor trailer trucks in the LIRR overpass tunnels continue in downtown Jamaica in several of these tunnels, Merrick, 168 and 170th still boggles the mind. The issue with this as told to me by the 103rd, that it is not illegal to park (at least not during the day) inside these tunnels, since there are no signs stating NO PARKING. But you would think, especially after 911, that DOT, MTA or whatever else bullshit city agency is involved would put up signs forbidding ANY parking of ANY vehicle in these tunnels since they pose a MAJOR safety issue. BUT then as the 103rd told me, there is the bullshit battle of who exactly is responsible for this, MTA or DOT, since MTA is in charge of the LIRR overpass, but DOT is in charge of the streets and well, the street is inside the LIRR overpass. Typical blame game by two of the most incompetent city agencies and no one wants to take responsibility for such an easily solved problem, PUT UP A FUCKING SIGN.

But even with the overnight illegal parking of these trucks in the tunnels, unless you are filing a complaint at midnight, little will be done, even though the precincts know damn well, these trucks park all weekend long, because the precincts are ALL AWARE OF THIS ISSUE.

Tony Notaro said...

Third worlders don't have to follow the law! THATS RAYCISSSSS!!!