Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kosciuszko Bridge will open this week

From NBC 4:

The first span of the project to replace the aging Kosciuszko Bridge is opening to drivers this week, and News 4's Andrew Siff got an exclusive look at the 800-pound original plaque that will mark the new bridge's opening along with Gov. Cuomo. But drivers shouldn't expect a major change in traffic congestion there for a few years -- here's why.

The bridge will open with a light show Thursday night.


georgetheatheist said...

Cuomo (at video end): And one day his daughters will be driving over this bridge and they'll say "My Dad built this bridge."

And one day the voters in the presidential election will be driving over this bridge and they'll say "This schmuck, as Clinton's Housing secretary, caused the financial meltdown of 2008."

'strue. Read it HERE.

JQ LLC said...

Oh he built it. Colossal megalomaniac prick. Another ego stroking party hosted by our oblivious corrupt governor

And sure give an idiotic light show for the hipshits getting drunk on craft beer produced by swill makers benefiting from StartNY tax breaks on the rooftops and balconies in Greenpoint, Williamsburgh, Bushwick and LIC.

The cacophony that will heard when multiple Iheartradio stations will be used as a soundtrack

And the plan was two build two bridges? Just for crossing a creek between boroughs?

Will the Whitestone Bridge get a light show?

Anonymous said...

George the Atheist is Spot On.

Anonymous said...

Alas, Gargoyle Andy, Shithead Chuck Schumer, the eunoch boy-Mayor Bill de Assio and the entire scourge of City Hall and Albany sycophants belong in Federal lockup for life!

But, given that the entrenched mediopoly of empowered idiots actually work (the only work that is evident, that is), to shield and protect these voracious, predatory and rapacious thieves, then how will corruption, graft and OPENLY PRACTICED greed on the public payrolls ever be prosecuted at the top, much less acknowledged and recognized (where corruption naturally breeds), when as the poor and innocent continue to be excoriated by the crushing weight of all public and private gain (as their youth, lives and livelihoods are ravaged and ruined by a maddening bureaucracy), versus the rich and guilty (like Gargoyle Cuomo, Sheldon Silver, Dean Skelos & son, et al.), all of whom have been automatically absolved, exonerated and acquitted for heinous crimes against humanity that now DEVALUE honesty itself?!

And, the grinding cabal of New York State government henchmen keep punishing everyone else in the rank and file, except the ones who continue to betray all pretense of public trust, ethics, integrity, accountability (what's THAT?), and transparency with a vengeful impunity that is unprecedented, to date (hence, the rise in crime, lawlessness and vigilantism)!

And, the public be damned (again and STILL)! It's a proven fact that a politician (in someone's back pocket), in NYS government is better than having an uncle in the Mafia——where even the colletive chapters of all organized crime family rings worldwide could never rival, much less surpass the perpetual stranglehold that Andy maintains (on his ever languishing, overtaxed, not represented subjects), from his Albany throne of monstrous corruption, graft and endless greed!

JQ LLC said...

If you look at how the new state budget doesn't contain ethics reform or budget oversight, it's the same shit Mario's son pulled at HUD to get loans and funding approved.

Why the corporate news media did not immediately bring up Wayne Barret's article when this shallow budget was approved is another travesty.

Another thing that's stupid about this bridge, why is it lower?

Anonymous said...

Surprise to all. I have heard no news on this and listen to traffic reports all the time. Guess the rest of NY will be surprised as well.

Anonymous said...

Ugliest nasty new albatross in New York and that traffic will move exactly the same.
Between this shit, the billboards, the new LIC obelisks popping up every month the once beautiful iconic panoramic view from parts of Ridgewood & Maspeth I enjoyed every morning for 55+ years has been turned to shit.
It literally makes me angry & sick to the point of nausea and high blood pressure.

The traffic problem is caused by to many commercial trucks & cars because Brooklyn & Queens has been overpopulated. Was nothing wrong with the old bridge a proper road paving and paint couldn't fix. Do we take down the Brooklyn bridge or Iconic Municipal building next ?
This nasty ugly albatross should be named Gargoyle bridge.