Friday, April 28, 2017

Kosciuszko Bridge: Out with the old, in with the new

From CBS 2:

The first span of the new Kosciuszko Bridge connecting Brooklyn and Queens is open to traffic.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo marked the opening of the first span Thursday night with a dazzling LED light show synchronized to music.

The governor gave the audience a quick lesson on the correct pronunciation of the bridge’s name, that has long been a tongue twister and a headache for New Yorkers because of its constant traffic backups.

“I spent my childhood going back and forth across the bridge with my family,” Cuomo said. “The first time I heard my father use expletives was on this bridge.”

The new bridge is the first of two spans replacing the old, 78-year-old bridge connecting Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Maspeth, Queens. Traffic will go in both directions until the construction of the second span is complete, expected to be early 2020.


Anonymous said...

Alas, I can do Mario's son,'Gargoyle Andy' one better, as I use expletives DAILY (and sometimes by the minute!), directed at BOTH of these criminal, Albany destroying SCOURGES, sociopaths and grade A sewer rats——and, I don't even have to necessarily be crossing the Kosciuszko Bridge in order to curse them out to eternal damnation!

JQ LLC said...

Mario's son riding that jalopy reminds me of the film rain man, when Charlie let his mentally ill brother drive around the lot in Las Vegas

He still can't pronounce the name right too. (I can't either at times, but I'm not the oblivious governor)

When people were asked about this ballyhooed event and the bridge by Mocker on PIX, everyone looked skeptical and didn't give a shit.