Sunday, April 2, 2017

NYPD/DOT ticket trap snags unsuspecting motorists

From New York Shitty:

See the highlighted area above? The one which seems to be demarcated as a legally permissible parking space if one consults the lines drawn on the street? Well, it is most decidedly not legal and has become quite the revenue mill for our traffic enforcement officials. I have seen (and in one case, photographed) “meter maids” loitering nearby— in one case, for nearly twenty minutes— waiting for someone to park in this space so he or she can issue the motorist a ticket.

Before I proceed I would like to make it known why this space is illegal. Some time ago there was work conducted on the street proper. It was by Con Ed, I believe. This required moving the bus stop for the B43 and B62 approximately fifteen feet to the north (or, referencing the above photo, to the right). Given buses need a wide berth of passage this change is quite understandable and indeed necessary. The question still arises as to why the lines on the street were not changed, but we’ll table that matter.

It has been moved to the next block. So of course now the question arises as to why this parking space is still illegal. I will leave this for the “authorities” to answer.
What I can tell you— because I have seen it with my own eyes and filmed it— is “traffic” has stepped up their game regarding the enforcement of this illegal parking space. They are no longer simply issuing tickets. They have started towing the vehicles outright. And, as of this morning, they are breaking into said misplaced vehicles if need be in order to tow them. Don’t take my word for it, watch for yourself. Seeing is truly believing.



Roger said...

Well, at least they released the parking brake. I saw them tow multiple cars from one side of my street after putting up No Parking signs just the day before. One car had its brake on, and they just dragged it away, rear tires squealing down the street. I don't know how far they expected to get before those tires wore all the way through. Either way, the owner had an expensive repair (plus impound fees).

I don't own a car either, and I don't see how anyone does it in NYC.

JQ LLC said...

Choice soundtrack for the clip Miss H. Breaking the law...with impunity.

Even though it was a bald faced lie that De Faustio kept spewing, it would not have been a big loss if Figurehead Trump's budget cuts affected the ticket blitzing revenue glomming and entrapment tactics of da mayor's Vision Tunnel program.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile people who double park and cause legitimate traffic problems are never ticketed.

Anonymous said...

How the fuck is this allowed??

It's hard to read the sign in the photo, but it doesn't seem to say that you can't park beyond the sign, much less that it's a tow-away zone.

This is the sort of bullshit that makes living in the city intolerable. Which is probably the mayor's intention.

faster340 said...

It'$ not about enforcement. It'$ about revenue plain and $imple.