Wednesday, April 19, 2017

DeBlasio's bedfellows

From Patch:

A building planned for a controversial conversion into a Crown Heights homeless shelter was used in a scheme to defraud investors out of more than $20 million, according to a lawsuit.

The building at 1173 Bergen St. has been earmarked by Mayor Bill de Blasio to shelter 104 homeless seniors.

In the suit filed in federal court by a group of investors, owners Chaskiel Strulovitch and Yechiel Oberlander of CSN Partners are accused of promising big payouts to backers who funded real estate buys across Brooklyn, including the Bergen Street property.

But instead, they used the funds to develop other properties for their "personal enrichment," the suit claims.

The proposed homeless shelter is already the focus of a separate court fight involving a group of neighbors who want to block the city's plans for the shelter. They will be back in court on Wednesday and have submitted the federal lawsuit as an exhibit aimed at highlighting what they say are shady deals.

Exhibit B Scholenberg v. Strulovitch, by Marc Torrence on Scribd


JQ LLC said...

Scandal, pure scandal.

Here is confirmation of the nexus of gentrification and homelessness, and the scumbag lowlife predators plundering from it with aid from the stupid fucking idiot elected to run the city under the fraudulent guise of ending economic inequity and disparity and unfairness.

Let's hope this picks up legs and ends the reign of these neoliberal pirates.

Hats off to Crown Heights and Maspeth from a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Just a little in-house fighting among just one of the many participants in the Homeless Industry Complex. Let them fight over the money but the only losers are the NYC taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Saddest part is that 45% of the adults living in the shelter are employed Nd they still can't afford housing