Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Brooklyn residents want stable saved

From CBS 2:

Kensington Stables has been around since 1930. It currently has 32 horses, most of which are available to the general public.

But the stables might not make it. The owner declared bankruptcy in February and put it up for auction.

That’s when city leaders stepped in, helping to call off the bankruptcy sale.

“I used this location years ago, and we would like to allocate our capital resources to help,” Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said. “And we did that. We switched over $500,000 from the previous administration, gave it to the Department of Parks.”

City Councilman Brad Lander also reallocated more than $1 million for toward the city buying the stables. Others have also chipped in, trying to come close to the $2 million price tag.

Adams said he’s aware there are private buyers interested and had a message for them.

“The problem becomes when you want to take away the stable and build expensive condominiums,” he said.


Obviously, this is not located in Queens or the electeds would not only laugh at the notion of saving it but would work with whoever is eyeing it to make sure it gets destroyed - probably for a fake affordable housing project.


JQ LLC said...

Eric Adams is another duplicitous prick, media whore and and oblivious hypocrite. And like our own Melinda and the asshole that preceded him, Markowitz, he is nothing but a glorified Matrie D than a official elected to serve the public.

He calls for preservation as one of those hideous condo growths are right across the street from the stable. Where was the condemnation of hyper-development when the permits were issued to that ugly ass apartment building.

Crappy makes a great point yet again about preference for preservation via tax dollars when it comes to goddamn Brooklyn, more brand than borough. I suggest for that stable owner to move his horses to Long Island.

I wonder if that stable by Lindenwood is still there.

Spare us your feigned concern, BP Adams. You're too late.

Anonymous said...

Adams,founder and president of "100 blacks in law enforcement that care" about doing nothing in law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Knock them for as much as you want. Queens has a lot to learn from Brooklyn.

We could be so lucky.