Saturday, April 8, 2017

Ex-assembly member charged for pill mill participation

From CBS 2:

More than a dozen people have been arrested and charged in a prescription drug ring in Brooklyn, and a doctor is the alleged ringleader.

As CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported, nurses and even a former New York state assemblyman were also caught up in the bust, dubbed “Operation Avalanche.”

Allegedly, the multimillion-dollar scheme involved thousands of medically unnecessary prescriptions, and shady patient tests and treatments to defrauded Medicare and Medicaid.

Also charged is former Coney Island, Brooklyn Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny, 59. He is in Israel and has not surrendered.

Investigators said he allegedly directed a lab he is now affiliated with to alter drug test results.


Anonymous said...

The Russian mob has many new ways to scam the system, a least the old Mafia didn't make their money off of tax dollars. Tha authorities should next look into the ambulance chasing lawyers who direct their clients to these fugazzy doctors and clinics.

ron s said...

Having many years in the health field, I can tell you that there is an easy way to spot both medical opioid prescription abuse and medical (Medicaid) billing abuse. Both schemes ridiculously abuse the system- not sort of, not subtly. They prescribe tens of thousands of opioids a day, or bill for one doctor seeing 1000 patients a day, etc. A monitoring system that detects any medical group that prescribes ten time the average opiates or sees ten times the normal patient visit rate will spot the abuse immediately. These criminals don't have any limits to their greed, and therefore don't even try to hide the fraud. The schemes are so far beyond any believable level of normal work that the State could find them within 5 minutes if they looked.

JQ LLC said...

I like how that pile of shit assemblyman quit elected office to run this scheme and was trying to steer funds to this particular addiction program, that alone should have been a red flag. This may have been one of the most cynical mendacious, and obviously amateurishly stupid crime sprees ever committed by a current or former official.

It's like he thought he and his sleazy cohorts would have never got caught because they were doing "health care" in poor towns like clinton hill and midwood. I can imagine what the clientele was like. They probably had a lot of visitors from staten island too.

This bastard better not get off light, he's practically a fugitive since he fled to Israel, he must have known the heat was on him. He possibly could have snitched on his partners. If convicted, the assemblyprick is going to get his ass kicked and penetrated.

And remember this, there is nothing in the new state budget regarding ethics reform and punitive measures for rogue officials.