Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Illegal aliens will get ID cards *with discounts*

From Crains:

New York City is poised to approve the creation of municipal identification cards that would allow immigrants living in the country illegally to access key city services they were previously unable to obtain.

The City Council will vote Thursday to create the New York City Identity Card, Democratic Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito told the Associated Press on Monday. The card will be available to New Yorkers who can prove their identity and residence in the city's five boroughs.

The mayor, a longtime ally of Ms. Mark-Viverito, set aside more than $8 million in his executive budget for the creation of the program.

The card will also offer yet-to-be-determined incentives to encourage immigrants who have legal residency status to obtain them, Ms. Mark-Viverito's spokesman said. Advocates say they believe benefits, such as perhaps restaurant or museum discounts, will popularize the ID card and prevent a stigma from emerging around it.


georgetheatheist said...

Issue cards? Are they nuts?

Throw the bums out.

Get them the hell out of my country.

Anonymous said...

First we have to pay for their anchors and now we will have to pay for the whole illegal family! This gets better by the day! I have wrote long angry letters to schemer and Cuomo And of course all I get are generic answers back from their offices! Ny state debt is 300 billion dollars and counting! Soon we will see that debt double if we now have to pay for every single damn illegal!

Anonymous said...

Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder !

Anonymous said...

So how is this different in trustworthiness or usefulness from a library card?

Anonymous said...

How do they prove they are residents of NYC if they are illegal? Go after their landlords and employers for harboring these illegals.

Anonymous said...

This card is planned to be issued without verifiable documentation and whatever is presented will not be copied as a record by the city.

This card has all the authority of an expired supermarket discount shopping card.

It will have a stigma and it should have a stigma.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's come to this. I just emailed my City Council Rep. I hope others do the same.

Anonymous said...

....and will eventually allow voter participation in city watch.

Anonymous said...

As soon as these cards become city law the black market in them will begin.
Will the state and the feds have to recognize them for things like drivers licenses and food stamps?

This is the first step toward allowing non-citizens to vote in municipal elections and then all elections.

How about the citizens on NYC organize like the illegals do and start a "tax strike".
Stop paying property tax. When possible buy products outside the city limits. Resist all city fees and charges on cable TV, internet, utility bills, etc.

Let the one party system that rules in NYC know that we are fed up with their unilateral dictates for the illegals who do not belong here.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers need to make their vote be heard-by picking up and getting the hell out of NY. When nobody's left to pay for all this madness THEN the pols will finally get it.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the Mayor listening to the people? Illegals are not wanted. Where does he get his information from.

NYC is overcrowded and filthy. We need to reduce the population - especially in Queens!

Instead of benefits - offer them $5000 to leave - take fingerprints on their way out.

Anonymous said...

Stigma? STIGMA!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till i can leave this city.

Its a shame. I've had family in NYC since it was mostly farmland.

I just cant take this anymore. And what is worse is, i'm being asked to pay for all of this.

I'm already looking at homes and job prospects down south. They may be uneducated rednecks, but at this point, i'll take it.

Anonymous said...

Why do they need museum discounts?

Most of the publicly funded museums are "suggested donations" anyway. You can walk right in for free if you arent able to pay.

Anonymous said...

Hey, no problem guys!

Your councilman can stop this.

Albany I am certain has some oversight, so there is another level.

Of course, Queens Czar Virginia Joe is known to be a leader in immigration legislation - well hell, when the government shut down over the budget last fall and your checks were suspended he was on Capital Hill .... getting arrested in a pro-immigration rally. Oct 8, 2013.

Anonymous said...

Well that is pretty clear - like getting pushed out of your community because of overdevelopment, you can credit the Queens Democratic Organization with another accomplishment - opening the gates to a flood of immigrants.

Go ahead. Show them your appreciation.

Reelect them. All of them.

Show them your backbone and intelligence Queens.

Go ahead.

Joe Moretti said...


Anonymous said...

It's obvious: with City IDs and State ID's, the next step is to allow illegal aliens (or as they call them "undocumented immigrants") to vote...for that communist Working Families Party.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's actually a sting operation. Show up to get your card and we deport you.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the Mayor listening to the people?


Can you name any elected official that does? Any why should they?

Jimmy No Brainer is one of the biggest supporters of this regime. Look how he seems to worm his way into every group picture.

Anyone taking him to task? Hell no!

Its amazing how he supports this while at the same time doing his best to make Hunters Point non-ethnic!

Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace...politicians should be ashamed of themselves!!

Mike Francesa said...

How much is being spent on this program? Why not come up with a program to help actual citizens who are homeless or starving instead of people whose first act in this country was the break the law.

The pilgrims took advantage of Squanto's kindness and the Native Americans are now related to live on reservations. The illegals are now living off the fat of good Americans. Soon the illegals will take over and build a nation of squalor leaving the Americans to live in the few areas that aren't complete dumps.

Ned said...

The big picture is much worse then people can imagine.

This bullshit is part of a master plan to create a new underclass of people who can be re-educated in order to create a subservient underclass.
A clear “plan to destroy national sovereignty” through mass uncontrolled illegal immigration.
Follow the the direction of the domino's being set up !! Dumping tsunami of illegal immigrants into education system is part of a deliberate plot, “to exclude the American middle class from a UC education and create a new demographic of largely immigrant or foreign national undergraduate population totally dependant on the government that can be re-educated from the ground up and controlled much more readily.

Anonymous said...

We should tell them that they are going to get free identification cards, and the when they show up have INS load them onto a bus and send them back.

We are at the point where an illegal has more rights and benefits than a US citizen.

georgetheatheist said...

"I just cant take this anymore. And what is worse is, i'm being asked to pay for all of this.

I'm already looking at homes and job prospects down south. They may be uneducated rednecks, but at this point, i'll take it.


A known fact that many black Queens preachers (such as Rev Floyd Flake) are rueing the fact that they are losing many black congregants from their churches. Why? Because a larger and larger number are packing up and heading South.

Greg said...

Maybe the Mayor can rent out his Park Slope home to a nice "undocumented" immigrant family.

At below market rent of course. The Mayor should lead by example.

Anonymous said...

And you think these ignorant illiterates, who can't keep their hands off each other for a minute, are interested in cultural events, so we have to subsidize their museum visiting? The only "culture" they are interested in is their latest lab tests for the diseases they are bringing in. And who gives a crap about the "stigma" they supposedly are experiencing? Then don't illegally invade my country! The libtards are giving our country and our money away to these oozing slimewads as fast as they can. Look at France, held at bay by the Mooslimes they allowed in to decimate their country. Ditto England. We are only a few steps behind, thanks to the libtards and their bandleader Obumma.

Queensryche said...

According to Fox News online: "Critics of the card say they believe it will permit benefits, which in some cases cost government funds, to people who should not be living in the United States."


I believe the world is flat. Guess I'm not required to come up with any evidence to back up the claim.

Meanwhile a NY Times piece says: "The bill as written calls for strong documentation like passports, foreign consular IDs and birth certificates, and for various ways of proving New York City residency... Immigrants, meanwhile, have justifiable worries about turning over information to the government, or carrying a card that marks them, as surely as a scarlet “A,” of being in the country illegally. "


The Fox report also says these cards have already been approved in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New Haven. If they've been implemented I'd like to see some evidence of how it's worked out before we declare the end of western civilization!

Anonymous said...

Dont worry about immigrants, things always go in cycles.

When the Anarchists started shooting at the elite like Henry Clay Frick they barred the door.

When I see ISIS and what they have in store for us my blood runs cold.

Anonymous said...

Aww, too bad I'm a day behind you all — I just wanted to thank all of you Obamabots and libtards out there for your efforts to destroy the United States. You're doing a great job:
• these stupid cards
• the related refugee crisis on the southern border
• turning a hard-won victory and stability in Iraq into a crisis by cutting and running
• using the IRS as a political tool to thwart your opponents in a scandal that dwarfs Watergate
• and all the other crap I can't even think of at the moment.

Poster 3 is right. All liberals suck. Go back to watching the stupid World Cup and stop thinking of new ways to decimate this country.

Joe said...

""Maybe it's actually a sting operation. Show up to get your card and we deport you"
One could only wish !
They will likely get envelopes of cash and vouchers. This is worse the Johnson and Mayor Lindsay "Come and Get It" In the 60's ...To add these people are very unhealthy and always pregnant. Hospitals are going to be flooded...DONT GET SICK !!!

Anonymous said...

Peter King and Ed Mangano are having fit's. The government is gonna ship 1000s (many of these kids are now pregnant) to the shuttered Bethpage Grumman factory and hangers.

Anonymous said...

Close but not quite on the mark. It's not "the end of Western Civilization". That comes when Europe surrenders to Islam.

Rather it is the end of the United States of America as a nation that loves liberty more than life itself.

The immigration is less motivated by the the opportunity for personal achievement, but the opportunity for non-Americans to live as parasites on the work of Americans. It is not sustainable. It is contempt for American ideals.

Recommend reading: How Civilizations Die

Anonymous said...

Landlords are screwed.
With this new card these illegals can demand you (or some real estate agent)rent to them and have a right to sue you for discrimination if you refuse!!
Worse then that nobody knows who these people really are since the cards are an "honesty system" no fingerprints, verification NOTHING !!
No doubt voting rights and driving privileges will be next! Take note these people make alcohol abusers in eastern Russia ghettos look like alter boys.

Anonymous said...

these progressives are really robbing the citizens plain site.

R. REAGAN warned us about OUT OF CONTROL government being the problem,BUT THE PARASITES WOULD NOT HEED.

Mike Francesa said...

Hopefully the feds can send ICE in, force them to collect and save the information and the federal government can arrest these illegals. They can go back to their countries or have to work. The majority of them will go home.

Anonymous said...

Break the law and be rewarded.

God help this country, PLEASE!

Anonymous said...


Ned said...

Yep, However this president would have no problem flushing the "Posse Comitatus laws" straight down the toilet and using the military on its own citizens.
Question is: Would the chain of command, men and women of our military obey those orders ?