Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dept of Homeless Services lied about Pan Am Hotel plans

This in from COMET:

It has come to our attention that Samaritan Village made a proposal to place about 200 homeless in the Pan Am Hotel, Queens Boulevard at Hillyer Street. Some are children who will be attending our already overcrowded schools. This plan is supported by the Mayor and the Comptroller. 36 families have already been placed there. Please see Councilman Daniel Dromm's comment below.

This hotel is a block or two from Woodside and a stone's throw from Maspeth via 51st Avenue.

We are planning to stage a protest rally next week on Tuesday, June 17th, beginning at 6:00 pm outside the hotel RAIN OR SHINE. It is imperative that EVERYONE attend to let our voices be heard. Please tell your neighbors they need to get involved!!!

Statement from Councilman Daniel Dromm

“I am deeply concerned that the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) plans to use the old Pan Am Hotel on Queens Boulevard as a homeless shelter,” said NYC Council Member Daniel Dromm. “Elmhurst has already had to bear a huge burden of services for the less fortunate. One block away is the Metro Motel, another homeless shelter. I am upset that I was only informed that 36 homeless families would be given shelter at the Pan Am hotel as it was actually happening at around 4:45 PM last Friday night. My office and our community were given no advance notice. The hotel has 216 rooms. I believe it is bad policy to bring that many needy people into one place. While I recognize and support the need to house our homeless, I believe that this number is way too large. While DHS has promised my office added security and additional social services at the site, I still believe Elmhurst is overburdened.”

This is quite interesting considering that a DHS representative had the following to say at a May 22nd hearing about the proposed Glendale homeless shelter:

The DHS was asked why it rejected a plan to create a homeless shelter at the Pan American Hotel, which closed earlier this year and later reopened as a hostel. Black stated the DHS did not believe the hotel was suitable since it didn’t “have kitchens and bathrooms,” a statement loudly jeered by residents. - Times Newsweekly

Some residents brought up a proposal earlier this year to turn the closed Pan American Hotel at 79-99 Queens Blvd. in Elmhurst, which has since reopened, into a shelter.

Black confirmed the proposal was denied by DHS, citing the lack of a kitchen and a bathroom in each unit. Residents didn’t take too kindly to Black’s reasoning as some booed and shouted about the relative simplicity of renovating the hotel as opposed to the Glendale site.
- Queens Chronicle

The current website is down, but these photos were on it previously:

So the owner of this place put a lot of money into upgrading it and promoting it, but is putting a homeless shelter there?

Furthermore, this proposal is supported by both Bill DeBlasio and Scott Stringer, who was mentioned on this very page yesterday as having gotten campaign contributions from Samaritan Village.


Anonymous said...

This does not look like a homeless shelter. If it is, then it will likely be trashed in a matter of months.

Anonymous said...

Danny Dromm goes NIMBY on the homeless. What a piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2:

And if Dromm supported this, or took no opinion, you and others here would be saying what?

Anonymous said...

Translation: someone did not make a campaign donation to Danny.

Take a page from the book of the western Queens politicians:

1. Remember - if you want to do anything in a community, no matter how harmful it is, make that donation to the election campaign.

2. The locals will shut up after scattered ineffectual comments that will be ignored.

Middle Villager said...

Samaritan Village is being run by former city bureaucrats who made the City plans for the homeless and public housing, they have now jumped ship and are cashing in on those plans. They know the right politicians to pay off (or make contributions to), and then run a very profitable non-for-profit. These guys have been appointed to dozens of city and state positions by the Mayor and Governor. This whole setup stinks and the only ones who can't smell it are the politicians who line their pockets. NYC welcome back to the Boss Tweed days.

Joe said...

Don’t tell Obama!
That bastard is currently holding 80,000 sexually active teenagers and pregnant females (with over 1 million on the way) flooding across the border.
The military bases and shelters currently holding in Texas and Arizona are over capacity and being readied to re-distribute across the nation to cities like New York. INS and ICE have been ordered to "stand down" .
You can bet DiBlasio and the NY Democrats will be the first to hold the door open with welcome arms. --Chicken Pox, Staph, Scabies, MRSA other nasty diseases included. This could be the final nail in the coffin.



Joe Moretti said...

What is this continuous action of turning hotels into homeless shelters. This was not the intent of building such a place to begin with and it is unfair to neighborhoods to just convert them into one.

Where are the communities boards, where are the councilman for these areas?

Not too mention that is has some of the ugliest sloppy looking people in NYC. Half look like inbreeds.

Add this to another poor quality of life issue in the outer boroughs of NYC, especially Queens where no one seems to give a shit that this borough is the laughing stock of NYC and pretty much a third world ghetto dump.

Anonymous said...

Of course they lied. That's what they do. 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Find an empty store front and open up a convenience store.
Get the Lottery machines, the beer coolers, chips, two-liter sodas, pizza oven, chicken fryer and cheap cold cuts.

Retire in about four years.

Anonymous said...

Anon #3 - I'd say he was his typical crackpot liberal self. Crazy and stupid, but not a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Wow yesterday this article in Queens Crap about Elmhurst and now this news!!!
Elmhurst hasn't seen or hit the bottom just yet but now with a homeless shelter expect more overcrowding in schools, traffic, transportation and everything else. Very sad the community wasn't informed about this. Elmhurst has a lot of problems as a community that has just piled up and this will just make matters worse. I do feel bad for these families but I don't think this location and building was thought out correctly.

Anonymous said...

The MO behind building so many excessive hotels in Queens is to eventually sell them to the city as homeless shelters. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure this out..

Anonymous said...

Crapper is right on the money--this Samaritan organization is at the root of all this this nonsense. Time to shine a light on their exploits in Queens--the whole thing is clearly a bogus front for spoils and patronage.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what do you expect? It's Queens -- the dumping ground for all the crap. IS 5 is just a few blocks away. Parents wont be happy with a shelter so close by. Voters need to wise up. We keep re-electing the same crap over and over and they continue to screw their constituents. You get the government you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Throw all the bums out now !
Queens needs a Tea Party.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The fact is Homeless services pays a lot more per room than any tourist would for a room on Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst. And you know there will never be a single day's vacancy.

No doubt the owners were aware of this when they closed the place earlier this year and this was probably the plan all along.

Joe Moretti said...

ANON stated: Throw all the bums out now !
Queens needs a Tea Party.

NO, we do not need a tea party. We need intelligent and well read people to just finally stand up and say enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Amen Joe. You don't reply to corruption and scandal with a kooky right-wing circus act.

Anonymous said...

.stop wasting your comments on the social engineering progressive "IMMIGRATION REFORM"and begin barraging the phone lines of your federal reps.

SENATE 202-224-3121,schumer..gillibrand
House of reps:202-2253121, meng

FREE SGT." T " decorated marine
from the Mexican jail immediately.

send the S.America border invaders in Tex.and Ariz. back to their home nations on a school bus

you know their final destination is QUEENS CNTY.

Bubba Biden said...

Back to their home nations on a school bus ?
But our imperial king Obama say's the future of America depends on open borders and all these poor impoverished mega-breeders and gang members coming, no ?
--And yes you can bet Queens is the first or second stop after they all get free health care, dental & quarantine

Anonymous said...

It’s going to get real grave. It appears military bases and equipment are stealthily being used to redistribute, house, process, treat and release illegal border crossovers into city’s !
It apparently already happened in Ma. and could be going on right now in NY under our noses.
Expect hordes gang members and kids being registered in schools come September. I'm sure DeBlasio will be waving a big "COME AND GET IT" flag with local taxes to SOAR to pay for it all.
No way the NYCPD can deal with it. Forget TV news (who all been zipped & quiet) outlets. Perhaps they are all scared of the government, FCC, local "mayors office" licenses & permits they need to operate.
Queens is in for the biggest screwing in history.


Unknown said...

Organize now before its too late! Let your voices be heard
the Pam Am hotel (79-00 Queens Blvd) is starting to housing the homeless. Likely it will be housing a men shelter as there are just rooms there. It will house ex-cons, addicts, registered sex offenders, violent criminals, pedophiles, and god knows who....
"Thanks" to Dept of Homeless Services the Community Elmhurst has not been notified.

Please stop this before it is too late!! Make your voice heard!!! Tell the DeBlasio Admin and your elected officials, you will not stand for this!!!
Speak to your neighbors!! Organize and do whatever you can to keep this nice neighborhood clean and crime free!!!

Anonymous said...

The rally needs more Media attention and awareness! Come on Queens let's do this!

Anonymous said...

to:Joe M: I consider myself a Tax Enough Already Patriot . I attende three gatherings in the past. I was not asked for dues or gave any.i am not a member of a tea party.

I do insure that my relatives know what patriots stand for. FREEDOM/Liberty and a hands off progressive nyc,nys & U.S. Government.

patriots are not kooky .were the signers of the Declaration of the Independence kooky?

those who ridicule patriotism are
operatives of Saul Alinsky.Rules for Radicals.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. Newly appointed mayor wants to gain popularity and future votes by hopping on all the hot topic of this city, be it education or economic disparity, without ever considering the consequences that it would do to the respective communities. For whatever reason, those that end up in a homeless shelter will always be deemed as a negative part of society; they cannot participate in that society, therefore are counterproductive. Sure there are those that suffered through a series of unfortunate events, and is deserving of pity. But majority of others are there because of their own wrongdoing. Like others mentioned, many are drug addicts, ex-convicts, etc. As a local resident, Pan America is located in close proximity to numerous schools, banks, and supermarkets. Have your politicians ever considered the amount of resources, and the burden that would be placed on taxpayer to finance a program to shelter and control such a rowdy group? Most definitely not. How much of our hard earned money go towards helping the hopeless? Why would honest hardworking Americans trying to achieve the American Dream be forced to co-exist with those that gave up? These politicians and pseudo leaders should seriously consider if getting re-elective is worth destroying the city's future. Detroit already walked down the path which we are on. If our leaders are so nearsighted and cannot see such visible truth, then truly, May God Help Us. (And I'm an atheist).

Unknown said...

I grew up not so far from here. My mom still lives here in Elmhurst. I have seen the changes in the neighborhood. 40 years we have been here in Elmhurst. Early in the morning you have people sleeping on the benches. I know some people that work in the mall. They mention theirs people sleeping on the couches in the mall. Plus robbery has rised. Cell phone and wallets has been stolen in the mall. My friend that works in starbucks said randomly people come asking for water, ice. Plus they had random people stealing their pastries. People say aww their homeless. I'm worried about the drug addicts, acholics, mentally ill and desperate people who are looking for money. If this robbery continues their goes the property value. Robbery is starting now what the hell is going to happen during the holidays.