Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why is this condition allowed to continue?

"Ms. Boranian, as per our conversation on Monday, (6/16/14). 1 informed you that two boxes were strewn at James Fobbs' property. Furthermore, I told you that it is only a matter of time for a another mountain of garbage to emerge.

Rightfully so, and I do not have to be an expert detective. It is simple common sense. Your office, the borough president/ Melinda Katz has given the the two-legged animals ample rights. Your office makes no attempt to deter them from terrorizing the community.

Yet, the community is letting the B/P know that every time this despicable episode occurs her office is responsible.

In the last episode, the B/P office was provided with overwhelming evidence. (The abundance of food from the near-by deli). Nonetheless, the B/P took no action or none that was effective. So, without consequences the quality of life terrorists act with confidence; to the perils of residents, that is.

Ms. Boranian you are the constituents liaison at the B/P office; where the B/P is Melinda Katz.

Ms. Boranian, please start the process and have this atrocity removed. Team P/J will keep you posted on the next episode, as garbage becomes available. As soon as the B/P finds a solution, the complaints will stop.

Leroy Comrie, where are you? This plague is more that a decade old.

Photos were taken 6/16/14.
Address: 107-58 164 street, Jamaica.

Tweet, tweet." - Pamela Hazel


Anonymous said...

Welcome to NYC.... where you pay 200k-above to live in a house in a neighborhood that looks like this!

JQ said...

where's sanford and son when you need them?

Anonymous said...

Melinda Katz

Fulfilling the Promise of Jamaica!

June 24, 2014

York College

8 AM to Noon

Reps from EDC, Housing, Transportation, Greater Jamaica Development, etc.

So you see, help is on the way!

Joe Moretti said...

I am not sure where Sanford and Son are, but Aunt Esther has been seen roaming Jamaica since her recent release from prison.

This whole garbage thing in Jamaica is just so out of control and the elected officials obviously do not give a shit, I mean this location has been a problem for years.