Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Illegal clothing boxes are out-of-control

From Cleanup Jamaica Queens:

It is just one quality of life issue after another here in our community and we certainly do not need another one, like the recent “Attack of the Clothing Bins”. It seems that recently so many of the color of the rainbow clothing bins are appearing on sidewalk all over Jamaica, residential sidewalks, in LIRR Tunnel, in front of vacant lots, so many places that don’t even seem to make sense to begin with.

Besides these ugly bins being major eyesores, they are being placed illegally on our sidewalks, they end up having graffiti and posters all over them and garbage gets dumped on the sides of them. The biggest issue, none of the clothing in these bins are going to charity. The majority of them are being resold. So not only is this a major scam, but our communities are becoming yet another example of people sh*tting all over us because they know they can get away with it.


Anonymous said...

None of it goes to charity anyway. In New York these "charity's" are allowed to sell and keep 95% of the take and pay themselves administrative costs. (sometimes 7 or more digits) Its always been a big scam

Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace. You would think the stores around there would at least try to clean up some of the mess. Would you run a business with this crap sitting feet from your front door? Call 311 DSNY will have the whole eyesore removed.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the Jamaica BID hire a hauler to remove them?


Joe Moretti said...

Jamaica BID only covers Jamaica Ave between 150th and 169th. These bins are not in that area.

BTW, both these bins have been removed since.

The bigger question: why is NYC allowing these to be placed. It is not like one person can just quickly put one on the sidewalk. It takes time, a big huge truck is needed with certain equipment and probably at least two guys and it takes time. This is going on right under their noses and they are not doing anything.

The 103rd precinct is looking into the legality aspect of actually removing them immediately as opposed to waiting over 30 days for DOS to do it.

This is just not a Jamaica issue, this is taking place all over including Park Slope in Brooklyn.

Amazing how much shit this city allows to happen.

Anonymous said...

Within the past week three of these bins have popped up on Atlantic Avenue between Woodhaven & Lefferts Blvds. No doubt more will follow.

Anonymous said...

"attack of the clothing bins" nearly as ubiquitous as "attack of the "cash for cars" posters.

Anonymous said...

File a complaint here:

to have DSNY remove the bins.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's really amazing how well coordinated this illegal activity of putting charitable-looking-but-not-actually-for-charity boxes everywhere. One might say this criminal activity is... organized.

The latest ones are pink and say something like "Your Neighborhood Recycling" or something and they are going up quick.

In just the last two weeks while driving around Queens I have seen new boxes appear at multiple locations in Sunnyside, Maspeth, Bushwick, Ridgewood, Glendale and Elmhurst.

And the city won't be able to get rid of them for 30 days?!!!!!!!!

They couldn't possibly keep up with removing them. That means these things will be here forever.

And gimme a frickin' break! Why the hell should our tax dollars be spent on removing these things when they could go out and prosecute the companies putting them there in they first place?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe in Richmond Hill said...

Recycle the recylining bins.
Why do the property owners whose property this is on put up with it. If some one put one on the side walk in front of my house or store or in my parking lot as is the case shown.....I would call a scrap metal company to pick it up and cash in on value of the metal. Theres it is. Problem solved.
Or is it? Comment as you see fit,or not.

Joe in Richmond Hill said...

Question. If I have a truck and crew would it be against the law for me to get permission of the property owner, say Autozone in this case, to remove the bin on their property. If someone abandon, dumped something on their propery is it leagally theirs to give away or sell. I think it is. Although I wonder how their trash carting company would feel about this....maybe the trash carting companies could make some extra cash by removing the bins at no charge to the stores and selling the bins for scrap....or back to the dumpers, whoever pays more.