Friday, June 20, 2014

Mom-and-pops shown the door

From the Queens Chronicle:

The last remaining small stores along the Kissena Curve will be gone soon, replaced by an expanded kosher supermarket, likely reducing foot traffic on the street.

Aron’s Kissena Farms market has a Kissena Boulevard address, 72-15, but like the two megastores on the block, the recently opened Micro Center, an electronics firm, and National Wholesale Liquidators, the entrances are from the rear parking lot only.

The shopping area is between 71st and 72nd avenues. And even now there are few pedestrians walking along the east side of the street.
Merchants say the development’s owner has refused to give new leases to two well-established stores and they will be closing soon. Jasmine Health Foods at 72-09 Kissena Blvd. is winding up its business in a few days. Cards and Gifts at 72-05 Kissena Blvd. will finish within the month.

The owner of the health food store did not want his name used, but said, “They are forcing us out after 20 years. Is that fair?”


Anonymous said...

good. that area of kissena blvd needs to be bulldozed ASAP. Pomonock ruined that area years ago. what could have been a great strip for stores and other venues will never happen. who wants to build a business next to a ghetto?

Anonymous said...

The local electeds should demand that stores on Kissena Curve have two entrances- one on the parking lot and one on the street.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 1:

Those stores are quite a way from Pomonok (spelled correctly). And one thing has nothing to do with the other. It's probably the property owner that wants to build a big box store or a condo.

Anonymous said...

In the 70's and 80's, when visiting home from College or later from other parts of the East Coast where I was living I always made a point to go to the kosher deli (then called "Host") and get some kosher franks with kraut and a Dr. Brown's soda and those awesome french fries... Sad what has happened to my old home town.

Joe said...

Its s shame !
My aunt had a candy store on Melrose street. In the good old days if you were a mom and pop and a landlord started being an asshole you went to the "corner man" on Troutman street.
The problem would be "fixed" in days for a small fee you could pay off or sell these sweepstakes tickets. The fix almost instant, far cheaper and effective then dealing with some lawyer and democrat judge.

I remember as a kid (1967 perhaps)some businessman from Long Island bought a building on George street then tried to throw everybody out to make it all section 8. These big guys beat the hell out of him, carried him outside and left him sprawled on the hood of his Cadillac as an example.
That's how they did things back then. The shoplifters, slumlords, muggers, robbers hot-rodders driving to fast. Got the same perhaps WORSE.