Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jamaica High School graduates its last class

From DNA Info:

Jamaica High School, which has been a fixture in the neighborhood for more than a century, closed for good earlier this week, the Department of Education said.

Despite initial protests, the school closed four years after it was slated to be phased because it was one of several of the poorest-performing schools that the previous administration targeted for closing.

A document discussing the possible closure of the school, issued by then Chancellor Joel Klein in 2010, stated that "the New York City Department of Education (DOE) is proposing to phase-out Jamaica High School based on its poor performance and the DOE’s assessment that the school lacks the capacity to turn around quickly to better support student needs."

The document also said that "the Progress Report results for Jamaica High School put the school in the bottom 7% of all high schools that received a 2009-2010 Progress Report" and that the school's graduation rates remained around or below 50 percent for more than a decade.

No new students were admitted to the school since 2011, but those who were already enrolled were allowed to stay until they graduated.

According to the school's website, only 35 students were enrolled in the school during its last year.


Mike Francesa said...

We need that school for the influx of illegals or is it not good enough for them and a state of the art facility will have to be built and busing provided with tax dollars from legal residents?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful building, with the Ionic columns supporting a classical pediment.

And so the legacy vestige of the failed Joel Klein continues, "closing" schools only to play a shell game with teachers and principals in the belief that the nanny city can fix the cultural problems of Jamaica by reshuffling everyone.

Anonymous said...

In 1956, I had to go to Summer school there. Shame, a nice building like Andrew Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage graduated from Jamaica HS.

Anonymous said...

What is the school anyway? Just a building? If it is safe in a structural sense, then good teachers and good students can succeed in it.

"Closing" here just means shaking a birdcage full of under-performing teachers so they can land elsewhere.

Queens Crapper said...

They aren't tearing the building down and it will still be a school. Just not Jamaica High School.

Unknown said...

Anon No. 4: So did a lot of other people.

ron s said...

So, we stop calling it Jamaica HS, split it in 3, exchange principals and teachers with another poorly performing school and then?

Chloe Cardashian said...

So did a lot of other people.

But they're not important, or a celebrity like me.

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage isn't important,either.

Anonymous said...

In response to :
Michael Savage isn't important,either.

He's better than you and your sorry ass welfare state, that's why he left.