Sunday, June 29, 2014

Filthy Flushing is hard on the eyes

"Triangle at Prince Street, downtown Flushing.
...and filthy!
Then there's the doggy poo about 2 blocks away. What's the Flushing BID been doing?" - The Flushing Phantom


Anonymous said...

What Flushing BID? What Jamaica BID? These BIDS need to be investigated and audited!

Anonymous said...

Anybody recognize these orange colored plastic bags? Wonder where they are coming from?

Anonymous said...

Haven't been in a while.Is "summer street soup" on yet?it's fragrant and festive and Oh,so Tangy.Probably infectious,too!

FlooshingRezident said...

We routinely see people throw plastic bottles and coffee cups onto people's front lawns in lovely North Flooshing. When you talk to them they give you the stink-eye and walk away. Not very friendly.

The McDonald's wrappers are thrown from moving cars and trucks.

Dunkin, Dasani, Poland Spring and McDonald's should be heavily taxed to clean up the neighborhoods they trash!

Anonymous said...

What makes you so sure that it's dog shit?

Anonymous said...

How dare you phantom talking about our wonderful "vibrant and diverse" flushing! Flushing is so vibrant and diverse that the "vibrant and diverse " people don't need to be clean!

Joe Moretti said...



Oh, hell just flush the whole damn place down the toilet and start over. Obviously our wonderful diverse population has no respect for communities and our leaders do nothing.

Now our country has always had a litter problem, but when did this new thing of dumping your bags of garbage in piles on sidewalks and streets become totally acceptable.

From where I see all of this, no doubt, our low-class folks from third world shit hole countries are doing this (plus a few of our homegrown folks).

Here is an idea, NEW LAW: each ethnic super market has it's own color coded bags, so then you see which group is doing it. In the above photos orange is the new China. Red can be Mexico, Blue India, Green Pakistan, Black Middle Eastern Countries, Brown Bangladesh and so on.

No respect for communities or this city anymore. Do whatever the fuck you want. Since when did being an immigrant mean do whatever the fuck you want because nothing will happen to you.

But all the blame does not fall on immigrants, we have our own fucking slobs and those bags will of course be red, white & blue.

Joe in Richmond Hill said...

"FlooshingRezident said...Dunkin, Dasani, Poland Spring and McDonald's should be heavily taxed to clean up the neighborhoods they trash!"

These companies are not trashing anyones neighborhood. It is the irresponsible consumers of these and other products causing the problem.

Impose high fines for littering and enforce them. Have some plain clothes enforcement officers with video to back them up.

Anonymous said...

It's over in Flushing !
It is now a shit hole and there is no turning back.

Anonymous said...

Bellerose is next


Anonymous said...

Fine, fine these people and the BID's in this community! Someone should be held responsible. All these immigrants are not like the ones who came to this country many moons ago. These people are the lowest of the low. I think we should set up Ellis Island again make every single one of them tested and tortured, maybe then they will show respect! Police should have the right to check for American citizenship and then we should be shipping or flying these people back by the loads. Let their beloved country deal with them!

Anonymous said...

That is dog shit. the other shit are the inhabitants with two legs. then there is the community board shit. phew!

Anonymous said...

Where's the Councilmember Turncoat Peter Koo
who should be taking a stand to improve the neighborhood
but chooses to stand idly by as the town goes to shit.
Its interesting that the pile of trash is setting atop of a vacant Department of Parks tree pit. Oh, and welcome to the Chinese Mainland.