Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Slumlords jailed

From the Daily News:

Two city slumlords were tossed in jail after they repeatedly refused to make basic repairs.

Kris Gounden, who owns a dilapidated six-unit building at 864 Elton St. in East New York, was put behind bars on Thursday on criminal and civil contempt charges.

He will remain in jail up to six months or until the violations are corrected and he pays more than $382,000 in civil penalties — a sum that represents the fifth-largest sanction levied citywide last year. He received five days in jail and a separate fine for the criminal charge.

There are 199 open code violations — more than 18 per unit — at this Bronx building at 1920 Loring Place South. At another, 974 Anderson Ave., there are 144 open code violations — or more than 16 per unit. Both buildings are owned by Mohammed Kayyali, who was jailed on June 9, on civil contempt charges, and faces up to six months behind bars.

In the Bronx, Mohammed Kayyali, who owns multi-family residential buildings at 974 Anderson Ave. and 1920 Loring Place South, was put in jail on June 9. He’s facing up to six months behind bars unless he makes more than $116,446 in fixes and pays $464,950 in penalties.


Anonymous said...

about fucking time

Anonymous said...

And they just raised rents on stabilized apartments! Some of these buildings aren't worth the amount of money to live in! 2000-3000/month to wallow in garbage and live with roaches and rats!

JQ said...

I hope that rent guidelines board sleeps well.

lets see if these landlords,owners and predator hedge fund entrepreneurs will do the most with the extra money they are robbing from people.

Anonymous said...

2000-3000/month to wallow in garbage and live with roaches and rats!

That same dollar amount gets you a mortgage in many of the nicer areas of Queens.

If you are too stupid to stay in an apartment in that condition for that price, the rats deserve to eat your toes.

Anonymous said...

as a former landlord i can say this city doesn't make it affordable for anyone to buy a multi family home anymore. tenants can trash the place, refuse to pay rent, keep garbage piled up inside, etc and the buildings owner can do nothing about it. Most landlords aren't 'greedy slumlords'. don't know the story behind these 2 but i was fined time after time for conditions my tenant caused. never made a dime off the rent. lost money from the minute i bought the place. this city is filled with people who want everything handed to them. most landlords are putting money back into the properties they own, increasing the value of the neighborhoods.