Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kids learning in trailers not counted

From DNA Info:

Richmond Hill High School is so crowded that, at any given time, 375 students are attending classes in temporary trailers next to the school, according to the school's PTA.

But the Department of Education's latest report on school trailers did not list any students in temporary classrooms there. It also didn't count thousands of other students in trailers at dozens of public schools across the city, advocates said in a report released Friday.

The School Construction Authority's 2012 report on trailers listed 7,158 students in the temporary classrooms, which are often criticized by parents and teachers as moldy, leaky and disruptive of students' learning.

But the School Construction Authority's number did not include thousands of students from 47 schools who were in trailers but were not counted because of technicalities, the study found.

For example, at 14 high schools, including Richmond Hill High School, the DOE did not count any students in trailers because the trailers were not used as homerooms, according to the School Construction Authority's explanation of the numbers.

And in 28 elementary schools and three middle schools, no children were counted in the trailers because the temporary classrooms were used for art, music or other special classes, rather than standard academic subjects, the School Construction Authority said.


Kent said...

Or Speech,Occupational or Physical Therapies, among other Special Ed related services which are often provided in bathrooms,closets, hallways, stairwells or basements.

Anonymous said...

The temporary trailers usually remain permanent.....look at Francis Lewis high school! Those trailers were almost new when I went to that school 15 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Time to start deporting more!

Anonymous said...

How many trailers are in Manhattan and Brooklyn?

On the other hand they probably don't have the same out-of-control birth rate.

Can we cap the number of unnecessary spawn at 2? This immigrant baby boom is insane! You routinely see babies having babies all over Queens. Young girls with 3 to 5 babies!!!! And they're not done!

These children have no future! With their parents most will never become "Dreamers".

Anonymous said...

All the illegals live in Queens. They need to have 5 or 6 children to obtain their generous welfare checks and food stamps. Simple math: More Children equals More Money. They don't care about overcrowded schools and trailers. It's a Free education and a place to park the kids for the day.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess you have to ask your elected officials about this - why do they push development while children of tax payers and voters are treated like this?

Special request

Hound them to have the board of ed vet all development - no desk, no development

Hound Honest Joe as to why he thinks this is good for your kids while his is in Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Can the crap on illegals - the problem is the electeds who can only speak of diversity because they want to divide us by background and under cut community identity.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it - if you are from India or China or Mexico the bad schools is not a problem for the Indian or Chinese or Mexican community - its a problem for everyone that stems from one source: the politicians poor management of the borough of Queens.

God, when there is mention of illegals and children the hacks for the politicians go overtime posting racist junk here to scare away everyone and give Crappy a bad name.

The only people obsessed with ethnics are the politicians because they want to divide communities and get attention away from shared problems.

Crappy must be getting effective.

Anonymous said...

Can the crap on illegals - the problem is the electeds who can only speak of diversity because they want to divide us by background and under cut community identity.

If 1 million illegals had on an average 3 kids are looking at 3 million children in city public school systems! So why should we "can the crap on illegals"?

Anonymous said...

The majority of these kids are illegal. Translation: Not supposed to be here taking up a seat in our educational system and getting a free education, plus food stamps and free healthcare. Send them all home. The government should be processing the applications of people that are trying to come here legally. Why should they have to wait in line, when the illegals cut the line and get everything for free?

Anonymous said...

The majority of these kids are illegal.

So what? If you or I came from the place they did, and the ruling class of another country said "come on over, I will have my constituents pay for your needs - don't worry they love me and will calmly accept me taking food from their kids mouth to yours" who the hell would not get their family here for that opportunity.

I sure the hell would. The problem is the elected officials and your acceptance of what they are doing to you and your family.

Don't blame the immigrant for driving through the intersection when ol Boss Tweed is waving him through.

Ms. Tsouris said...

The Francis Lewis trailers were at least 20 years old when they were put in place at least 20 years ago. Do the math. Warehousing kids, an awful environment for an education.