Monday, June 23, 2014

Broad Channel station is city's most dangerous

From Daily News:

Despite the sun-soaked platform and the saltwater-scented air, an uneasy breeze blows through the Broad Channel subway station.

An unprecedented Daily News analysis of subway crime and ridership data found that the tiny station — far from teeming Times Square and Grand Central — owned one of the highest crime rates of the system’s 421 stops.

There were 112 felonies and misdemeanors — ranging from assault to resisting arrest — recorded at Broad Channel across a five-year time period, ending in 2013.

With just 224 people swiping into the station on an average day, that works out to 27 crimes per 100,000 trips. A trip is defined as when a rider swipes into a turnstile, and does not include transfers at that station, which the MTA does not calculate.

Seven of the top 10 stations with the highest crime rates are not express or transfer stations, and four are on the Rockaway peninsula.

Broad Channel is a required transfer to the Rockaway shuttle, which goes to the western half of the Rockaway peninsula. The crowds can be both large and rowdy, filling the platforms from edge to wall, said a transit police officer patrolling an A train. Even when taking into account an estimated 2,700 daily transfers at the station, Broad Channel still has one of the highest rates in the system at two incidents per 100,000 trips.


Anonymous said...

Yeah now put a bike walk-path behind it to run behind people houses and see what happens.
These people go bust at the Casino then need $$ for drugs, rent, food, hookers etc. Rudy G busting most the mob up was bad enough but that dam Casino (and what came with it) destroyed all those neighborhoods.
One reason to leave the defunct old Rockaway line ALONE

Anonymous said...

That doesn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

Students including gang members transfer there for two high schools in the Rockaways.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more depressing to witness in NYC than when a junior high or high school lets out.

Anonymous said...

2 per 100k is a hell of a lot different than 27 per 100k. It's not even the most dangerous in the city at that point. Really shows the flaws in the methodology used. Not entirely the fault of the News, MTA only posts Turnstile counts, doesn't give estimates for transfers within the fare control zone. It would have been better had they not placed a ridiculous result of the flawed methodology front and center though.

There are ways to improve the bike facilities on Cross Bay, but there's no reason to put a shared path on W by the station.

Why was busting the mob up bad?

Those neighborhoods weren't great before the racino was put in, have data to show they've gotten substantially worse? Remember the clientele at Aqueduct before the racino was set up there?

What does any of this have to do with improving transit and shortening commutes for thousands of people every day?

JQ said...

the shuttle transfer has been a problem since they stopped the c train from running to 116 years ago.

the problem is not the station,its rise in robberies in general.many times the wait at that station takes over 20 minutes.People are sitting ducks.especially now rockaway is attracting all the trust fund kiddies and hipsters with all their social media toys and their obliviousness of their surroundings.

and that goddamn resorts world is a big factor,this is going to get a lot worse the next few months.

Anonymous said...

JQ then they should get rid of the shuttle transfer problem by extending a QB local down the rockaway ROW and have it replace the shuttle. As an added bonus this gets rid of the terminal constraint problem at 71st so they can extend the G back to Forest hills, and once they get more rolling stock they can increase frequency (and train length) above what they'd be able to now because Queens Plaza doesn't work great as a terminal.