Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wills says he didn't do it

From NY1:

A Queens City Councilman who was indicted on a long list of corruption charges last month is launching a public campaign to try to clear his name. Ruben Wills sat down in an exclusive interview with NY1's Ruschell Boone to show her evidence he says helps his case.

City Councilman Ruben Wills is heard saying "I said my stuff is clean" on undercover video recorded in the summer of 2012. He's speaking with former State Senator Shirley Huntley, who taped several lawmakers before going to prison on corruption charges.

Wills is facing his own set of charges, and he says the tape bolsters his claims of innocence.

"I'm not just saying I'm innocent today. I've been saying I was innocent in 2011, 2012 when the tape was happening," Wills said.

A spokesperson for the attorney general wouldn't comment about the video or this story so we don't know if there's more footage that we haven't seen or what the other evidence is.
Wills, who sat down with us without his attorney, said his legal team received the video from the State Attorney General's office after more than a year of asking for it.


Anonymous said...

"... is launching a public campaign to try to clear his name."
Who is paying for this campaign?

Anonymous said...

How is it that all of these politicians who have been arrested due to obvious wrongdoings, supported by copious evidence , are all pleading not guilty and walking away from any due punishment? Smith, Halloran, Lui, Huntlley (shortened jail term), etc

Joe Moretti said...

I am so sick of politicians, especially the entire crew from Jamaica, who when they get caught in some bullshit, they always claim innocence or "the devil made me do it." MAN THE FUCK UP.

Let's not forget that Wills in the past had outstanding criminal arrest warrants for petty larceny, trespassing and running an unlicensed home improvement business — plus a civil warrant for tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid child support.

Far from the most moral person. So why all of sudden should we believe him.

Plus like the majority of Jamaica elected officials, he has been pretty useless concerning quality of life issues in Jamaica, in fact his district along with former Counncil Member Leroy Comrie's district are the worst when it comes to quality of life. Just look at the area that surrounds Will's office on Sutphin Blvd.


Anonymous said...

Don't trust this creep. He's baaaaaad and he knows it and now the people know it!