Saturday, June 21, 2014

Many beaches still not open in Rockaway

From the Queens Courier:

Just because a beach is open doesn’t mean people are allowed to swim there.

As of Thursday, only 29 of the more than 100 beaches in the Rockaways are open to swimming because of damage caused by Superstorm Sandy coupled with a dearth of lifeguards, the Parks Department said.

The rest have “normal access,” which, according to the Parks Department, means people are allowed to walk in the sand.

“Swimming is only permitted where there are lifeguards, which is never the entire seven mile beach,” said Zachary Feder, a Parks Department spokesman. “But walking is permitted along the entire length.”

Superstorm Sandy caused major damage to the beaches along Rockaway, which now has the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers working to repair many of them. They are using large pipes to pump sand from the ocean floor on to certain beaches which makes those specific locations closed to swimming.


Anonymous said...

2 years and counting....Great job NYC . How is it that Jersey and L.I. beaches have been up and running for 1 year already? Oh, it must be that it's not an election year in NYC and politicians couldn't give a crap. Guess the Rockaways will have to wait 2 more years until the wind bags come out of the woods looking for votes.

JQ said...

well stop counting because the army corp of engineers,the ones who designed those levees in New Orleans,have finally arrived with the rest of the sand to artificially replenish the beach,uncanny they waited for the official start of summer to this,so all the beaches from the 60s to riis park are closed this weekend(although Fort Tilden is open,gotta keep the hipsters happy again).I guess taxpayers can stop complaining now.


I must digress

It has suddenly come to the attention of the our local news that a gas pipeline was built by the beach in the past year while the town's true residents were/are still recovering from Sandy's impact.This government sanctioned IED was brought to us by that indicted piece of shit Michael Grimm from staten island and our south queens shill greagory meeks.So while all of you regulars and the dregs that are generation gentrification are trying to relax and catch some rays or surf,you will be able to see the free market in action with the fracking that will be going on in the ocean only a few miles away.You all might even experience new pungent odors to go along with that crisp salty beach smell.Hey,if you feel parched or need a cigarette,you can do it at the same time when you use the water fountains.Take a sip and if the winds too strong you can just take your lighter and ignite the water you drank from to get a higher flame.

If this is alarmist,fine.This was shady shit was done behind the town's back,and while our local news stations and dailies were reporting on celebrities,food trends,apps and the latest hottest towns,they ignored this latest raping and pillaging of our parkland.You can say goodbye to fort tilden,the pitch and putt,riis park,and the marine park golf course and boating area.It just got more treacherous.Just one instance of imcompetence from this drilling will turn the rockaways into chernobyl.No one is safe

I like to say it has to be stopped,but it's law now.So adapt and die,and use of cameras prohibited.