Sunday, June 15, 2014

CB7 says no to basement apartments

From the Times Ledger:

Community Board 7 gave a resounding no to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal to consider looking at legalizing basement apartments at a meeting Monday night.

The board unanimously voted to support a non-binding resolution declaring its opposition to the idea.

“This is out in the forefront right now,” board member Tyler Cassell said at the meeting. “We have to let them know we strongly oppose this.”

CB 7’s neighbor to the east, CB 11 passed its own resolution denouncing the possible legalization of basement apartments in April. CB covers Flushing, Whitestone, College Point and Bay Terrace, while CB 11 covers Bayside, Douglaston, Little Neck and part of Auburndale.

De Blasio included the policy as part of his plan to build 200,000 units of affordable housing. His Housing Department commissioner, Vicki Been, recently stressed to a Queens Borough Board meeting the administration has not committed to anything concerning legalizing basement apartments other than taking a look at the possibility.

Board members scoffed at the idea, saying it would do nothing to address affordable housing problems and that it would lead to violations of the neighborhood’s zoning laws.

“The reason you can’t rent out [your basement] is the same reason you bought the house in the first place: It’s a single-family detached house,” CB 7 Vice Chairman Chuck Apelian said.


Anonymous said...

'non-binding resolution declaring its opposition to the idea'

That'll teach comrade De Blasio. Let the tower people house the poor blacks and Mexicans. I don't want that dredge in my neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Wow - amazing! Now can the city go house to house and clear out all existing illegal basement apartments?

I'm not advocating throwing families on the street but it's not fair to other people in the neighborhood that did not sign on for excessive crowding, garbage, cars, etc.

Anonymous said...

Basement apartments should not be legal! It's not only a burden on the schools and trash collection but it could be a safety hazard too!

Anonymous said...

The next step is for you to dog your electeds to DO SOMETHING!

Nothing will happen until you hound them - Albany, City Hall, and Borough Hall.

Anonymous said...

Hey, more room for the poor, who the rich never see, the middle class, who the rich have to deal with move away in disgust, and it doesn't happen in the rich neighborhoods, win/win/win

Anonymous said...

Do we know have many illegally-rented basement apartments now exist in CB-7 area?

Anonymous said...

Where are the idiots screaming that CB7 is all about overdevelopment?

You people know absolutely nothing government. The real problem is the BSA and the fact that they approve everything for the sake of making $5,000-$10,000 per application.

Anonymous said...

Whatever reasons there might be to keep people from renting out their basements, know that garbage production is emphatically not an issue.

Trucks in low density neighborhoods never fill up or even come close. Areas of comparable density in other cities only pick up trash once a week, or once every two weeks, not twice per week.

Anonymous said...

With the finished basement is it within the FAR for the zoning block? If so, what's the difference if it's above or below ground?

Anonymous said...

Let's go around Whitestone.....Beechhurst ....and Bayside and clear out all the basements of the people that can't afford their homes. The economy and the I need to have more than the next guy had really fucked many people. I'm starting to see different shades around Whitestone. ...Beechhurst. And I know they don't belong.

Anonymous said...

Basement apartments are fire hazards. In a blazing fire, I wouldn't want to try to squeeze out of a small basement window.

Anonymous said...

' Anonymous said...
Basement apartments are fire hazards. In a blazing fire, I wouldn't want to try to squeeze out of a small basement window.'

Then don't live in one?

Maybe only let people rent out the basements if there is a second means of egress.

Joe said...

You have to be crazy to rent your basement or a room in 2014, its a different ballgame now.
When things go bad its near impossible to get a deadbeat tenant out especially if pregnancy or kids are involved.
All the judges are no good bleeding heart liberals that will drag the process out for years. In the meantime you must pay the gas, heat and electric under court order or YOU go to jail for disobeying a judges order. The tenants then destroy your house in the eviction process.
Like Bloomberg having Census workers pounding on doors this new mayor wants all these new people because he thinks the federal gov is going to send $$ for them. Federal money Queens taxpayers will never see.

I believe forced renting or huge penalty's for "wasted space" is coming under all this progressive socialism agenda.

Anonymous said...

With the finished basement is it within the FAR for the zoning block? If so, what's the difference if it's above or below ground?

FAR isnt the only zoning regulation. You may still be within in the footprint/floor area, but you are limited to how many dwelling units you have.

Second, the difference between below/above ground is about being able to egress in an emergency. Most basements only have one way in/out, and windows that are undersized.

Anonymous said...

Nothing stops someone from buying a 2000 square foot home and bringing in a dozen or more relatives. But the childless old woman than wants to stay in the neighborhood she's been in for decades but can only afford it if shes rents part of it to another one or two people? That's illegal, even if it stays above 500 square feet per person. Hardly seems consistent.

Most basements have two means of egress, but one goes through the rest of the house. So maybe those only get rented out to someone you're more comfortable sharing space with than a typical tenant.

Anonymous said...

when will DOB be enabled to do more, or do their job period ? inspectors can't gain access even if I let them in the building, basement tenant will not open door.

as a tenant in a legal apartment in a house with an illegal apartment it sickens me that I have to spend money and move just to get away from low class people that think raising a family in an illegal basement is ok. grow up and get a real apartment for your kids.