Thursday, February 9, 2012

Redistricting hearing at Borough Hall

A friend and I attended yesterday's hearing.

Since it was going on FOREVER AND EVER in a very hot room, we just left our written testimony and exited.

I was #99. They'd only gotten up to #30 at about 5:15pm.

I took some cell phone flix. Here they are.

The hearing room was packed to capacity and overflowing into the hall. If you attended, there was no way I could spot you.

Because it would violate the fire code, the cops had to hold back people outside the building on the steps until accommodations could be made to safely admit more.

I'm also including a cell-flick of my latest art which was included as part of my written testimony that I handed in.

- Jerry Rotondi

"Queens Latino leaders do not participate in the redistricting process that will affect our communities more than anything. Please make some comments at the end of the article on" - Javier

Avella addresses Nozzolio:


Jerry Rotondi said...

I couldn't reach you in the crowded hearing room to personally shake your hand Senator Avella---so I'll do it here in cyberspace for all to see.


And thank you too "Crappy" for the posting.

Anonymous said...

And what were Republican City Councilman Dan Halloran's views on his party's move toward redistricting?

He brewed up some sugary Tea Party BS and served it up for the crowd to sip on.

His message was confusingly vague, to say the least.

Has he ever been on point in support of his constituency?


But he's always there for developers and there "private property" rights.


This bought and paid for bellowing buffoon needs to go!

Anonymous said...

Let's see if these shifty Republican authors of this horrendous redistricting plan will accept single term limits to accompany it.

This political pond scum is only interested in their own job security.


Anonymous said...

Go get yourself a real job Nozzollio!

Anonymous said...

This whole damn thing was thrown into the works on short notice and deliberately held in a small venue!

The hearings should have been held in a school auditorium, or such, that could hold a big crowd.

How may were not admitted to the hearing because of the lack of space?

Anonymous said...

This was a prime example of Republican Party dry-gulching at its best!

Anonymous said...

Now let's see if Governor Cuomo vetos the measure.

If he fails to he's a turncoat!

Jerry Rotondi said...

I'll beg your indulgence---
and post my very brief testimony
which I never got to read at the hearing.

"It's high time that the dysfunctional government up in Albany trim their political fat.

Don't chop my neighborhood in half in the interests of self serving politicians!

We will remember who supports this measure and will express our great displeasure in November!"

The Flushing Phantom said...

LATFOR...what for?

To block bust nabes
just so Republican pols can keep their jobs!

Alan said...

Great reporting. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Like to know how they went about busing everyone here in great tweeder fashion.

Considering that Queens residents are so passive about politics, its always a funny to us observers of this sorry-assed political landscape to find people getting so fired up in support of the politicians AFTER the politicians have made their position clear.

I guess the true acid test is if this gets overturned by the democratic governor, will they go back to games as usual or have true non-partisan districting.

You can bet your bottom dollar the issue will be dropped.

Anonymous said...

There were some really funny statements made as well by the the public.

Spy vs Spy said...

"It's high time that the dysfunctional government up in Albany trim their political fat.

oh pa-lese.

people always talk about Albany being dysfunctional out of one corner of their mouth but say their own representative is great out of the other.

pretty stupid, eh? nothing will change until that does.

Steve Behar said...

I was there for four hours before I got to testify. The Commission members paid little attention to what the people said. They seemed like they didn't want to be there and couldn't care less what we said. Tony was great by calling Nozzollio out!

Here is the text of my testimony:

Anonymous said...

will this plan redistrict the braindead left wing democrat voters out of Queens?

is salvation still possible?

Anonymous said...

Halloran was busy on Bell Blvd. LEAVE HIM ALONE, HE NEEDED A BREWSKIE.

Alfredo Centola said...

Senator Avella was 1000% correct. Nozzolino is a piece of work. Disrespectful, arrogant, worthless politician. He could care less what a fellow Senator, let alone us "common folk" say.

Senator Avella handled him perfectly by calling his attention. Its time to stop playing politics for the sake of the politicians own pockets and time to stand up and actually represent us that hired you (Nozzolino et al.). Do your jobs and represent your constituents and the well being of the communities you represent. Otherwise be prepared to be fired come election time.

The people need to remember and get up election day and vote these self serving, lowlifes out of office.

Thank you Senator Avella for taking a stand.

Steve Behar, thanks for being there and demanding the right thing be done for the people and not the party.

Anonymous said...

is not re-districting a nys issue to vote on ?

is the nyc council powerless on this issue ?

Anonymous said...

Recall that then-Senate leader Malcom Smith who stated in 2010 that if Dems win,they'd "redistrict the Republicans into oblivion"?
Now that the Dems lost the Senate, they are crying foul!

Jerry Rotondi said...

"Spy vs Spy":

Do you just sit back--hiding behind your handle and grumble on line--
or do you put any of your musings into action?

Who's the real dysfunctional one here bub?

Anonymous said...

It's the "R" party that's brain dead fella.

they've run their course on those crooked little games they've been playing in some far corners of Queens.

They are WAY OUT OF TOUCH with 2012 and now they will be going the way of the Do Do bird in our borough!

One of the reasons is that Phil Ragusa is their dementia in chief "leader"!

Bye bye, Phil!

There's NO HOPE for your party here.

"The party's's time to call it a day..."!


Do you think Senator Padavan will try for a come back?

Maybe "doofy" Dan Halloran will bequeath him his pagan Theod mini skirt when he soon leaves office.

Yo, "hot Frank" in a mini dress!
Can you envision it?

Even Peter Koo had the brains to bail out over land.

The rest of the Republican "A" holes will probably wait 'til the last moment over shark infested waters.

Then they'll desperately pull at their rip cords hoping their chutes will open as they yell "Geronimo"!

Oops an Orca just gulped down that one!

Anonymous said...

You're the one
that sounds "passive" fella.

To far for you to travel from Ass-toria to attend the hearing?

Yeah, I know who you are!

Anonymous said...

Most likely,
Dan Halloran split early to have a drink (or 4) with his goombah pal Joey "d-or" Franco at the "White House" restaurant!

Bottoms up good fellas!

The Flushing Phantom said...

Bitch, bitch, bitch....always bitching!

Hey cartoon strip boy (Spy vs Spy)
put your real name out there and face
Jerry man to man.

Tony did give great testimony.

Your trite "pearls of wisdom" don't amount to a fart in a hurricane!

Anonymous said...

Anon. No, 18:

1) No.
2) Yes.

Anonymous said...

Its time to stop playing politics for the sake of the politicians own pockets and time to stand up and actually represent us that hired you.
Careful what you say cause there ain't much difference between either side of the aisle in this one.

Look one of the leaders in this effort to Mick 'Mystery Man' Gianaris who rarely shows up in his district since he is taking time to better his resume going after the assembly for the Democratic Party.

If he was doing his work for the people footing his bill - as he should - then he would have not been a target for the Republicans in the first place.

Besides, look at his old assembly district .... with Toby, yes Tody, having a significant chunk of Astoria.

99%? said...

The Commission members paid little attention to what the people said. They seemed like they didn't want to be there and couldn't care less what we said.



Anonymous said...

lol sorry

harry and evan your ship is sailing by the time the dems get control of state senate you guys will be retired

ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Failure to respect the utilitarian boundaries provided by three, four and five digit zip codes will swiftly prompt federal judicial oversight.

Alfredo C said...

If he was doing his work for the people footing his bill - as he should - then he would have not been a target for the Republicans in the first place.


It seems we are saying the same thing. They should and need to start working for those that hired them in the first place, WE THE PEOPLE!

We need to remember come November.

Jerry Rotondi said...

"Remember in November"!

I like that very much Alfredo.

Let me add a thought to that.

As in the private sector--
politicians should be subject to quarterly reviews regarding their job performance.

If they should score a 1st bad review they get placed on probation. Should they rack up a 2nd second bad one they get dismissed--recalled!

Do you want to amend the city charter for the better then consider this provision.

Somewhere along the line we've forgotten that the voters are the bosses and our elected officials are our employees!

I think that most pols already have amnesia on that subject.

not so fast said...

Yo, J.R. !

Most pols are incompetent and would flunk their second bad review.

Does that leave us ungoverned?

Alfredo said...

Does that leave us ungoverned?
What happens when there is a recall?

An election is held and besides, I would rather be un governed than badly governed. You?

Thank you Jerry, yes we need to Remember in November.

They have forgotten that they work for us, "We the People"! its time they are reminded.

Change the Charter , lets do whatever needs to be done, I say get out and vote them out each and every time if they forget who they work for.

Anonymous said...

the nyc population's constantly voting "D party" candidates into office, as their former elected "D party"members are in prison, is just plain NUTS.

Bush does not now exist in nyc. look in a mirror are the problem....

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 34:

How does Bush relate to the redistricting of State Senate districts? You're going off on a real tangent here. No one else mentioned him.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your civic representation, Jerry.

been there done that ,in my active years.

BTW...did your hallway partner have too much of that "BROADWAY STEAK" and a few too many BUD BEERS ?

there might have been space for a few more civic minded bodies in the room.

is he a wealthy g.o.p. or deprived lib/dem ?