Monday, February 13, 2012

Operation Losing Proposition

From the NY Times:

Amid all the successes in New York City’s decades-long fight to drive down crime, street prostitution represents a stubborn exception. Though the police deploy various stings and strategies to clean up neighborhoods, prostitution-related arrests in the city continue to be logged at a fairly steady clip, averaging around 4,200 per year since 2006, according to the state’s Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Market forces and the Internet have pushed some sex work off the street, to where clients with more time and more money go. Such indoor workers include escorts, who work in brothels or independently, in their own homes; strippers who connect with prospective clients in bars and make dates for later meetings; and dominatrixes, according to a report by the Urban Justice Center’s Sex Workers Project.

But this has not diminished the vibrancy and persistence of the old-fashioned street hustle, which, in the predawn darkness of Bedford-Stuyvesant on Thursday spilled forth in all its crafty, competitive mercantile ways.

Using decoys armed with remote audio systems and aided by “arrest teams” and undercover officers, the Police Department, over a three-day stretch last month, made 195 arrests and seized 55 vehicles in what police officials call Operation Losing Proposition.

An analysis of the arrest data provided by the police shows that the crackdown spanned all five boroughs, on dozens of street corners, in 28 different precincts.


Gary said...


Massagee, massagee, massagee!

Oriental beauties; Asiatic body therapy; Taiwanese back rub all lead to a happy ending at the bank for me and my Q Trib partners.

Anonymous said...


Flushing; east side of 164th Street between Crocheron Avenue and Depot Road.

Asian "Barber shop" still in business with its windows fully
blocked from view.

You ring the doorbell and two exterior cameras check you out.

If you look OK to them, they buzz you in.

This spot was already raided for being a whore house but continue operating their "tonsorial" trade.

Then there are those 3 Korean "nightclubs" located on the same side of the street...2 feature basement (lounge?) areas...h-m-m-m!

Are they fire code compliant?

Anonymous said...

legalize it. tax it. keep it indoors and clean. done.

Anonymous said...

Ditto: legalize it.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has notices that there are several foot massage places on Grand Avenue late..who in Maspeth is getting foot massages at 11PM....?

Anonymous said...

What about reporting these whore houses to IRS!

There's likely a lot of unrecorded going on isn't there?

Forget calling your local police precinct.

Most likely, some of their cops are already being paid off by the madams.

Maybe ICE would also be another agency to notify.