Friday, February 17, 2012

Hank Morris denied parole

From the Daily News:

The mastermind behind the state's biggest ever pay-to-play pension fund scandal was denied parole.

Hank Morris, the scandal ringleader and former political svengali for disgraced ex-Controller Alan Hevesi, will remain behind bars for at least another year.

Morris is serving up to four years in prison after pleading guilty to a single felony for securities fraud in a kickback scheme that netted him $19 million.

A three-person state parole panel after, interviewing Morris Wednesday, found his release from prison “is not consistent with the public safety and welfare of the community.”

The panel indicated that if Morris hits the streets, “there is a reasonable probability” he would again violate the law.

Morris apparently was well aware that his former friend Hevesi, who is serving up to four years for his role in the scandal at a different prison, was previously denied parole for not showing enough remorse.

According to a hearing transcript, Morris repeatedly said he was not trying to minimize what he had done as he tried to explain his actions.

That led one frustrated parole board member to snap: “you’ve made it clear. You’ve made it clear. You don’t have to keep saying that.”


Anonymous said...

from the Daily News article :"Gov. A. Cuomo's four year probe that yielded convictions and CIVIL SETTLEMENTS".

would the CIVIL SETTLEMENTS include the $500,000,000.paid by Steven Rattner, Doomsberg's former finance advisor and Obama's GM Car Czar, defended by former,Freddie Mac $26 millionaire Jaime Gorelick.? did he go to jail ?

GM bailout,by taxpayers was $50 billion,remember ?

as long as theU.S. president or ny governor is democrat,will pardon be in Morris's future ?

Anonymous said...

Given the relationship between the Cuomos and the Hevesis, I'd say not, Gramps.