Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meng upset at being called Chinese

From the Daily News:

Assemblywoman Grace Meng said employees of a Boston Market in Flushing repeatedly referred to her as “la china” during a January visit to the chain restaurant.

“Whether they were trying to be racist or not — it’s not appropriate,” said Meng (D-Flushing). “I was the only customer in there.”

Meng, who has a basic knowledge of Spanish, confronted the workers after paying for her dinner, but they only shrugged.

“They should know better. I felt very disrespected,” she said.

The recent spate of intolerant fast-food employees, such as the Papa John’s cashier who put “lady chinky eyes” on a patron’s receipt, made the situation even more agitating, Meng said.

“Some kind of trend is going on in the city,” she said. “I think the employers need to take a more active role.”

Looks like someone is easily offended and/or wanted a cheap headline. La China means "the Chinese woman" in Spanish. It's not a slur. If she understood Latino culture, she wouldn't be so upset. Maybe the workers aren't the ones needing sensitivity training.


Anonymous said...

Try going into most of the restaurants in flushing and see how you are treated.........wait,nothing is written in english......that tells me everything!

Anonymous said...

is she copying a page from John Liu's asian discrimination tactics ,for many years ?

is this the "sharpton "racist baiting style ?

Anonymous said...

Go into some Chinese restaurants and hear the racist comments made by the Chinas and Chinos about their Latino bus boys.

Yep...a lot of Asians are using Hispanics for their dirty work these days.

Even their own won't work as coolie labor for a few dollars.

Anonymous said...

Grace thinks she's a Manchu dowager empress.

She's just a low powered assemblywomen who serves the Stavisky dynasty.

Nevertheless she has a thin skin accompanied by a big mouth...
all show and no blow!

Anonymous said...

Without her daddy's money
she's a nobody.

Jimmy Meng, owner of "Queens Lumber" on College Point Boulevard, bought the election for her.

Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk...
these oversensitive Asiatics.

Meng even had a law passed to replace the term "Oriental" with "Asian" on New York State's forms.

I guess now it's politically incorrect for me to refer to my handwoven Shirvan rug as an "Oriental" carpet.


Flash Gordon said...

Watch out!

Meng "the merciless" is on the warpath.

Anonymous said...

How about the various Chinese business owners throughout Queens who look at every non-Asian customer as a potential thief/Shoplifter, following us around their stores?

Anonymous said...

wait, i got a really strange idea, how about everyone learns english!!!

Anonymous said...

Get over it and get back to work!

Anonymous said...

Well, WTF is she?

She ain't "White", "Black", "Brown" or a "Red Indian".

She's Chinese...damn that spoiled brat!

Nobody called her "Yellow" did they?

When Asians can't get their asses kissed to their taste, they always cry "racism"!

Anonymous said...

Eleven comments. Well we know what's important to todays discriminating reader. (no pun intended)

Anonymous said...

Go into most Chinese establishments and feel ignored.

Anonymous said...

As Meng pointed out, she was the only customer there. Yes, seems trivial until it happens to you. And obviously plenty of people are bothered about the way they've been treated by owners of other stores, as evidenced by the postings. You're allowed to rant, but not her? If they had written "la black" or "la jew" it would have been front page news.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she's ignorant. Getting offended over something like that is so stupid, besides she's in flushing so idk what she's worried about, its not like chinese people are the minorities there lol.

Queens Crapper said...

"If they had written "la black" or "la jew" it would have been front page news."

They didn't write anything. She heard them talking, saying "la china." And then ran to the newspapers.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, I don't know what article you're reading, but the comments on the DN website by and large back up what Crapper said. It's simply how Spanish people describe people from China. What the hell is the big deal?

Auntie Invasion said...

This is what happens when you encourage illegal immigration. fire those Boston Market employees and give the jobs to American citizens.

what's with all the Anonymous posters? can't think up a good name?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I get so upset when I hear people referring to me as blanco.

Grr, its so terrible when people accurately describe you in another language.

Anonymous said...

They also use "negro" for black or very dark Hispanic people. Not in a racist way.

ThinkingUpAGoodName said...

what's with all the Anonymous posters? can't think up a good name?
Technically, YOU are annonymous also.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't like "oriental" and now "chinese", I think maybe she's in denial. Say goodnight Gracie!

Anonymous said...

Wants Lunar New Year off
Wants shark fin soup
Doesn't want to be called "the Chinese girl"

Whatever this broad does makes me want to throw up.

Anonymous said...

Well, WTF is she?

She ain't "White", "Black", "Brown" or a "Red Indian".

She's Chinese...damn that spoiled brat!


Well I'm white and around here (north Queens) that seems to be a real disadvantage.

Move along. Nothing to see here. NEXT!!!

Queens Gweilo said...

I love it when members of the
"Gorgeous Mosaic of Diversity" get confronted with reality!

It's like one big vibrant slap to the face!


Anonymous said...

Of course she's Chinese.
Look at that moon face!

Anonymous said... the Meng trolls have taken notice and are commenting.

Evan Stavisky must have tipped Gracie off to this latest Queens Crap posting.

Our shady Queens district leader gets up late in Rockland county on weekends and doesn't read QC before he breakfasts.

Control your weight, pig boy!

Your getting as big as a whale....just like mother Moby!

Anonymous said...

Did she moon us?

Anonymous said...

Meng is following page #1 right out of the Stavisky play book.

How many times have the Stavs screamed "anti-Semitic" when something didn't rub them the right way?

In this case Meng yells "anti-Asian" to the media because she's called "La China"...meaning Chinese woman in Spanish.

In French, i believe, it would be "la Chinoise".

That's a good little girl.
Follow your leader Gracie!

Toby the toad always knows best.

Anonymous said...

isn't it parkside hacks who always make anti-italian comments about whitestone and dan halloran and the franco catering hall

Anonymous said...

I agree she was oversensitive. But I have to wonder why Queens Crap commenters love to make fun of Asian people. Pretty sad and pathetic behavior.

Anonymous said...

Because they're backward.

georgetheatheist said...

"La China": officially sanctioned by the Federal Government of the United States

From the 2010 Census form, QUESTION 6:

What is this person's race? Mark X one or more boxes.

[ ] White
[ ] Black, African Am., or Negro
[ ] American Indian or Alaska Native . . .
[ ] Asian Indian
[ ] Chinese [On the Spanish translated form, "China"]
[ ] Filipino
[ ] Other Asian . . .
[ ] Japanese
[ ] Korean
[ ] Vietnamese
[ ] Native Hawaiian
[ ] Guamanian or Chamorro
[ ] Samoan
{ ] Other Pacific Islander . . .


Meng, what's the big deal? The Boston Market employees were just following the federal game plan.

Your bed's been made. Lay in it.

Queens Gweilo said...

But I have to wonder why Queens Crap commenters love to make fun of Asian people.

Don't worry Fembot!

When we're done with them, we'll start making fun of limp wristed, pink panty wearing white liberal Fembots such as YOU!

Anonymous said...

i comment regularly, and salute some Asians always, like the Undercover F.B.I.agent,(Chinese ancestry/speaks Mandarin) who arrested the john Liu campaign fund bundler,PAN.

Anonymous said...

The Assemblywoman wants to be called 'Your Highness' instead of 'Chinese', I guess.

Anonymous said...

I never paid much attention to Queens Crap before. Quite an assemblage of hatred-mongers, it seems. As Meng was the sole customer at the time, why refer to her as 'the Chinese one' unless twas meant as a slur? Even the company's ceo thought the situation warranted the apology which was delivered.
Lighten up, folks.

cherokeesista said...

Meng for Gods sake STOP IT !!! I GET CALLED WHITE ALL THE DAMN TIME !!! SO WHAT I LOOK WHITE BUT GUESS WHAT I'M BI RACIAL ;-) And anyway I've been to more than one Chinese business that treated me like shit and didn't want my business because I was not Asian !!! Blacks and Latinos are treated like criminals in more than half the Asian businesses !!! Address that issue!!!

Queens Crapper said...

Why did they refer to her as the Chinese one when she was the only one in the store? Because thats how they refer to people in that culture. It doesn't matter how many others are around. I'm sure they have actual ethnic slurs in Spanish, but one was not used in this case. So I guess its not QC commenters who need to lighten up, but those with giant chips on their shoulders about their identity. Now you can go back to not paying attention to us.

cherokeesista said...

Hate Mongers ? I dont see anyone saying that they Hate anyone please do tell just where it says that someone Hates ? Maybe its you Mr./Mrs. Anonymous !!! And BTW my family visits that Boston Market and we have never had one problem !! My bi racial self and my Black or as not to offend any cry babies African American husband ;-) And Apologize are you kidding !!! Maybe all of us Non Asians should go to Every Asian Owned business that discriminated against us and Demand an Apology !!!

Anonymous said...

"As Meng was the sole customer at the time, why refer to her as 'the Chinese one' unless twas meant as a slur?"
Crappy nailed it (surprisingly) that it is a cultural thing with Latin American people. Try mingling with some Latinos sometime. It is also VERY typical for Hispanics to refer to other Hispanics by their Nationality.

georgetheatheist said...

Printed in the NY Daily News, 1952

georgetheatheist said...

BTW, how was "La China" used?

Meng walked into the store and all the employees cordially bellowed "A Chinese woman has arrived! Heat up the noodles"?

Meng's waiting by the counter and Cisco attentively sez to Pancho "The Chinese woman wants mashed potatoes not fries with the chicken"?

Meng walks out of the store and Estrellita helpfully yelps "My dear Chinese lady your slip is showing?"

Before casting aspersions, we inquiring minds at the Queens Crap blogsite demand to know the exact circumstance.

Queens Crapper said...

"Crappy nailed it (surprisingly) that it is a cultural thing with Latin American people."

Why is it surprising? I grew up in Queens, pal, in an area that was and is Asian-Hispanic-Eastern European. I am quite familiar with the cultural good aspects, the bad aspects and aspects that would fall into neither category for all three.

cherokeesista said...

Maybe she was just pissed off that Boston Market didn't have any Shark Fin Soup ;-) Or she just needed a little publicity whatever the reason she just needs to shut up !!

Anonymous said...


Latinos don't have that overabundance of 'white guilt' that drives white people to be over sensitive and making sure to "ignore" peoples race or any obvious cultural traits.

When they see a person who looks chinese, they refer to them as chinese. When they see a black person, they call them black. simple as that.

Maybe Meng has been hanging around too many trained-up white people and has become too used to people always being on their tippy-toes. A dose of the real world, bland as it was, is shocking to her. said...

Venn I leef der tchim, ahfter der vorkout, I alvays put on a pair uf chinos. Hahr-hahr.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Meng a lawyer?

Isn't she the daughter of a wealthy former assemblyman and lumber business owner?

Isn't her dad connected with powerful Chinese tongs?

Now she wants us to bow and lick her fat ass too?

Get in Line Ms. Meng!

What about all the darker people of color who constantly get racial slurs from Asiatics who are well known to hate them?

What about the African Americans who are not permitted in their places of business for fear that they are shoplifters?

How many Latinos work in her district office?

They're all or mostly Orientals!

Anonymous said...

Somebody says "La China" and she runs to the newspapers?

Does she act that fast when a complaint is filed by a non Asian constituent about illegal activity occurring within her district?


I can tell you that by personal experience!

I got the run around because I have a Spanish name.

Next time I'll do a Richard Loo imitation and identify myself as Chin Woo and see if my issue then gets express tracked.

Anony2 said...

Isn't that Boston Market in Dan's district? Why doesn't patronize one in her district?

Anonymous said...

Is her daddy Jimmy Meng really a gangster or is that just another rumor?

Cav said...

Does anyone know if Grace is single?

Anonymous said...

Well, she certainly doesn't have the map of Ireland all over her face....DUH!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Because Grace doesn't live in her district!

Do you think she wants to rub elbows with the great unwashed?

Anonymous said...

"Slope; chink; yellow peril; etc.".

These are a few of the usual ignorant, bigoted, anti-Asian, racial slurs.

I never thought that being called Chinese was disrespectful in any way or in any language.

Now if those Latinos had called her a "grande putta" a (big whore) that would indeed qualify as being a slur!

Anonymous said...

Get over it Gracie!

You're only a NYS Assembly member...not an empress...not even a NYS Senator.

Just because your daddy has big bucks...that won't get you any higher in government service than you're suited for.

Does Toby Stavisky give you a lift up to Albany in (LOL) the "official car"?

Anonymous said...

Nobody's making fun of Asian people.

Maybe QC posters are just telling the truth like it really is1

Asians want no part of Caucasians...
even less of Latinos and, particularly, African Americans!

They're the real discriminators and bigots in Flushing.

I have a smattering of understanding of Mandarin...and I've heard plenty of slurs hurled at non-Asians.

The truth is that the Asiatics want to run their own Flushing colony in their own way.

Laws of the land need not apply to them.

Anonymous said...

Cav asked:
"Does anyone know if Grace is single?"
Grace Meng is married to a dentist and they have two boys.

Anonymous said...

is it true that past Queens G.O.P./Conservatives sold out Flushing to the Chicoms ?

Oh ! thats right, it was done by all those democrat jailbirds and that guy who stabbed himself to death .

look in the mirror ,you whiners.....

Anonymous said...

Get over it! I'm sure they call me Gringo. Whatever that means!

Khanam said...

, I have to say that it is tough to deal with being always labeled as a foreigner as in I do not belong in this country even though I was born here and have rights as other Americans have in spite of their heritage. Honestly, I do not think the issue is about not wanting to be called Chinese. It's is over the fact that someone is talking about you in third person which is considered bad manners no matter who does it or the location of the workplace where it exists might be.

I would not considered it racism for someone to call me La China, yet I would find it confusing about the fact that they would do it at work. At work, we are entitled be respectful and mindful of how professional the company one works at, in this case a restaurant will be viewed as. So the freedom of speech does apply to workplaces, but so does common courtesy to strangers, especially paying customers who we hope to want to come back.

I would not like people discussing me in front of me within earshot. In my opinion, it is poor discretion and can lead to you getting fired. I feel that sometimes people do not notice what they say in a public place, let alone a restaurant where people of all races should be free to eat in peace without people discussing them at all (period!). It is hurtful to talk about anyone while they can hear you. If you cannot say it to everyone, do not say it to anyone. At least that is what my parents taught me.

Anonymous said...

She is more than ignorant.

Grace sat in Starbucks whining to a reporter about being called a name over and over again for an hour, and how people in this world should not have to endure this kind of hate. Like wow, get a life and a clue! She's just some sheltered book smart kid, no clue about the real world and has lived in a bubble her whole life. Exactly the type of person you dont want anywhere near lawmaking.