Sunday, February 26, 2012

Will Turner's district stay or go?

From the NY Times:

Many in the political world expected that Mr. Turner’s seat would be on the chopping block, under the political equivalent of the last-hired, first-fired principle.

But it appears Mr. Turner’s prospects of preserving the district, which stretches from southern Brooklyn to southern Queens, are improving.

Just last week, he went to Albany and made his case before Dean Skelos, who, as the Republican majority leader of the State Senate, is a crucial figure in drawing the new lines. He told Mr. Skelos what he had done in Washington during his time there and expressed his desire to keep the position. Mr. Skelos, in turn, offered encouragement — but no promises.

What is helping Mr. Turner’s chances, according to people monitoring the discussions in Albany, is the symbolic power of his victory to the party nationally.

Mr. Turner defeated David I. Weprin, a scion of a Democratic family in Queens, in a race in which Democrats mobilized some of their biggest names and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mr. Turner turned the race into a referendum on the policies of President Obama.


Anonymous said...

Turner now represents a socially traditional and fiscally conservative district. Which leftist Democrat can hope to defeat him?

Anonymous said...

The district boundaries must change. New York State lost 2 seats in the House of Representatives. This fact has been known since December 2010. I'm not an optimist when it comes to the "socially traditional" and "fiscally conservative" residents of this district. It takes a perfect storm of bad politics for a Republican to get elected here. I don't see a second one coming.

Anonymous said...

Rory Lancman, apparently.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment. This is a relatively conservative district. Why would the voters there trade a member of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives for someone in the minority. Granted the Weprin campaign was a disaster but Turner beat him by 8 points which is open lengths for a race of this magnitude. This will be no easy slog for the Dems.

Missing Foundation said...

The Democratic Machine regards us as pawns to be manipulated - they know that they have their jobs with no challenge and therefore are unaccountable to the public.

Its no secrete that they hold the public with disdain. All 'reformers' are simply people making a career move - not leaders with a calling to help people.

The Machine knows that they have money, the media, and finely honed techniques of intimidation on any threat, no matter how remote.

I despise the Republicans at the national level. But I am fed up with the Democrats too - they all do little but fund raise and dance around the whims of their donor base as they pay lip service to the rest of us.

But locally, vote Republican every time. You will get better service and local Republicans can start to wean the party away from the sunbelt rednecks and wild west yahoos.

Remember people like T Roosevelt, A Lincoln and even Percy and Rockefeller were once in that party.

Anonymous said...

The other story is that they will combine Ackerman's district and Carolyn McCarthy's in order to eliminate one seat. Then all of us will vote for McCarthy and finally dump Gary!

Anonymous said...

McCarthy? Ackerman? Talk about a race to the bottom.

I think Missing Foundation has hit on the winning campaign theme for a Republican Congressional candidate: Vote for me, I'm like Charles Harting Percy and Nelson Aldritch Rockefeller - I'm the candidate for Queens for 2012.

Anonymous said...

If you read the whole article his fate is in the hands of Dean Skelos. It's up to him.
Since Turner is NEW to the congress it's seems his priority is not his district , but to help get a Israeli terrorist who spied on America get out of prison.
What's next . Getting other terrorist and spys out as well.
Focus on the needs of the community at home first.
What is he going to say he has accomplished during election time.
Getting a SPY out of prison. NICE.

Anonymous said...

if the citizens of the district want to maintain a voice in the House of Reps.,that the Tax Enough Already patriots won for them, they will demand that Turner and the district remain.

the alternative is dictatorship in the U.S. with the Obama administration in power.

CHECKS AND BALANCES is a must for the citizen's freedom.

remember Ed.Koch is now voting for Obama,after he campaigned for Turner. is he a jerk ?

Anonymous said...

Yes Ed Koch is a self promoting jerk. He has no real power anyway. Why would anyone want his endorsement.The last time he endorsed local Pol's, most lost because he did a horrible job as mayor anyway.

Anonymous said...

who is this terrorist/ spy.please detail ? is this misinformation by the leftwing ?

Anonymous said...

Turner is an island surrounded by land masses. Of course the democrats want to see this Republican's speckle of a district disappear.

Anonymous said...

prior to Turner and Weiner, this cong. district voters kept now democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer New York State, in government.

did you know that, recently, he and several other democrat reps. composed a letter to the I.R.S requesting detailed data about every one involved in local TAX ENOUGH ALREADY parties ?

the I.R.S. employees union is elated over the thousands of investigators to be funded and hired because of the democrat obamacare law that will be in effect in 2014. if you do not check the box on your form FOR ,an agent will contact you. the penalty will accompany the agent .

thank you democrats.......

Anonymous said...

You're welcome!!!

Anonymous said...


will Obama now force citizens to buy GOV.MOTORS G.M CHEVY VOLTS or other products that the democrats do not tell about untill they vote for them ?
"we have to vote for this 2000 page bill ,to see what is in it "Democrat Speaker of the House ,Nancy Pelosi (FORMER)

Anonymous said...

Only in paranoid right-wing minds and in the imagination of the people who make up the stories at Fox "News" will people be forced to do anything like that.

Anonymous said...

Tin Dog Skulos needs a Tea Party primary like Olympinga Snowejob, Charlie Christ and Alexi Gianoullias.