Monday, February 27, 2012

Maspeth multi-use mayhem

"On 65th Place in Maspeth just south of the Ridgewood Apartments, they are building apartments on top of what is Hill Pharmacy, Tony's Deli and a liquor store. Could you check it out as to whether this addition is legal? I live up the block and god knows what the quality of person will be renting these new apartments and that there will be more stress in finding a parking spot." - Anonymous

Well, if by "legal" you mean was it approved by DOB, then yes, it's legal. It's been shut down for safety violations but permits were just reissued last week and work may proceed. Question is, will each store soon have 2 apartments above it, or is it just 2 duplex apartments total stretched across 3 addresses? There are only 3 off-street parking spaces provided for somewhere in the back. How do the businesses continue to operate with all the racket and vibrations happening above?


Ned said...

Forget apartments. That looks more like a commercial structure for club or strip joint !!
The conversion work looks just like Hooters in Fresh Meadows.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ned . It's not zoned for those business .

Anonymous said...

Hey Ned . It's not zoned for those business .
It's not?? Oh good, then I guess they wou;d NEVER dare to break the law and put a club or strip joint there then! The DOB would immediately be all over them! Well, I guess that settles that!

Anonymous said...

The property is being built by a hair-dresser named Helen and her family. She is a kind woman who has been a part of the Maspeth community for 30 years. I have been going to her hair-salon since I was a child.

She is building two duplex apartments one of which her family will be moving into. I understand there will also be parking space in the back.