Sunday, February 19, 2012

DOT doesn't pay to park

From the Queens Chronicle:

Do as I say...but not as I do. That’s the message many residents claim they get from the city when it comes to things like fixing broken sidewalks (your responsibility — expect a ticket) vs. fixing broken curbs (the city’s job, and the wait list is 23 years). And parking.

The message was reinforced in front of the Chronicle’s offices on Woodhaven Boulevard in Rego Park one day last week, when a trio of Transportation Department meter maintenance cars pulled to the curb so a group of city employees could enjoy lunch at our popular next-door neighbor, Barosa restaurant.

No one put money in any of the three meters located where they parked (one was broken, ironically enough, as it often is). The gathering lasted about an hour and a half, so at a quarter for every 15 minutes, two cars should have paid $3 altogether.

Not much money, but the cynical might believe this goes on every day across the city, costing taxpayers and drivers more to ... do things like repair parking meters.

The Transportation Department’s press office declined to respond to requests for information about the legality and propriety of city workers not paying for parking.


Anonymous said...

crappy yes, but the city does not make money from meters. they make money from tickets.

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Chronicle. That's because Barosa puts orange cones in the parking spots and claims them for their "Valet Parking". Haven't you noticed?