Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flushing stink expensive to eradicate

From the Daily News:

City officials said it could cost almost $50 million to dredge just a small section of the waterway, well known for its less-than-aromatic scent.

[Asst DEP Commissioner Mark] Lanaghan and other DEP officials briefed Queens Borough President Helen Marshall’s staff, City Council members and community board chairpersons last week on efforts to improve the water quality of Flushing Bay and Flushing Creek.

Dredging is just one piece of the complex Flushing Bay Waterbody/Watershed Facility Plan, designed to reduce the amount of combined sewer overflow that ends up in the waterway that curves around Citi Field and LaGuardia Airport.


Anonymous said...

It got this way for good reason because of lack of pollution enforcement. Much of the businesses that caused this are gone and the remaining businesses must be held accountable for what they do today. The city must re-mediate the water in Flushing bay.

Anonymous said...

It is bad (and the smell goes all the way down to Astoria where the community is in denial that there even is a sewage plant there) so we, the public must ask

why are they adding 100,000 of people here, but why the electeds, community boards, civics, and media all look the other way?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of this story.

Anonymous said...

Valley of ashes.

Anonymous said...

"Flushing, a destination of choice"...LOL!

No wonder nobody wants to shop here
(except the locals).

It's become a low class ghetto.

And what have the Flushing Business Improvement District's executive directors done to demand a clean-up to encourage a more attractive environment?

Nothing but collect their fat salary checks!

Anonymous said...

As Wellington Z. Chen
was once quoted in the press describing the stinky conditions here:

"...A crappy little Chinatown...".

Now he heads up the "Chinatown Partnership" in far away Manhattan.

This is the real thing that tourists flock to.

It can also stink at times there in the hot summer months...but it's far more colorful and interesting as a tourist destination than backwater Floo-shing could ever be.

Anonymous said...


All of the toilets flush into the Flushing River and the "effluent" eventually winds up in the old World's Fair Marina area...stinking as far as Bowery Bay.

Didn't John Liu once promise he'd swim in the Flushing River after it was cleaned up?

No fear of that now if Mr. Comptroller winds up in jail.

The Flushing Phantom said...

It's the stench of political corruption dating back to the days of Donald Manes.

And some of his proteges are still around shitting all over us!

Anonymous said...

Phew...speaking of stink...downtown Flushing's councilman (and John Liu's bundler) has the stench of corruption following him about town!

We understand that CM Peter Koo is tired of hearing about the dirty conditions in he mentioned at a recent 109th precinct community council meeting.

He's also tired of the Asian only sign complaints his office has been getting from constituents.

According to him about %90 of the signs already have English translations and that's good enough for him!

Poor Peter having to deal with constituent services and complaints.

But isn't that the job of a New York City councilman?

I guess living the good life...residing outside of Queens county in Great Neck...have spoiled the dude.

Life's a lot better and cleaner on Great Neck's Main Pete?

WTF does Peter care?

His office is being rum by his translator James Mc Cleland with advice from Dennis P. Gallagher (former NYC councilman and convicted rapist)!

Oh, but now he's a Democrat and that should improve things...LOL!

Anonymous said...

I think we have found where the "crappy" the mascot leaves his excrement.

Anonymous said...

Is Flushing doing well...
affluent or effluent?

Well, never mind...
we can all agree that Flushing really stinks to the stars!

And the nose knows that to be true!

Oh, look at all those "pretty" lamp post banners proclaiming Flushing's "success" put up by the local BID.

Dian Yu's Flushing Business Improvement District (BID) hasn't done much to improve conditions along Stinky Street (Main St.)

Neither did Mabel Law (John Liu's staffer) do much when she ran it.

If the BID had done it's job properly we'd see an improvement years ago.

So where's the improvement?


Here's a business improvement district that hasn't really improved.

Meanwhile some fat cats are banking some fat checks for sitting on their fat asses "improving" things!

How many businesses associations and improvement organizations exist that are supposed to be improving conditions in Flushing?

Are you embarrassed CM Koo
that you downtown hub looks and stinks like a Taipei alley?

You should be, "smiley"!

Anonymous said...

Robert Moses expanded the Flushing River for the 1939 World Fair in order to deliver exhibits by boat, but then he buried the river for 1964 in order to deliver exhibits by truck. The reason Flushing Bay stinks is the Flushing River doesn't FLUSH. Instead of getting to put your name on something which sounds new, why not restore the original condition.