Thursday, February 9, 2012

TDC finds money

From the Queens Courier:

If you’re looking to lodge in the lap of luxury, a fancy Flushing facility may soon bring the opportunity to stay in style, closer to home.

Plans to construct a high-end, 168-room Hyatt Place hotel in Flushing are in the works, according to Michael Meyer, president of F&T Group, the company creating the accommodations.

Constructed by F&T Group’s in-house builder, Top 8 Construction, the hotel will be located on 39th Avenue between Prince Street and College Point Boulevard, directly across from the Flushing Mall.

According to Meyer, the hotel will be just one piece of a large development project, called One Fulton Square, which could potentially include retail shops, office space, condominiums and underground parking. The hotel will cover 110,000-square-feet of the One Fulton Square’s 303,000- square-feet. In addition, the building will also have a roof-top pool and bar.

This resort will be the first Hyatt Place in Queens and the newest upscale hotel in Flushing, according to Meyer.


Anonymous said...

Has Myra Baird Herce gone over to TDC as a "consultant" yet now that she's left Flushing's Chamber (Pot)?

Anonymous said...

It should fit right into the yuk that already there.

Anonymous said...

Where did they find it, at Moby Stavisky's "North Flushing Senior Center"?

Anonymous said...

Why do TDC's buildings all look the same?

Another dated looking piece of glass crapitecture designed in Shanghai.

Did Wellington Z. Chen approve the sketches?

After all, isn't he tied to them?

I can't wait to see what kind of mausoleum they'll build for "granny" Shulman.

FlushingRepresenter said...

What is with building luxury buildings right near the projects throughout the city?

Is it an wishful thinking attempt to inundate the area with money so that it may become more desirable.

Is the input going to be worth the output?

Anonymous said...

A "place to stay in style CLOSER to HOME"? We used to call places filling that need hot-rack hotels (famous sign: "Love thy Neighbor - Here"

Anonymous said...

A hotel in Flushing. What an original idea! Could a hotel in LIC be next???

Anonymous said...

Maybe that "found" money was supposed to go into John Liu's campaign coffers. I mean before the FEDS probed his ass.

Anonymous said...

Miss Meyer should check with Senior VP Wellington Z. Chen about the proposed underground parking. Didn't Chen use the "high water table" bull shit to avoid the parking requirements for the Prince Center?

These guys are not very bright and not good at lying.

Anonymous said...

“The One Fulton Square project is another example of Flushing’s business vitality and local economic strength, along with the willingness of companies to invest in our community,” said Councilmember Peter Koo, who added that the endeavor will create approximately 940 jobs. “I look forward to welcoming Hyatt, business professionals and the new retail outlets to the Flushing business community.”


Peter Koo said this? Who wrote that script for him? Must have been with subtitles or through an interpreter or both.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a statement from The Parkside Group to me. Oh yes, Koo is a Democrat now. More money for the Stavisky's.

Anonymous said...

Fluhing is a great meeting place to gather colleagues from Westchester, LI & Midtown.

Anonymous said...

Money from Chicom.