Saturday, February 25, 2012

Illegal Ridgewood club shut down

From the Times Newsweekly:

Law enforcement sources said that Sgt. Eric Turbetsky and P.O. Milton Reyes of the 104th Precinct responded to a 911 call regarding an incident outside the Scorpion Café lounge located at 792 Onderdonk Ave. near Putnam Avenue.

Upon their arrival, police noted, the officers spotted a male in front of the location bleeding from the head. The man’s injuries were not considered serious.

Soon after the officers came to the scene, authorities stated, members of the club shut off the lights and drew down gates in an apparent effort to appear closed. When Reyes and Turbetsky initially attempted to gain access to the location, police noted, they were denied entry.

Moments later, the club’s owner—identified by police as Dan- Nicky Dianconescu—allowed the officers inside. Upon entering the establishment, the officers found patrons inside and located a pair of “joker poker” slot machines, each of which contained currency.

Reportedly, the officers also determined that the entrance to the club had been locked from the inside, a violation of the fire code. Additional violations of State Liquor Authority regulations were also observed, and the club was closed down, police noted.


Anonymous said...

Great job NYPD.

How long was this club open initially, 10 years?

Anonymous said...

That neighborhood needs a good cleaning.

-Joe said...

Its been going on FOREVER in Ridgewood.---I see the Slovac mobs and eastern block Gypsys have taken over.

Knew a teenager back in the 70's who made extra $$ repairing the power supplys in those machines to buy a Firebird Espirit.
He carried bags of Zener Diodes and rectifiers in pockets.
Most of those machins ran 24-7 in private social clubs, people got searched to enter.
I even remember going into some of these places for late night drinks and seeing "Rods" and beepers being checked with coat tags like a scenes in movies it was pretty funny.
This was the good old days before the Gypsys and refugess came.


Big X said...

Last name is almost certainly Romanian and therefore there is indeed a very good chance the club patrons are gypsies.