Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Woodhaven dumper photographed

From Project Woodhaven:

Here are some pictures of a guy committing a crime. A nuisance crime, one that contributes to the problem of dirty streets. And sometimes it may be indicative of another issue -- those who live in (or rent) illegally converted apartments will often look for other places to dump their garbage so as not to attract attention.

For most of us, the rules are simple. You place your garbage it in a bag, you tie up that bag, and you put it out in front of your house the night before your scheduled pickup. Your OWN house.

Here's someone that doesn't play by those rules. Basically, we were out taking pictures of recently erected No Parking Signs on 96th Street near 89th Avenue when we saw a guy drop a black bag of garbage on top of a pile of clear garbage bags outside of PS 306. It was done very casually, without much concern that anyone was watching.

It was done with the confidence of someone who has done this before.


Anonymous said...

Track these dumpers down to their dwellings and then fine the building owner for illegal housing....the city would make $millions.

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for the Snitch Squad (SS).

Anonymous said...

Snitch Squad (SS) sounds like a great idea. Who do we report them to? 311? Yeah, they take down the info and you never hear from them again. If you try to track down your complaint, it says it was resolved. Government will solve the dumping problem when a politician gets bitten by a rat. p.s. They don't bite their own.

Anonymous said...

Just walk along Grand Avenue in Maspeth where the garbage cans are overflowing at night. You'll have plenty of illegal dumpers to follow home.