Friday, February 17, 2012

Avella gets lot near Halloran's office cleaned up

Remember this?

From the Queens Chronicle:

A neglected Flushing lot that had turned into a junkyard has been cleaned up after pressure from an elected official and a civic leader.

Last Friday, state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) and Peter Brancazio, president of the North East Flushing Civic Association, met with representatives of the departments of Buildings, Sanitation, Finance and Fire to discuss the lot at 24-19 Francis Lewis Blvd.

As a result, the FDNY issued a notice of violation for rubbish found in the Dumpsters on the lot and the DOB transferred oversight of the property to the Padlock Enforcement Unit, based on illegal commercial use in a residential district.

Since the area is zoned R2A, a violation was issued for a defective fence allowing unauthorized access and storage of fully loaded Dumpsters and a commercial truck filled with steel beams.

Shortly after being contacted by the city, the owner cleared the lot.


Anonymous said...

Good job Dan!
Right across from your office.
Were you out campaigning with Grandpa Frank or maybe (still) banging a certain staff member and missed this?
Anyways, Tony Avella got it cleaned up, no need for you to worry that jiggle of fat that dangles under your chin.

Anonymous said...

Good job Dan 0 what to do what to do to think you put your posters on the wood last election cycle along with padavan and tabone?
Too busy doing nothing or should i say someone?
You have done nothing for the people of the community and continue to do nothing.
Your fake civic was too busy doing what exactly? why couldnt they clean this up? no taxpayer money avaiable this time? property didnt belong to a friend of yours?

Avella once again did it right! he got the owner to clean up his mess not the taxpayers. way to go Avella

Anonymous said...

Halloran's a piece of shit!

He only got elected because nobody wanted Ackerman's Korean stooge Kevin Kim.

Kim would have brought the clutter and crap of downtown Flushing further east!

Bye, bye, one term Dan!
And it can't be too soon for me!

Anonymous said...

Whether he's too busy bending the elbow...banging some staffer...or snorting the white powder...Halloran has the mindset of an oversexed teen!

He is not representing anyone but himself.

And it's high time for some of those Republican relatives of his to get off of his dick!

Anonymous said...


Is it true that Halloran's Theod chieftan's garb is up for auction at Sotheby's?

I'm willing to bid up to $70 for that sexy miniskirt.


Anonymous said...

Dan is owned by the Gambino crime family.

The Whitestone/Beechurst/Malba boys are running his show.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dan is as dirty as that lot.

Anonymous said...

Where are the opponents who will run against Dan? Will they tear each other apart in the primary (as usual) and let a weak opponent get the nomination, a-la Kevin Kim? As the incumbent, Dan will automatically get a percentage of the votes. After all, we all hate Gary Ackerman, but if there's no viable candidate to run against him, he gets re-elected every 2 years. (If Gary's district gets combined with Carolyn McCarthy, it could be good news because she won't just bow out.)

BTW, "Grandpa Frank" had a stroke. Didn't seem to be widely mentioned in the press at all.

Anonymous said...


gotta love this place.

Anonymous said...

What about the fact that the Republican headquarters for Queens is directly accross the street from that lot and has been for years. Where have Ragusa, Tabone, Taddio and all the others been?

Anonymous said...

Halloran is useless plain and simple.
No one cars is right.
Avella still thinks he is a councilman but at least he doesnt forget who voted for him and is actualy putting pressure and getting things done.
Dan is too busy representing landlords in the community to focus on his job.
Did I say useless?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dan is as dirty as that lot


Anonymous said...

takes dan forever to get on the job or somebody has to build a fancy restaurant across the street. I guess his paintbrush is still drying in the rack.

Anonymous said...

Have to love how Dan 0 was able to organize a " civic" group and allocate money to buy the paint and other supplies in order to clean up a property owned by an absentee landlord that just so happens to be on the same block as his BFF's future catering hall

Helen said...

Anyone else remember that last summer Avella bowed to the petition of a Queens Lawyer to stop selling Pork meat from pigs raised at the Queens County Farm museum? The meat was being sold in Manhattan. It could have been sold in Flushing but wasn't even offered for sale there.

Anonymous said...

And what does that have to do with the lot being cleaned up? Sounds like Dan's fans are working the comment section.

Helen said...

Are you serious? Did you watch the video?

It took Greg Mocker of WPIX to embarrass these bureaucrats to get something done.

Queens Crapper said...

Avella has been working on this for some time.

Whitestone property a blight

Anonymous said...

We hear that Marino's market (on 29th Ave.) bought up 1-3 (?) adjacent houses and might want to expand.

No doubt Halloran will support it just like he did for the other "boys" in the White House restaurant.

La Famiglia!

Anonymous said...

Except for the parking (Marino's doesn't have a parking lot), I'm not sure a larger Marino's would necessarily be bad. It's the neighborhood grocery for lots of elderly people who walk there and who can't walk to stores further away. Just because they're Italian doesn't make them evil. Or is there more to the story that I don't know about?

Anonymous said...

Have to love how Dan 0 O

just noticed the anon using Dan 0 is using a zero instead of an o very funny to bad its true

Anonymous said...

Q.C.always fair and balanced ?

during the past TEN YEARS, ACCORDING TO Q.C. LINKS, that this lot was being misused,where were the local democrats in office at ?

why has this issue become a Halloran bashing campaign ? he only came on the scene in 2010.

was there a democrat campaign office two blocks away since 2009, and presently ? be honest with your commenters.

this site is the last outlet for good civic governing citizens to be heard.

Queens Crapper said...

There have only been complaints in DOB's system about this lot since 5/4/10.

Paul Vallone is not an elected in this area, so I don't see the point in dragging him into it.

The lot was green and full of trees when I took photos back in 2009 of the piece of shit that Halloran's office - and the Queens GOP - are in now.

Anonymous said...

was there a democrat campaign office two blocks away since 2009, and presently ? be honest with your commenters.

How long has the Republican Headquarters been located directly accross the street from this site?

For how many elections have the likes of Halloran, Tabone, Milano, Ragusa (who has been the boss all along), and let us not forget No one cares like Frank Padavan! All their posters get plastered on the wood fencing every election. Never have I or anyone I know seen a Democrats poster glued to the wall on that site.

Halloran is the elected official who took office and rented a spot accross the street, next door to the Republican club. Halloran is the same guy that cleaned up another site in Whitestone near his client\friend future wedding factory. A site by the way that was owned by the same people he rents from now. A site by the way that is tied to his former chief of staff and friend\attorney.

So if you want people to stop bashing Halloran have him do something for a change. Here is a test the fencing is still full of grafitti have him get it cleaned. This time without taxpayer money. That would be a good start, dont you think?

Anonymous said...

was there a democrat campaign office two blocks away since 2009, and presently ? be honest with your commenters.

2 years and not an elected officials office vs 20+ years and the office of a good for nothing elected official

Anonymous said...

RE: photos in 2009...the one story corner building on F.L.Blvd. has been there for many,many years. it was an insurance company. i think it is Abbattelli and the g.o.p. district office moved into shared space there a few years ago.

i have lived in the Bayside area for forty years and have observed many commercial spaces opening on the avenue side of residential buildings. i never agreed with this practice. sadly the nyc buildings dept. permits it. that is a nyc city council law to deal with.

the new 2x2 building that Halloran's ground floor office occupies is also a residential space ,i believe the second floor is a living space. the g.o.p does not use it.

the new R-2A zoning,recently imposed ,should have deemed this 2x2 on a 40-60 x 100 ,foot plot,illegal.
Q.C. must have the details. is it a legal dwelling,built under the old zoning law and date?

detailing correct information may stop all this innuendo and misinformation....
most registered dems feel more comfortable with dem politicians and it is the same with registered repub/conservatives.

my active civic minded(DEM & G.O.P.)friends and non-friends request aid from Halloran's staff constantly . one wins sometimes and one loses sometimes. penetrating a dem. dictator city government is not easy.especially for a minority party elected.

Anonymous said...

Abbattelli and the g.o.p. district office moved into shared space there a few years ago.

A few years? I would say 20 plus.

The political posters fron the gop that have been plastered on this site every election for the past 20 years?

Again let Halloran and the gop clean up this mess without tax payer money and then maybe he can start to prove himself.

Is it a legal dwelling? according to the dob yes it is as are all the other buildings that owner owns, many of which have recieved vaiences from the cb 7 that is.

What is it exactly that the councilman has done for the people since coming into office?

Throwing a DOT employee under the bus with regards to a DOS "slowdown"?

Please do enlighten us with our councilmans accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

#27.....why don't you visit his office and and ask him. maybe he has a newsletter as some of the local politicians mail out to constituents.

make sure you publish the list of services on Q.C.

i asked that he negotiate with the former principal of P.S.159 Q,to unlock the gates of the playground to park space, in 2010.after spending about $3 million of taxpayers money to convert (poorly done),they had NO money to unlock the space for the community teens and tots to play.
Halloran succeeded ,and the local teens now have use of their play space.

although trees were planted across the space for full court basketball games. sewers were left on the track and under the hoops ????

WPIX's Mocker should investigate the accident prone poor work done by Planyc and the D.O.E.

i will be glad to see your report from Halloran's office.make yourself useful with some honesty, in the meantime.consider yourself enlightened.....

Anonymous said...

That bloated bag-o-Blarney hasn't done shit for his constituents.

Dan's a phony with an ego the size of his beer belly!

It's good that we have a safety net in Tony to get the things done that Dan doesn't give a crap about.

Maybe us constituents should lobby Dan at his favorite bars.

Does anyone out there knows his regular watering holes where he does all of his drinking?

Anonymous said...

Soon the Republican party will be digging up its corpses to run for office.

They seem to be running out of live candidates.

how many live "R"s are left in the city council?

Has anyone taken their pulses lately to see if they're still with us?

Maybe somebody else is driving Dan's Jaguar.

Anonymous said...

Northeast Queens is no longer a lazy Republican hang out.

You need an energetic Democrat to get things done these days.

I'll bet that BFHA is still crying at their loss of "grandpa" Frank.

Anonymous said...

Poor Dan!

Is it true that his Theod clan dumped him and then his wife left him?

Now he's got to deal with all of those pesky neighborhood complaints regarding code violations, etc.

Let's show some compassion for him.

It's difficult being a Republican councilman among all those Democratic council wolves.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there knows his regular watering holes where he does all of his drinking?

Many a night stumbling along Bell Boulevard check it out for yourselves

Anonymous said...

Somebody really dosen't like Dan

see ya at the polls said...

doesn't really like Dan.

WTF has he done for his district?


He's a one term pol.


Anonymous said...

When is Dan throwing his next "kegger"?

I'll bring Megan along.

Anonymous said...

Al Centola for office.