Friday, February 24, 2012

Busted for stun gun import

From the Forum:

Police found 7,200 electronic stun guns this month in a Ridgewood store and arrested the manager who had displayed some of them for sale, the Queens district attorney said.

Xiao Zhang, 43, manages the store Top Choice Trading Inc. at 47-38 Metropolitan Avenue and was arrested on Feb. 6. She is charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

The district attorney’s criminal complaint alleges Zhang had boxes of the stun guns stashed above the store in Ridgewood. She also told employees to display a box downstairs on the show floor, the D.A. said.

Zhang, who was responsible for receiving and storing shipments at the store, said the shipment came from China and when it was held up by customs, she followed up to get it released, according to the complaint.

The manager was arraigned on Feb. 7. A Bronx narcotics detective testified that he checked one of the stun guns and said they were operational.


Anonymous said...

We should be allowed to own stun guns or tazers in our own home for self defense.

Anonymous said...

Shocking! Just shocking! In a very interesting neighborhood, too- right down the block from the original Western Beef, home to probably the only freight train crossing of a major road in the NYC area where the train crew has to jump off and flag down traffic because there are no safety arms or other signals, and cheek by jowl with the borough's largest collection of junkyards outside of Willett's Point.

Anonymous said...


I'd like to shock some of our lazy pols into action with one of those.

Correctly applied to to Moby Staviskys ass and she'll dump her real crap all over the Senate floor!


Anonymous said...

You can always wire the threshold of your home with 50,0000 volts.

The intruder steps on the conductive door mat and Z-Z-Z-Z-ZAP!

Then you can spread him with some blueberry jam and butter for a nice tasty breakfast treat.

Anonymous said...

Deport her and the owners. This sounds like a tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

So...since Customs released them, these were legally imported? What precisely did she do that was illegal?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that every article about illegally imported goods that i read deals with someone from china?

georgetheatheist said...

Don't taze me, bro!

Instead: click here

Ned said...

Absolutely disgusting what went on here ! All our polititions carry tazers, guns and aerosols along with backup mobs of cops who will kick you ass if you dont move out of a subway car for the mayor

With all the turd world criminals coming to Bloomberg Sanctuary City how are law abiding citizens supposed to defend themselves ? These F_ing democrats have stripped citizens rights to defend themselves back to 500BC
Screaming help ! Running, throwing sticks and rocks, calling 911 wont't stop predators, felons and rapists when the cops arent around.

When guns were banned and rounded up in Australia crime went up over 300% Home invasions robbery, rape in suburbs up over 500%
Everybody should be properly trained armed with stun guns if they wish--even airline passengers

Joe said...

So...since Customs released them, these were legally imported? What precisely did she do that was illegal?
They are not considered firearms but are illegal to USE in NYC. Im not sure on possession being illegal.
I think the mayor, his friends and his lapdog Kelley just don't like people having ANY form of arms period.
(They are going after LASERS, hunting rifle ammo and DVD burners next)
It exactly what Hitler did before driving out everybody who didn't see thing his way.
Money and power have corrupted these polititions heads so bad they no longer believe in the US Constitution or their own laws.

To people like the Bloomberg posse laws and people apposing them are speed bumps preventing them from creating legacy's to themselves.
Watch this scumbag buy another term and level all of Maspeth for a truck hub project

rentals in college station said...

I'd like to shock some of our lazy pols into action with one of those.

Anonymous said...

That holds true for Australia, bub.

"Aussies" need their guns.

It's a wild open country where law enforcement is often far away and dangerous animals are present.

Your best primary defense in NYC, however, is to begin by installing a home alarm system to protect your perimeter.

It's standard military operational procedure to first secure your perimeter...your compound.

Sentries are always posted to sound the alarm should an enemy appear.

If it looks like your perimeter is about to be breached...then you're directed to "open fire" by your commanding officer.

Get it all straight in your head now, fella?

Anonymous said...

Get yourself two dogs.

A small shrill barker to warn you and a big biter to protect you.

Afterward you can take other measures to protect you and yours.

Joe said...

installing a home alarm system to protect your perimeter.
Hahaha Alarm Companys are scams
when the alarm company calls 911 the cops come SLOWER if put into the response "cue" at all !
SCREW noisey dogs, that need to be taken for a crap & poop scoop every 8 hours. Nothings more ball & chain, noise, bullshit then owning a dog