Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#2 says goodbye to Liu

From the Daily News:

City Controller John Liu’s No. 2 is stepping down, dealing a major blow to the scandal-scarred pol and plans to overhaul the city’s $120 billion pension system, the Daily News has learned.

Our Blau and Moore report:

Liu’s office will announce Monday that First Deputy Controller Eric Eve is departing for a private sector job in two weeks, according to a source.

Eve oversaw more than 700 employees and an annual operating budget of $74 million. He was also considered the driving force behind streamlining the city’s five pension boards, which cover more than 500,000 retired and active city employees.

Eve’s resignation comes as federal investigators probe Liu’s campaign. In November, Liu fund-raiser Oliver Pan was busted for allegedly funneling contributions through straw donors.


Anonymous said...

Watch your back Johnny. Eric is not there to protect you anymore....

Anonymous said...

Now, Liu's other bundler,
("R" turned "D") NYC Councilman Peter Koo needs some scoping by the feds!

Eventually the Chinese puzzle box will be opened revealing all of Liu's co-conspirators.

Get your passport ready Congressman Ackerman and keep that plane ready for a midnight take off to Taipei!

Batten down the hatches at your "North Flushing Senior Center" state Senator Stavisky and lock the office safe!

No matter what precautions are taken by the crooked ones.

All of Liu's friends will get their piggy banks busted open soon!

Anonymous said...

Bye bye. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Too da Liu. He's next.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Mr. Eve was doing all the work as John was spending his office hours handing out "Commendations" and fiding other ways to play politics.

This is sad for New Yorkers who deserve an accountant.

Anonymous said...

for more detail on Eric V. Eve's bio see:Google :"CITY GROUP EXEC. PULLS OUT OF SHAM ACORN AUDIT UNDER PRESSURE" 11/5/09, Matthew Vadum,Big Government .com


Eric Eve to join R.L.M. Findbury ,as partner.

he headed the Citigroup "AFFORDABLE HOUSING" DIVISION.
CITIBANK received $45 BILLION IN OBAMA T.A.R.P. and taxpayers were on the hook for most of $335 BILLION LOAN PORTFOLIO.

he was special asst.for pol.affairs to President W.J.Clinton. in charge of N.E. and U.S AFRICAN Americans .

has he been promoted out of the n.y.c. scandal, like the "FAST & FURIOUS OFFICERS WERE ? stay tuned......

Anonymous said...

The dude looks like a #2 Liu would say goodbye to... on the toilet!

Anonymous said...

You'd think that Liu would have lost his chubby appearance by now.

He must have been on the crapper for weeks...scared shit of what's going down...his career!

Anonymous said...

Wait until the feds finally connect John Liu to cousin Tommy Huang's operations.